Best Waterproof Soundbar For ATV, UTV & Boats [ 2021 Updated List ]

Top 3 waterproof soundbar for ATV, UTV & boats. For detailed review read later section.

The Winner - Best Product
Runner Up
Value For Money
BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Sound Bar - 26 Inch Wide, IPX5 Rated Weatherproof, Bluetooth, Amplified, 4 Inch Speakers, Soft Dome Tweeters, Easy Installation for Dune Buggies, Jeeps, Rock Crawlers
Bazooka 24 Inch G2 Bluetooth Party Bar Speaker & LED Lights Illumination System for Off-Roading
ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar Waterproof Sandproof with LED Lighting 500 Watts of Peak Power
The Winner - Best Product
BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Sound Bar - 26 Inch Wide, IPX5 Rated Weatherproof, Bluetooth, Amplified, 4 Inch Speakers, Soft Dome Tweeters, Easy Installation for Dune Buggies, Jeeps, Rock Crawlers
Runner Up
Bazooka 24 Inch G2 Bluetooth Party Bar Speaker & LED Lights Illumination System for Off-Roading
Value For Money
ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar Waterproof Sandproof with LED Lighting 500 Watts of Peak Power

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Soundbars – Comprehensive Review :

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A ATV Soundbar :

The BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A is a 26-inch ATV soundbar system. It has an IPX5 certified weatherproof body. Rain or sunshine, high winds or low, you can depend on this baby for your outdoor entertainment all year round. The BRT26A is built for adventure. It is ideal for off-roading and dune bashing. If you have an ATV or UTV and you are looking for a sound system that would work in all kinds of weather and terrain, we would certainly recommend this soundbar by BOSS Audio Systems.

Geared with six high-quality speakers – four 4-inch full range speakers and two 1-inch titanium horn loaded tweeters – the BRT26A delivers unbeatable audio. An integrated Class A/B amplifier provides power up to 500 watts. Having an inbuilt amp means less wiring as you do not need an external amp. It also saves space in your vehicle and creates less clutter.

The bar has its own DSP and preset EQ settings. For sending signal, there is Bluetooth and an auxiliary jack. You can directly stream songs from Spotify and Pandora with your smart phone via Bluetooth. Auto re-connect makes pairing fast and simple. Devices like MP3 players that do not have wireless connectivity can be connected through the 3.5mm AUX in port. The soundbar has a 2V preamp output jack too for plugging in additional devices like a second soundbar or a subwoofer.

There is a control panel consisting of back lit buttons in the middle of the bar. A wireless multi-function remote control is also available for quick setting changes while driving.The coolest feature of the gadget is the RGB (red, green, blue) LED lights that have many different shades of color. They create a fun atmosphere and elevate your listening experience.

Mounting the speaker bar is a DIY task and you can do it with tools you already have at home. The adjustable multi-angle mounting brackets fit bars between 1.75 to 2 inches. The clamps allow you to tilt the soundbar in the direction you desire. The BRT26A comes with a USB charge out port for charging small electronics like smart phones and tablets. It is compatible with all 12 volt vehicles. Dimensions of the speaker system are: length 26 inches, depth 4.87 inches, height 3.75 inches.

Key Features :

  • 26-inch IPX5 all-weather ATV soundbar.
  • Bluetooth music streaming, 3.5mm AUX input, preamp output.
  • Two pairs of 4-inch full-range drivers, one pair of titanium tweeters.
  • Wireless remote control, onboard button control, 500-watt Class A/B amp.
  • Built-in DSP and EQ, mounting clamps fit 1.75 to 2 inch rods, USB charge out jack.

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

The ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme is a robust speaker that meets all international standards. In addition, its IP66 certified build provides ultimate protection from all-weather and ecological conditions. Be it sand, snow, dirt or rain; this ECOGEAR will ensure uninterrupted performance every single time.

The EXOXGEAR SoundExtreme amplifier can power up to 8 marine grade speakers. With deep bass and clear vocals, its 500-Watt peak output will simply blow your mind while delivering the optimal performance. The unit alone holds the power of 2 woofers, two tweeters, and four midrange speakers. So, no matter where or which mood you are in, a quick play and this device will turn your surroundings into an ultimate party.

The Soundbar comes with the ECOCAST feature and allows connectivity with up to 50 ECOXGEAR speakers altogether. You can either use the waterproof wired AUX-IN jack or stream from up to 100 feet away using the Bluetooth 5.0; nothing can stop your musical experience.

And with that, when its multi-colour LED lights illuminate, both audio and visual vibes blooms together. It has four colour LEDs, including white, blue, red, and green, that turn on with the speaker functioning. However, the rear-facing 280 lumens LED light bar featuring white, red or yellow works separately from the speaker’s LED as well. Further, the best part is, with several modes including fade, solid and sync, these integrated LED lights set the right party mood.

The ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme operates simply with a push of a button. Or even for extended leisure, the device, with its compatibility with Ok Google and Siri, makes operations effortless. All the basic features, including Volume Up/down, backward/ forward, pause and stop, are either at your finger’s control or within your voice’s command. For added support, it additionally has a long-range RF remote control.

Further, for recharging the battery, this 26-inch Bluetooth speaker will simply connect to your vehicle’s battery. Though the charging time is a little extended, it’s still worth it.

Lastly, for easy installation, these Bluetooth speakers come with multiple mounting options. From an 8-foot wiring harness to two mounting brackets and additional hardware, all of this makes the organizing game easier and secure.

Key Features :

  • Powered by eight marine-grade speakers (2 woofers, two tweeters, and four midrange speakers.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and integrated wired AUX-IN jack.
  • Multi-coloured LED-backlit speakers with rear-facing 280 Lumens LED light bar.
  • Push-button control, remote control, and integrated audio control.
  • 100% waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof, designed with all IP66 International standards.

Bazooka BPB24 – Marine Grade Waterproof Soundbar :

One of the best weatherproof outdoor ATV sound bar is the Bazooka BPB24 waterproof soundbar. It is a mammoth 8-speaker 450W stereo system with 4 mid-range drivers, 2 front-firing tweeters and 2 end-mount woofers. All the drivers, tweeters and woofers are marine grade and suitable for outdoor use. Plus, the end-loaded woofers have 360ᵒ rotation for the best space-filling audio experience.

The Bazooka BPB24 is pitched as a party cum adventure sports bar. It has an exciting multi-color LED illumination system with circular LED lights in the front, two strings of LED lights running the full length of the speaker at the back and two LED discs at the two ends of the speaker bar. The frequency at which the lights change can be controlled using the remote control that accompanies the speaker bar.

For connectivity, the Bazooka BPB24 has Bluetooth and 3.5mm waterproof AUX in and out ports. It works on all Bluetooth-enabled devices, has auto reconnect feature and offers a transmission range of 60 feet. Playback and other functions can be monitored via remote. The remote coverage range is 1000 feet. The speaker bar has hands-free calling for added convenience. It can be connected to other sound accessories using the SAE accessory connector. An extra light switch has been provided for additional optional LED light bars. Mounting the device is easy. It has a built-in 360ᵒ grille mounting system and two sturdy cast aluminum legs for mounting it on UTV roll cages and golf carts. Dimensions of the product are: 24” x 5” x 6”. It weighs 11 lbs. To know more about product details check here. Get the detailed manual here.

Bazooka started to showcase two products. Bazooka BPB24-DS-G2 and Bazooka BPB24-G2. The main difference between the Bazooka BPB24-DS-G2 and the Bazooka BPB24-G2 is that the former is a double-sided soundbar with 10 speakers while the latter is a single-sided soundbar with 8 speakers. The BPB24-DS-G2 has four 2-inch midrange drivers, four 1-inch tweeters and two 3 ½ inch end-loaded woofers. Two midrange drivers and two tweeters each fire out sound from the front and back of the bar. The BPB24-G2 has four 2 ½ inch midrange drivers, two 1-inch tweeters and two 3 ½ inch end-loaded woofers. Here all four midrange drivers and two tweeters project sound from the front of the bar.

Key Features :

  • Waterproof soundbar for ATV / UTV with LED illumination.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX in and out connections.
  • 450W 8-speaker party bar.
  • Includes remote control, remote range 1000 feet.
  • Bluetooth range 60 feet.
  • 360ᵒ bar mounting system, two aluminum legs.

BOSS Audio Systems BRT18A ATV UTV Sound Bar System

The BOSS Audio BRT18A is an 18 inches wide soundbar system designed ideally for ATV and UTV usage. For off-roading enthusiasts who consider music as their ultimate road buddy, there isn’t a more compact and compatible option than this. What makes this sound system powerful is the high-performance built-in class A/B amplifier. It powers two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters and two 4 inches speakers delivering quality and dynamic sound.

This BOSS Audio BRT18A Bluetooth sound system is designed with all the latest weatherproofing techniques. Its IPX5 rating ensures reliable performance no matter what the outdoor conditions are. So those who are into regular off-roading (not intense, though) can trustingly go with this sound device. A little contact with water here and there will neither impact the performance nor the speaker’s internal configuration.

A Bluetooth powered device, so the next time you are going to power, it will automatically reconnect to the last device it was used with. It integrates smoothly with your smartphone, MP3 players and even music applications like Pandora, Spotify etc. Though in case you want to go the other way around, the Auxiliary input will provide another supporting hand. With its built-in Class A/B Amp and 3.5mm Aux Input easily connect it with Android, Apple and MP3 devices. The options don’t end here, as your musical journey with this BOSS speaker will even roll with a USB flash drive.

Mounting this BOSS Audio system becomes easy with the multi-angle adjustable clamps. All you need to do is, mount to a bar (from 1.75″ to 2″), secure and rest assured. Further, plug in the cigarette lighter power cord and bring in power within seconds. Lastly, to manage different functions, either uses the speaker’s integrated control panel or navigate with the wireless remote control.

Key Features :

  • Loaded with two 1 inch tweeters and two 4 inches full-range drivers.
  • Compatible with multiple smartphones, MP3 devices, applications and USB flash drives.
  • Water and weatherproof build, IPX5 rating.
  • Sleek build, lightweight and easy mounting setup.

HIFONICS TPS10 THOR 10 Waterproof Soundbar :

Coming in at number eighteen, is the Hifonics TPS10 Thor 10 ATV sound bar. It is a formidable 10-speaker outdoor soundbar with LED illumination. The speaker is equipped with an amplifier, eight 3-inch drivers for midrange and bass and two 1-inch Titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets. Together they crank out serious audio with crystal clear vocals and deafening volume. The Hifonics TPS10 Thor 10 is the ideal off road stereo companion. It is an IPX68-rated waterproof and dustproof device. It can withstand exposure to all types of weather conditions involving sun, rain, wind, dust and dirt.

You can mount the soundbar on your UTV, ATV, golf cart or boat and enjoy music while you engage in adventure sports. The speaker bar has Bluetooth for wire-free media input. It has memory sync for auto pairing with the last connected device. For gadgets that do not have Bluetoooth, a 3.5mm waterproof AUX input has been provided for connection via a 3.5mm AUX audio cable. If you wish to link the soundbar with another soundbar or other audio output device, you can use the 2 volt audio output drive.

The Hifonics TPS10 Thor 10 outdoor soundbar has an integrated Super High Power Digital amp topology with 30% more SPL. It has an extruded aluminum enclosure with cast aluminum end caps and a heavy duty grille that protects the internal speakers from impact. The speaker bar has all the necessary mounting hardware for roll cage (1.5-2 inch pipes) and surface mounting. The product measures 40.5” x 7.2” x 6.5” and weighs 24 lbs. To know more about Hifonics TPS -10 Thor check here. Find the detailed soundbar mounting & installation steps here.

Key Features :

  • IPX68 waterproof soundbar.
  • 10 speakers, integrated amplifier.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX in, 2volt output drive.
  • Super HPD amplifier topology with 30% more SPL.
  • Multiple mounting option.

BOSS Audio BRT27A 27-inch ATV Sound Bar :

The BOSS Audio BRT27A is an all-weather all-terrain 27-inch waterproof soundbar. It has an IPX5-rated water-resistant dustproof aluminum housing. It can withstand dust and water sprays from 6.3mm nozzles from any direction. It also has an internal Heat Dissipation System for preventing overheating. The soundbar is designed for powersports. It is ideal for UTVs, side-by-sides, tractors, RVs, boats and dune buggies. It has booming audio, thanks to six 3-inch full-range speakers and two 1-inch horn loaded tweeters. It has a built-in Class D amplifier with a maximum power of 500 watts. The amp generates more power than traditional Class A/B amps and greatly enhances your listening experience.

The BRT27A waterproof soundbar has Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming. It is compatible with all iOS and Android gadgets like smart phones, tablets, iPods and iPads. It also has a 3.5mm AUX input port for playing songs via audio cable. The port works with the AUX audio outputs of MP3 players, smart phones and just about any sound device. The great thing about the BOSS Audio BRT27A is that you can add extra speakers and subwoofers using the 12 volt preamp outputs. It expands your sound horizon and makes the music more spacious. The gadget includes adjustable mounting clamps that fit bars measuring 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. It has onboard USB charging for emergency recharges.

The BRT27A is 27.1 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 5.75 inches high. It has a soft-touch illuminated control panel in front. It has attractive changing RGB LED lights that produce over 16 million colors. The lights can be controlled with the help of a remote control that comes with the bar.

Key Features :

  • IPX5 weatherproof dustproof ATV sound bar with built-in Class D amp.
  • Max power 500 watts, Bluetooth, AUX input, changing RGB LED lights with remote control.
  • Six 3-inch full-range speakers, two 1-inch horn loaded tweeters, 2 volt preamp outputs.
  • Adjustable mounting clamps fit 1.5 to 2 inch bars, aluminum enclosure with HDS, USB charging.

BOSS BRT14A 14-inch Amplified Soundbar :

The BOSS Audio Systems BRT14A is a 14-inch soundbar for ATVs and UTVs. It has a peak power output of 300 watts, water-resistant speakers and built-in DSP. It has an IPX5-rated weatherproof enclosure for standing up to tough climatic conditions. The BRT14A has big sound. It is fitted with one pair of 3-inch full-range drivers and another pair of 1-inch horn loaded tweeters. Both pairs are IPX5-certified which means they can handle water jets from any direction, such as from hose pipes. The soundbar is powered by an internal Class D amplifier with a maximum power of 300 watts. Class D amps have a high-speed switching technology which produces less heat and uses less power than standard Class A/B amps.

The speaker bar comes with a wireless remote control. It has an integrated LED light bar which increases visibility at night. The light bar can be controlled with the remote control and turned off when not needed. At the base of the soundbar is the control panel featuring push buttons. The buttons are backlit and can be operated with gloved hands. The BRT14A has Bluetooth Audio Streaming. You can stream songs on apps like Pandora and Spotify. If you have an MP3 player, you can plug it into the 3.5mm AUX input jack. This jack supports input from all AUX audio outputs of tablets, phones and other gadgets. If you wish to upgrade the system, you can do so using the preamp output. You can add a subwoofer or a couple of speakers to improve the quality of the audio and widen the soundfield.

The bar needs a 12-volt power supply. It has adjustable multi-angle mounting clamps that fit bars with diameters between 1.75 to 2 inches. The package contains the soundbar, mounting clamps, power adapter and a wireless remote control. Dimensions of the product are: length 14 inches, width 5 inches and height 5.6 inches.

Key Features :

  • IPX5-weatherproof 14-inch Bluetooth soundbar for UTV.
  • Two 3-inch full-range drivers, two 1-inch horn loaded tweeters.
  • 300-watt Class D amp, 3.5mm aux input, preamp output.
  • Built-in LED light bar, wireless remote control, adjustable clamps fit 1.75-2 inch bars.

BRT34A ATV Sound Bar by BOSS Audio Systems :

The BRT34A is a humongous 34-inch soundbar for ATV. It has a total of 10 loudspeakers: 8 full-range drivers and 2 tweeters. It has a high-performance Class D amplifier with a max power of 700 watts. It is tough, durable and tolerant to water and dust. The BRT34A has an IPX5-rated water-resistant housing that is protected against moisture and rain. A sturdy mesh spans the length of the bar. Beneath the mesh are the control buttons. The bar has a built-in LED light bar with RGB illumination. It helps guide the way after dark and keeps the dash area lit up. When not in use, you can turn off the lights.

The BRT34A is armed with a battery of speakers. It has 4 pairs of IPX5-rated 3-inch full-range drivers and 1 pair of IPX5-rated 1-inch horn loaded tweeters. It has an integrated Class D amplifier with a peak power of 700 watts and built-in DSP for better sound reproduction. For connectivity, there’s Bluetooth and a 3.5mm aux input jack. You can stream songs wirelessly on smart phones with Pandora and Spotify. The aux input can be used to play songs from Bluetooth as well as non-Bluetooth gadgets like tablets and MP3 players. If you want to expand the soundstage, you can do that too. A preamp output is available for adding more components like speakers and subwoofers. A wireless remote control affords hassle-free control.

The BRT34A has adjustable multi-angle mounting clamps that fit 1.75-2.0-inch bars. The bar is 34 inches long, 5 inches wide (deep) and 5.6 inches high. It has an operating temperature of 2F to 140F /0C to 60C.

Key Features :

  • 34-inch IPX5 waterproof soundbar for ATV and UTV.
  • 8 3-inch full-range speakers, 2 1-inch horn loaded tweeters.
  • Built-in 700-watt max power Class D amp, integrated DSP.
  • Wireless remote, Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, preamp output.
  • Switchable LED light bar, multi-angle clamps fit 1.75-2.0-inch bars.

Bazooka BPB36 Waterproof Soundbar For Side By Side Vehicle :

The next product on our list of amazing weatherproof soundbars is the Bazooka BPB36 waterproof soundbar. It is a cracker of a soundbar with 10 marine grade speakers which includes 4 dual speaker pods and two 5.25-inch end-mounting woofers. It also boasts an integrated amplifier for booming loud audio. This makes the BPB36 the perfect outdoor soundbar for ORVs, side-by-sides, golf carts, tailgating, boats and yachts. It is also an excellent party bar for open air events. It has multi-color RGB LED lighting with front, back and side illumination. A remote control is included in the box for greater flexibility. You can use it to control the LED flashing speed and color changes in addition to monitoring the playback.

This speaker bar has Bluetooth and 3.5mm marine-rated AUX inputs for wireless and wired connections respectively. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and has auto reconnect for quick and easy pairing upon powering up. For connecting the speaker to other sound devices like soundbars and subwoofers, a 3.5mm AUX output jack is also available. Peak power output of the BPB36 is 450W. It can be connected to an external LED light bar using the on-board SAE accessory connector.

The gadget can be mounted on an ORV roll cage using the integrated 360ᵒ rotatable cast aluminum mounting system. A pair of cast aluminum legs and a built-in T-slot mounting system are also incorporated for more mounting options. The Bazooka BPB36 waterproof soundbar offers hands-free calling so you don’t have to reach for your phone every time it rings. Dimensions of the item are: 36” x 6” x 7.2”. It weighs 18.5 lbs. To know more about product details check here. Find the instruction book here for Bazooka party sound bars.

Key Features :

  • Weatherproof soundbar for UTV.
  • Multi-color LED illumination.
  • 10-speaker system, 450W peak power.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm marine rated AUX In and Out ports.
  • Includes remote control, hands-free speakerphone.
  • Multiple mounting options.

MTX MUDSYS41 – Rough and Tough Waterproof Sound Bar :

Another awesome weatherproof soundbar crafted especially for adventures sports like off road driving is the MTX MUDSYS41. It is an IP66-standard water-resistant and dust-resistant speaker bar ideal for ORVs, UTVs, boats and golf carts. You can hose down the soundbar to wash off the dirt and mud after a day out in the ranch, forest or sea.

The MTX MUDSYS41 is fitted with four 6.5-inch coaxial speakers and a 280W built-in amplifier. They whip up amazingly clear and loud sound despite all the surrounding wind, water and engine sounds. The speaker has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and a 3.5mm AUX in port for cabled media input. It supports all iOS, Android and Windows devices and non-Bluetooth devices like MP3 and MP4 players. It also has RCA outputs, a USB port for input and charging, a digital clock, a dual band equalizer and FM radio with RDS.

The MTX MUDSYS41 has universal mounting and can be mounted on bars and pipes with diameters between 1.75 to 2 inches. It comes with LED dome lights, cargo nets and comprehensive wiring system needed for installation and connecting to power source. The cabinet of the waterproof soundbar has a sturdy all-terrain construction that guards the internal acoustic components from water damage. A circular control panel in the centre of the speaker bar has buttons for power on/off, play/pause, mode, mute and volume and song change. Dimensions of the product are: 40.5” x 4.1” x 8.5”. It weighs 20.9 lbs. To know more about MTX MUDSYS41 soundbar, check this link. We also found this owner’s manual handy to use.

Key Features :

  • IP66 waterproof soundbar for ATV and UTV.
  • 280W amplifier, four 6.5-inch coaxial speakers.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, RCA output, USB port.
  • FM radio, digital clock, dual band equalizer.
  • Fits 1.75 to 2-inch pipes.

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE18 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 5 Speaker Soundbar

ECOXGEAR have some ultimate soundbars in the market, and this particular model is one of the finest examples from their range. It is 18 inches long and is designed for usage with ATVs, UTVs, RVs, Golf carts, water boats and more. This Soundbar will definitely impress the users who are looking for a lighter version of ECOXGEAR SE26. For a powerful sound performance, it is equipped with five marine grade speakers. The list includes two mid-range and two side-mounted woofers along with one tweeter. All of them combined powers a 300-watt peak output with optimized bass performance.

Like other ECOXGEAR speakers, this device too is ECOCAST compatible and can connect with up to 50 units altogether. This feature alone is enough to ensure a professional musical setup that too right within your vehicle’s range. And needless to say, from loudness to bass and sound clarity, everything is appreciable and valuable for the price.

The ECOXGEAR SE18 features Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection. Even if your paired Bluetooth device is at a distance of 100 feet, the audio will still stream effortlessly. Though for non-Bluetooth devices, the waterproof AUX supports all cabled connections. You can connect the device with additional speakers and other wired devices for playing audio smoothly. Or connect the Soundbar to the vehicle’s battery and ensure quick charging anywhere anytime.

The ECOXGEAR SE18 is 100% waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof. So, expose it to sand, sun, dirt, snow, or rain and still get the best sound performance throughout. All thanks to the IP66 International standards it meets.

For turning the musical journey into an ultimate party mood, operate the LED light features with these ECOXGEAR speakers. Choose from Red, white, green and yellow, whether it is for Backlit or rear-facing bar and turn the vibes into celebration swiftly. This compact Soundbar further includes two mounting brackets and integrated threaded mounting holes. With such settings, you can create multiple mounting setups as and how you like.

Lastly, operate this Bluetooth speaker with a built-in control panel, integrated audio setup, or the external remote control.

Key Features :

  • Five marine-grade speakers with a 300-watt peak power output.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with long-range connection source.
  • Waterproof 12V auxiliary power for wired connection and easy charging.
  • Fully integrated LED light with multiple colours.
  • 100% waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Easy and secure mounting setup.

BOSS Audio Systems BRRC34 34-Inch ATV Sound Bar :

The BOSS Audio Systems BRRC34 is a premium ATV soundbar. It is IPX5 water-resistant and can withstand inclement weather conditions. It has Bluetooth, internal amplification and adjustable mounting clamps. Sound performance is impressive – there are five pairs of drivers pumping out natural and nuanced music. Dome lights, USB device charging and a wired remote control complete the package.

The BRRC34 is an ideal choice for a sound system for ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides, ORVs and jeeps. If you are an off-roading enthusiast and you also like music, you will absolutely love this gadget. It is a humongous 34-inch system with four pairs of 3-inch full-range speakers and one pair of 1-inch horn loaded tweeters. It has a built-in Class D amplifier that delivers a maximum power of 700 watts. For input there is Bluetooth and a 3.5mm AUX input jack. You can enjoy Wireless Music Streaming from any Bluetooth device. The bar supports Pandora, Spotify and a bunch of other streaming services. The auxiliary port can be used to play songs from non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth sources via an audio cable. Hook up your MP3 player or smart phone through this jack and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment without bothering about battery. The soundbar also has a preamp output to connect with other devices.

The construction of the bar is marine-grade. It is IPX5 rated which means it is dustproof and water-tolerant. It can stand up to low-pressure water sprays from any direction for a sustained period of time, but it must not be subjected to heavy rain or immersed in water. That is because it is only resistant to water, not fully waterproof.

The BRRC34 has a USB charging port for charging devices. This is a handy feature as you never know when you might need emergency recharging especially when you are out in the midst of nature. Installing the soundbar is easy. The mounting clamps are adjustable and fit bars with diameters between 1.5 to 2 inches. A wired remote control with built-in illumination lets you control the functions of the bar. The remote is also IPX5 water-resistant and therefore can take a splash or two. Dimensions of the product are: 34 inches length, 5 inches depth and 5.7 inches height. It comes with switchable built-in dome lights for extra visibility after dark. The enclosure is black and has a grille in front.

Key Features :

  • 34-inch IPX5 water-resistant dustproof ATV soundbar.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux input, preamp output, USB charging port.
  • Four pairs of 3-inch full-range speakers, one pair of 1-inch horn loaded tweeters.
  • Built-in Class Damp with 700 watts max power, adjustable mounting brackets, wired remote, dome lights.

Kuryakyn 2715 Road Thunder Waterproof Soundbar :

The next great all-terrain waterproof soundbar we think you should check out is the Kuryakyn 2715 Road Thunder marine soundbar. This speaker bar combines unique eye-catching design with exciting features. It is a cylindrical soundbar measuring 10.6 inches in length and 2.9 inches in diameter. Its compact design and weatherproof construction makes it an ideal soundbar for off-road motorcycles, cruiser bikes, ORVs, side-by-sides, boats, jetskies and golf carts. It can fit bars measuring 7/8 inch to 1.25 inch in diameter.

The included mounting brackets are 6 inches long and have a diameter of 3 inches. The Kuryakyn 2715 Road Thunder is an IP66-rated waterproof soundbar. It can withstand extreme climatic conditions like constant exposure to the sun, rain, wind, dust and dirt. It is fitted with an internal amplifier and two 2-inch x 3-inch drivers and four 1-inch tweeters for clear and loud sound output. For music input, the device has Bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX in port. It is compatible with all Bluetooth-supporting iOS, Android and Windows devices.

This UTV speaker bar is accompanied by all the required ignition, ground and power cables. Peak power output of the gadget is 150W. You can link up the Kuryakyn 2715 Road Thunder with an external amplifier or another soundbar using the AUX output drive. Please note that the volume output of the playback will depend on the audio quality of the source, especially when connected via Bluetooth. The soundbar weighs 4 lbs. To get detailed specification and other details, check this place.

Key Features :

  • IP66-rated all-terrain marine soundbar.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, AUX output.
  • Two 2” x 3” drivers, four 1-inch tweeters.
  • Max power 150W.
  • Integrated amplifier.
  • Fits rods with diameters ranging from 7/8 inch to 1.25 inch.

Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra Waterproof Soundbar For ATV & UTV :

Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra is a stunner of a 10-speaker soundbar system. Engineered specially for UTVs and ATVs, this rough and tough speaker bar has IP67-standard water-resistance and an all-weather construction. It has stainless steel hardware and a heavy duty extruded Aluminum enclosure for added protection against the elements. If you like off road driving and similar adventure sports, you might want to check out this beauty. It is equipped with eight full range 3-inch marine drivers and two 1-inch Titanium tweeters that together crank out full spectrum high fidelity sound in all volume levels.

An integrated 300W Class D amplifier makes sure the final sound output is loud enough to dominate over all ambient noises like wind and engine sounds. Thanks to the improved Bass Response, bass is top notch too. All in all, this waterproof sound bar gives you the ultimate outdoor stereo sound feel complete with loud and clear vocals and booming bass. The device has new waterproof connectors and fits FZRs. For audio input, the speaker has Bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX in ports. It is compatible with all Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices. For connection with other soundbars, speakers and amplifiers, a 2 volt line driver output jack is available.

An Aluminum L-bracket has been provided for mounting the speaker on to rods and roll cages of ATVs and UTVs. If you wish to add more accessories, there is a sliding top and bottom mount channel. The Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra waterproof soundbar has a sophisticated RF remote control for managing the functions from the steering wheel. It has auto-turn off feature and an LED backlit control panel for power on/off, play/pause, volume and track change and source selection. The ATV speaker is accompanied by a completely jacketed wiring harness. Dimensions of the product are: 33.8” x 4.2” x 3.8”. It weighs 23 lbs.

Please note: This product is different from the Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra HD which is longer and lightweight. The HD version measures 38.2” x 7.2” x 6.8” and weighs 20.9 lbs. The HD soundbar also has HD drivers with new and strong composite frames and a sophisticated DSP amp with D-bass technology. To know more about this product check here.

Key Features :

  • IP67-rated waterproof soundbar for ATVs and UTVs.
  • Bluetooth, AUX in connection.
  • Eight 3-inch drivers, dual 1-inch titanium dome tweeters, class D amplifier.
  • Extruded aluminum construction, stainless steel hardware.
  • Includes integrated wiring harness.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Backlit LED control panel.

MTX MUD6SPBT Universal 6 Speaker All Weather Sound Bar :

At number eight, is the MTX MUD6SPBT Universal marine soundbar. This baby is fitted with 6 powerful full range speakers and an integrated amplifier that together crank out high fidelity audio with booming clarity. There are four 3-inch drivers and two 1-inch tweeters that produce space filling sound even in open air settings which are full of wind and water distortions. This makes this waterproof soundbar an ideal audio accessory for boats, jetskies, yachts, UTVs and golf carts.

The MTX MUD6SPBT Universal has Bluetooth for wireless audio input. You can live stream all the latest songs on YouTube on the go without the hassle of cables. For devices that do not support Bluetooth, a 3.5mm AUX input has been provided for connection via AUX audio cable. If you wish to connect the soundbar to an external amplifier or another soundbar, you can use the on-board AUX audio output. This will help you create a truly surround sound feel to make your outdoor party more fun.

The MTX MUD6SPBT Universal marine soundbar can be mounted on roll cages with bars measuring 1.5 to 2.25 inches in diameter. There are provisions for top, bottom and back mounting, thanks to the universal mounting hardware. The speaker is accompanied by ground, power and accessory wires for quick and easy installation. All the parts of the soundbar including the cabinet, internal speakers and AUX ports have a long-lasting weatherproof build. They are designed for prolonged exposure to the elements and therefore do not suffer damage easily. Dimensions of the product are: 24” x 6.5” x 7”. It weighs 11.58 lbs. Know more about this product here.

Key Features :

  • All-weather marine soundbar.
  • 6 speakers, internal amp.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX in and out ports.
  • Fits 1.5 to 2.25-inch bars.
  • Multiple mounting options.

Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra Waterproof Soundbar For ATV / UTV :

Coming in the next position, is the Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra 180W outdoor soundbar. It belongs to the Stealth Ultra HD Series of soundbars by Wet Sounds and is in the same leagues as the Stealth 10 Ultra but with lesser number of speakers. The Stealth 6 Ultra speaker bar is a 6-speaker stereo system. It is built with four powerful 3-inch drivers, two 1-inch Titanium dome tweeters and an integrated 180W amplifier. Needless to say, sound clarity and loudness is next level. You will be impressed by the range and resonance of the sound despite surrounding distortions.

The Stealth 6 Ultra is an all-terrain dustproof and waterproof soundbar with IP67-rated water-resistance. It can withstand constant exposure to dust and submersion in water from 15 cm to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. All its drivers, tweeters and the amplifier are marine-rated. This makes the Stealth 6 Ultra the perfect sound accessory for off road and marine adventure sports. Mount it on your ATV / UTV, yacht or golf cart and enjoy your favorite music in the midst of nature every time you’re in the mood for some adventure.

The Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra outdoor UTV sound bar has Bluetooth for wireless connections and AUX in ports for cabled connections with non-Bluetooth devices. For sound output, a 2 volt line driver is provided. You can use it to connect the soundbar to another soundbar, speaker, subwoofer or amplifier to project enveloping full range audio. The cabinet of this ATV sound bar is made from extruded Aluminum and all its hardware is pure stainless steel. It has a backlit LED mini screen for controlling its functions like play, pause, volume, playback, etc. A remote control is also provided for greater flexibility of use. A completely integrated waterproof wiring harness is included in the package. The speaker has auto-power off which prolongs battery life.

This marine sound bar comes with a universal L-mount bracket made of solid aluminum for end cap mounting. It also has a sliding top and bottom mount channel for adding accessories. Frequency response is 40Hz to 20,000Hz. Dimensions of the product are: 25” x 7” x 7”. It weighs 13 lbs.

Please note: This product is different from the Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD which has HD drivers with new extra-strong composite frames and a DSP amp with D-bass technology. Also, the HD version has a 200W amplifier and is slightly heavier (14.1 lbs) than the non-HD soundbar. To know more about product details check here. Let us check what wet sounds says about this product.

Key Features :

  • Bluetooth IP67-rated waterproof soundbar.
  • AUX input, 2V driver for audio output.
  • Four 3-inch marine drivers and two 1-inch marine tweeters.
  • Built-in Class D 180W amplifier, remote control.
  • Extruded aluminum cabinet, stainless steel hardware.
  • Fully integrated wiring harness.
  • Universal L-mount bracket.

Hifonics TPS-6 Waterproof Bluetooth Soundbar :

The Hifonics TPS-6 is a popular outdoor soundbar for powersports like off road driving. It is a powerful 6-speaker weatherproof all-terrain speaker bar. Built for overhead roll cage mounting, the soundbar is an excellent stereo accessory for ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides, golf carts, jet skies, yachts and boats.

The Hifonics TPS-6 has an in-built Super High Power Digital (HPD) amp topology with 30% more SPL. It has 4 full range drivers and two 1-inch titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets which together produce loud and thumping audio at all volume levels. High frequency playbacks are especially clearer due to the dome tweeters. For media input, the Hifonics TPS-6 has Bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX input. It works on all Bluetooth-supporting devices and offers flexible wire-free and clutter-free connectivity up to 33 feet. For devices that do not have Bluetooth, the speaker bar has a 3.5mm AUX input jack for cabled audio input. For audio output to other external sound devices like subwoofers and soundbars, a 2 volt preamp output drive is available. The TPS-6 marine soundbar has IPX68-standard water-resistance. The front section has a sturdy grille that protects the internal parts from impact. Controls are provided in the middle of the front panel for power on/off, play/pause and volume and track change.

The device can be mounted on bars measuring 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. It also includes angle brackets for end cap mounting. This marine grade ATV sound bar includes a Kicker KMC2 digital media receiver. It is waterproof and fits in the gauge hole opening. The media receiver supports inputs via Bluetooth, RCA, USB and FM radio. Dimensions of the speaker bar are: 21” x 5” x 4.3”. It weighs 20 lbs. Know more details of Hifonics TPS 6 soundbar here.

Key Features :

  • IPX68-rated marine soundbar.
  • High Power Digital (HPD) amp topology with 30% more SPL.
  • 6 speakers, Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input.
  • 2 volt output drive, includes digital media receiver.
  • Fits 1.5 to 2-inch bars, angle brackets for end cap mounting.

INFINITY KAPPA 4100msb Amplified MARINE Soundbar :

One of the most sought-after outdoor adventure sports soundbars is the Infinity Kappa 4100msb weatherproof soundbar. It is a truly marine grade all-terrain IPX6-rated speaker system with a pair of 4-inch excursion mid/woofers and one tweeter per channel. The soundbar can be separated into two speaker sections using the Harman SK-300 separation kit (optional). This ATV sound bar has a universal mounting system and includes all the necessary mounting brackets, clamps and inserts. It can also be mounted on pontoon boats. The soundbar is remote controllable. It boasts an integrated Class D amplifier with 80Wrms per channel.

The Infinity Kappa 4100msb has Bluetooth, 3.4mm AUX input and RCA inputs with intuitive priority switching. The Bluetooth connection overrides the RCA input and the 3.5mm jack overrides the Bluetooth connection. This makes for easier usability as you do not have to manually select the audio source. You can connect the soundbar to 3 Bluetooth sound sources at a time. This lets you share the playlist with your friends and family.

The Infinity Kappa 4100msb has dual sound output channels for more expansive sound through additional subwoofers and amplifiers. The front panel has LED lights which flash in sync with the music. The two-level downwards facing LED lights also serve as handy reading lights while driving at night. The device has 2 mounting brackets, 2 separable speaker sections, one AVRCP remote control and battery, micro USB, 2 RCA adapters, mounting hardware and a threaded rod. A Go-Pro shoe is also incorporated so you can film your adventure and make it memorable. The on-board power protection LED lights starts flashing when the amp shuts down due to over-heating, over-volt, over-current or DC offset. Total amp power output is 120W x 2. The soundbar weighs 22.7 lbs. To know more details about Infinity Kappa 4100msb soundbar, check this place.

Key Features :

  • IPX6 waterproof soundbar with separable speakers.
  • Two-way LED lights.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, RCA input.
  • Connects 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.
  • BT remote with battery, Go-Pro shoe, micro USB.
  • Power protection LED lights.

Planet Audio PSX18 ATV UTV Sound Bar System

The Planet Audio PSX18 is one sleek and compact soundbar system. It comes in 3 different sizes, 18 inches, 26 inches and 36 inches. Each of the size upgrades with features depending upon their size; however, one thing that stays uninterrupted is the performance.

A high-performance built-in class A/B amplifier powers this PSX18 device is one of the best in range. It is amplified with two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters and two 4″ speakers that proves power with their ultimate and uninterrupted sound. Further, with six built-in DSP (Digital Sound Processing) pre-set equalization curves, everything from loud Volume to heavy bass and crystal-clear sound comes your way.

The IPX5 rating on this Bluetooth sound speaker ensures you keep riding despite the outdoor conditions. No matter what turns the weather take, its latest weatherproofing techniques will keep your musical experience uninterrupted. This feature also makes the speaker perfect for off-roading, golfing, water recreation, and other outdoor activities.

This Planet Audio PSX18 is designed with a powerful Bluetooth and Auxiliary Input. Connect it with all Bluetooth integrated gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, etc. and enjoy an uninterrupted musical experience. Further with the Auxiliary input (3.5 mm), take advantage of non-Bluetooth and wired devices. There even comes an extended option for a USB flash drive to access your personal music library.

Installing this Planet Audio device is quite easy and can be done within no time. The multi-angle adjustable mounting clamps at the top of the speaker easily fits the 1.75 to 2 inches bar. Your basic house tool will do the job of securing it real tight. After that, you can operate it either with the integrated control panel or get even more flexible with the wireless remote control.

Key Features :

  • High-performance A/B amplifier powering two 4″ speakers and two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters.
  • Powerful sound output with 6 Built-In DSP (Digital Sound Processing) Preset Equalization Curves.
  • Bluetooth and Auxiliary input integrated.
  • Water and weatherproof with an IPX5 rating.
  • Slim, sleek and compact design.
  • Easy and hassle-free mount.

SuperATV MTX 6 Speaker Universal Waterproof Sound Bar :

The SuperATV MTX is a top-rated marine sounbar for ATVs, ORVs, UTVs, buggies, boats and golf carts. It has a weatherproof construction for surviving tough weather conditions. It is protected against water, wind, dust, fog and impact. The SuperATV MTX waterproof soundbar has six speakers in all: four 3-inch full-range drivers and two 1-inch tweeters. The speakers are powered by an onboard 200-watt amplifier. No matter how weak the input signal is, the amp infuses it with enough power so the final sound output is significantly improved.

The soundbar has Bluetooth Music Streaming. It works with all Bluetooth-ready gadgets like smart phones and tablets. It also has a 3.5mm AUX input jack for wired sound input from non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth devices. The USP of the SuperATV MTX is its AUX output which lets you throw in an additional amplifier, soundbar or subwoofer for expanding the sound field. It makes the audio more spacious and voluminous.

The speaker bar includes all the necessary mounting equipment. It has adjustable mounting brackets that fit rods with diameters between 1.5 inches to 2.25 inches. The clamps can be fitted on top of the soundbar, underneath it or behind it, which allows for a lot of different ways to mount the bar. The package includes power, ground and accessory wires. The quick start guide walks you through the installation process which is very easy and can be done with simple home tools. The UTV sound bar has a rugged metal grille running the length of the bar in front. A control panel is located at the centre of the bar. It has buttons for power, play/pause, mute, skipping songs and changing the volume.

Key Features :

  • Weatherproof active ATV soundbar with built-in 200-watt amplifier.
  • Four 3-inch full-range marine drivers, two 1-inch marine tweeters.
  • Bluetooth, AUX input, AUX output for adding extra sound devices like amps and subs.
  • Universal mounting clamps attach to the top of, bottom of or behind the soundbar.
  • Fits 1.5 inches to 2.25 inch bars, includes ground, power and accessory wires.

JBL UB4100BLK Amplified Powersports Marine Soundbar :

The JBL UB4100 is a weatherproof ATV sound bar with amplified speakers. It has four long-excursion 4-inch mid-woofers and two 2-inch dome tweeters. It has a Class D amp that provides 80 watts RMS power for each of the 2 channels of the soundbar. The JBL UB4100 introduces stunning full-range audio to your powersports vehicle. It has a ruggedly built IPX6 water-resistant housing that can take splashes of water from any direction. It keeps the internal speakers safe from dust, debris and impact. The device is ideal for marine and off-road applications. It can be installed on boats, yachts, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, trucks, RVs and jeeps.

The speaker bar has Bluetooth and auxiliary audio connectivity. It works with all Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices. You can wirelessly listen to songs on Spotify and Pandora, or plug in your MP3 player for wired input. The bar has preamp outputs for adding external amps, speakers and subwoofers. So, if you are expecting a large crowd, you can easily upgrade the UB4100 to a multi-speaker amplified sound system. The UB4100 waterproof soundbar is 31.5 inches wide, 6 1/8 inches high and 5 inches deep. It has a strong metal grille in front and soft-touch controls on the side. The cool thing about the bar is that you can split it into two separate tower speakers using the optional JBL SK300 separation kit. The kit has a 10-foot long umbilical cord that keeps the two separate units joint.

The soundbar has universal mounting ability and fits a variety of wake towers, roll cages and bars. It features a GoPro shoe for attaching a GoPro camera. It has a special Party Mode which lets you connect up to 3 Bluetooth source devices at a time. It also has a remote control for easier usage. The UB4100 has dual-level LED illumination that lights up the dash area after dark, helping you read maps, etc. It also has a red glowing LED display that beats in tune with the music. A micro USB connection is available for software updates.

Key Features :

  • 6-speaker IPX6-rated marine-grade ATV soundbar with built-in amplification.
  • 160 watts RMS power, four long-excursion 4-inch mid-woofers, two 2-inch dome tweeters.
  • Bluetooth, AUX, preamp outputs, detachable Bluetooth remote control, dual-level LED lights.
  • Universal mounting, GoPro shoe, separable into two tower speakers using optional separation kit.

Kemimoto UTV Soundbar Bluetooth RZR Sound Bar

The Kemimoto UTV soundbar is the ultimate choice for a loud and superior music experience. Its Aluminium alloy body and the black frosted surface provides to its smart and rich appearance. This 28-inch speaker is powered by a 500-Watt dynamic amplifier that will blast the sound well enough to dominate any external dominance and interference. So, you can be in the middle of a windy woodland with your ATV engine making its best noise, this Kemimoto Soundbar will still overpower any disturbance. With 2X Tweeter and 4X Subwoofer, this powerful sound system provides ultimate sound with clear vocals and a heavy base. For anyone who loves off-roading, this beauty is a must buy.

Connect this Kemimoto Soundbar with your Bluetooth device once, and the next time, it will automatically reconnect. This Soundbar features a 3.5mm aux input that allows input from multiple universal devices for more audio input options. Or extend your musical options using the USB flash drive right at the charging port. You can have multiple external device choices, and this ultimate Soundbar will incorporate with most of them swiftly.

The Kemimoto UTV sound bars audio system is waterproof as well. So, when you are on an off-roading trip between multiple weather conditions, this device will definitely stick to your side. Your fellow riders may back off in the middle, though this Soundbar will go ultimately till the end. This is why it is best suited for ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, jeeps, RVs, buggies, trucks and even boats and yachts. The only maintenance it demands is regular dusting and wiping, and after that, it’s always good to go.

For easy and secure mounting, this Soundbar comes with two multi-angle adjustable mounting clamps. Both the clamps will fit to roll bars from 1.56″ to 2.25″ inches. The best part here is that you can easily adjust and customize the distance through sliders depending on the vehicle you are mounting. It is compatible with multiple models from Polaris RZR, Can-Am Commander and Maverick X3, Kawasaki, John Deere, Kubota, Yamaha and Honda. 

Once the speaker is mounted, just plug in the cigarette lighter power cord, and the speaker is ready to perform within no time. And ultimately, either use the integrated control panel on the speaker setup or go for a wireless remote and work in leisure.

Key Features :

  • Strong, Robust and stylish look.
  • 500-Watt dynamic amplifier, 2X Tweeter and 4X Subwoofer and ultimate sound output.
  • Bluetooth, AUX and USB device integration.
  • Waterproof built.
  • Easy mounting and adjustable clamps to fit with multiple vehicles.

Boss Reflex BRRF40 Weatherproof UTV / ATV Sound Bar :

The Boss Audio Reflex BRRF40 5-speaker weatherproof soundbar is another amazing UTV sound system. It has a staggering 1000W peak power output, four 6.5-inch two-way speakers and an 8-inch poly injection cone woofer for a power-packed ground-shaking sound experience. The housing cabinet, internal drivers and woofer are IPX5-rated for superior water-resistance. The soundbar has an integrated 1000W Class D amplifier and dome lights. For audio input there is Bluetooth and a 3.5mm AUX in port.

The speaker bar is compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows devices. It lets you wirelessly stream all your favorite songs on Spotify, Pandora and YouTube and keep your guests entertained at all times, no matter the location. The Boss Audio Reflex BRRF40 also supports non-Bluetooth gadgets like MP3 and MP4 players. There is a Bluetooth in-line remote with USB charging and a preamp output for connecting the soundbar with multiple external sound systems. The Boss Audio Reflex BRRF40 has an LED illumination system and built-in DSP.

It has multi-angle adjustable clamps and fits roll cages of UTVs and golf cart with bars measuring 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. The marine soundbar has a sturdy all-weather body that can withstand long hours in the sun and rain. Dimensions of the product are: 49” x 9.5” x 7.5”. It weighs 32.4 lbs. Know detailed product specification here.

Key Features :

  • Waterproof soundbar for golf cart, ATV, UTV.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input.
  • 2 volt preamp output.
  • IPX5-rated water-resistant.
  • LED lights, built-in DSP.
  • Fits 1.5 to 2 inch pipes, adjustable multi-angle clamps.

BOSS Audio Systems BRRF46A ATV/UTV Soundbar System :

The BRRF46A is a 46-inch ATV cum UTV soundbar with a massive 5 ¼ inch poly injection cone woofer at the center. On either side of this woofer are two pairs of 2-way speakers. All the drivers are powered by an internal Class D amplifier. The housing is IPX5 certified, and there is wired and wireless connectivity.

The BRRF46A is a formidable power-sports soundbar. It has a peak power output of 1000 watts which is sure to send your heart racing. The onboard Class D amp does a stunning job amplifying the tunes and bringing out the true flavor of the music. The drivers are huge. In the middle, you have the 5 ¼ inch poly injection cone woofer that handles the bass frequencies. Flanking it are the four 5 ¼ inch high-output 2-way drivers, two on either side of the woofer. These four drivers take care of the midrange and higher frequencies.

All the speakers are weatherproof and so is the entire enclosure. They all have a waterproof rating of IPX5 and are built to survive medium-intensity water jets from any direction. The BRRF46A has Bluetooth for seamless wireless connectivity. It supports music streaming through platforms like Pandora and Spotify. For non-Bluetooth gadgets, there is a 3.5mm AUX in jack. A preamp output is also available in case you want to throw in a sub or an additional speaker to the set-up.

The soundbar has built-in LED lights and DSP. A Bluetooth in-line remote control is provided for ease of use. The multi-angle mounting brackets fit bars with a diameter between 1 ½ inches to 2 inches. Length wise it is suitable for UTVs with a cage size between 43 inches to 49 ½ inches. Dimensions of the product are: length 46 inches, depth 10.24 inches, height 4.08 inches.

Key Features :

  • 46-inch IPX5 waterproof ATV soundbar with remote.
  • Bluetooth music streaming, 3.5mm AUX input, preamp output.
  • One 5.25 inch woofer, four 5.25 inch 2-way speakers, Class D amplifier.
  • Max power 1000 watts, built-in DSP, LED dome lights, multi-angle adjustable brackets.

DS18 SBAR 30BT 2-Way Soundbar for UTV & ATV :

The DS18 SBAR is a 30-inch waterproof soundbar for ATVs, UTVs and jeeps. It has 8 high-efficiency speakers that pump out loud and clear audio. It has a built-in amp with a peak power of 320 watts and RMS power 160 watts. The DS18 SBAR has Bluetooth 4.2 technology. It connects with all iOS and Android devices. It has a wireless range of up to 100 feet so long as there are no obstructions and line of sight is maintained. For non-Bluetooth devices, a 3.5mm aux input jack is available for wired playback.

The DS18 SBAR has a 2-way configuration featuring six 3-inch midrange speakers and two 1-inch titanium tweeters. It has an integrated marine-grade amplifier with a high-temp, overload and short circuit protection. It has a peak power handling of 320 watts and a continuous power of 160 watts. Frequency response of the bar is 63Hz to 20kHz and nominal impedance is 4 ohms. The DS18 SBAR has a rugged all-weather IP65 construction. It has complete protection against dust as small as 1mm in diameter. It is protected against rain and water jets from any direction including hose pipes. The housing of the bar is made of extruded aluminum. It has a black sand powder coating with UV protection. It has integrated RGB LED lighting that adds a fun effect to the bar. A strong grille guards the speakers in front. Down the centre of the grille is a vertical row of push buttons for managing the functions of the bar. You can also use the wired remote control to skip songs or change the volume. The remote has a 9 feet cord and is fully waterproof. For ease of access, we suggest you install the remote somewhere close to the driving wheel so that you reach it comfortably while driving. For mounting the bar, there are two sliding clamps which you can adjust to fit bars of various sizes.

Key Features :

  • 30-inch 2-way IP65-rated boat soundbar.
  • Bluetooth with 100 feet range, 3.5mm AUX input.
  • Six 3-inch midrange speakers, two 1-inch titanium tweeters.
  • Integrated Class D amp with 320 watt max and 160 watt RMS power.
  • Extruded aluminum housing, sliding adjustable mounts, RGB LED lights, wired remote.

Wet Sounds Non Amplified STEALTH 6 Passive Sound Bar :

We tested and reviewed couple of great products from different manufacturers but the whole list consists of active soundbars for ATV, UTV and ORV. We took a poll from our readers and found that many people are also looking for a good passive sound bar to install. Passive soundbar works when the primary sound source is different and you are feeding the sound to the passive one.

In this category we chose Wet Sounds Stealth 6 V2 Passive Soundbar as our top pick. This is an excellent option if you have an operational stereo system and you wants to add more life to it. It has a peak power output of 100W and RMS 75W. This 6-speaker system is ideal for golfing, off road adventure sports and marine sports. However, it needs an external amplifier and receiver to work. In other words, the STEALTH 6 Core can serve as an additional soundbar for an existing stereo system or as an add-on soundbar for an active Stealth Ultra soundbar which comes with an integrated amp.

The STEALTH 6 Core marine speaker bar has 4 waterproof 3-inch drivers and two 1-inch waterproof titanium tweeters. The wiring harness of the soundbar is also marine grade for long-lasting performance. The speaker is housed in a heavy duty aluminum enclosure with stainless steel mounting hardware.  It has flexible universal mounting options and includes an end cap mounting L-mount bracket and sliding top and bottom-loaded channel system. The manufacturers recommend a 14-gauge OFC copper speaker wire. Dimensions of the product are: 21” x 4” x 4”. It weighs 15 lbs. To know about Wet Sounds Stealth 6 V2 in detail, check the link.

Key Features :

  • Passive non-amplified marine soundbar for UTV, ATV and adventure sports.
  • Needs external amplifier and receiver.
  • Four 3-inch drivers, two 1-inch titanium tweeters.
  • Universal mounting.
  • 14-gauge OFC copper speaker wire suggested.

JBL Stadium UB4000 Marine Soundbar :

This amazing off road waterproof soundbar by JBL is designed especially for Polaris RZR/UTV/ATV/jeep/cart. It is the best all-weather recreational cum powersport stereo system for rough and tough outdoor use. It has IPX6-rated water-resistance and is also splash proof, dustproof and shockproof. Perfect for off road adventure sports and golfing, the soundbar can also be mounted on pontoon boats and yachts as well.

The JBL Stadium UB4000 marine soundbar is engineered with four 4-inch long excursion woofers and two 2-inch edge driven dome tweeters. It also has an internal amplifier. The system’s sound has crystal clear clarity, resonating bass and loud volume. The USP of the JBL Stadium UB4000 is that it can be separated into two speaker system using the Harman SK-300 separation kit (optional) which includes bottom and rear filler plates and a 3 meter bridge umbilical cord. For connectivity, the speaker system has Bluetooth. It accepts sound input from all iOS, Android and Windows gadgets.

This waterproof soundbar has adjustable mounting options and fits roll cages of various diameters. The package includes multiple quick release brackets, clamps and inserts for all types of mounting. A Go-Pro shoe is also incorporated in the speaker bar for recording all your favorite moments in the wilderness or out in the sea. Frequency response of the soundbar is 50Hz to 20kHz. It dimensions are: 31.5” x 6.12” x 5”. It weighs 19.8 lbs. Know more about JBL Stadium UB4000 here.

Key Features :

  • Marine soundbar with IPX6 water-resistance.
  • Fully separable into two speaker systems using Harman SK-300 separation kit (optional).
  • 6 speakers, on-board amplifier.
  • Bluetooth-enabled.
  • Super flexible mounting.
  • Includes Go-Pro shoe.
  • Built specially for Polaris RZR/UTV/ATV/jeep/cart.

PowerBass XL-1200 Power Sports Bluetooth Waterproof SoundBar :

The PowerBass XL-1200 is designed for powersports vehicles. It is a massive 12-speaker 2-channel all-terrain soundbar with a rugged aluminum enclosure. It consists of six 3 ½ inch polypropylene woofers shaped like squares, two full-range 3-inch speakers and four 1-inch Mylar soft dome tweeters. The woofers process the lower end of the sound spectrum, the full-range speakers handle midrange and the tweeters reproduce sweet high frequencies to give you a very well-rounded audio. The XL-1200 has a built-in amplifier for driving the speakers. It has a maximum power of 1000 watts and RMS 500 watts (250 watts x 2). Frequency response of the gadget is 50 Hz to 22 kHz, signal-to-noise ratio is >85 dB and input sensitivity is 0.25 volt – 3.0 volts.

There are two ways to play songs on the XL-1200: Bluetooth and AUX input. The marine soundbar is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can wirelessly connect your smart phone or tablet and enjoy Bluetooth Music Streaming. For non-Bluetooth devices, a 3.5mm AUX-IN jack is available for input via auxiliary audio cable. The best thing about the XL-1200 is that it can be upgraded to a multi-speaker system. It has 3.5mm outputs and 2 volt preamp outputs for adding extra speakers and subwoofers.

The PowerBass UTV soundbar is super easy to install. It includes two universal L-brackets, a 12.5 foot wiring harness (inline 15A fuse), three M8x50mm bolts, three M8x25mm bolts, three nuts, eight washers, a hex key and a quick start guide containing a detailed explanation of the installation process. For power, you need to connect the bar directly to your vehicle’s battery. The speaker bar has an IPX6-rated weatherproof housing and a conformal-coated circuit board. It is suitable for ATVs, UTVs, boats, trucks, tractors, jeeps and dune buggies. It has a control panel in the middle of the bar, plus a dash-mountable controller pad. The device is 33.75 inches wide, 4.7 inches high and 4.4 inches deep.

Key Features :

  • 12-speaker 2-channel soundbar, built-in amp with 1000 watts peak and 500 watts RMS power.
  • IPX6 water-resistant enclosure, universal L-brackets, Bluetooth, AUX input.
  • 3.5mm outputs + 2 volt preamp outputs for additional speakers, dash-mountable controller pad.
  • Six 3 ½ inch polypropylene woofers, two full-range 3-inch speakers, four 1-inch Mylar soft dome tweeters.

PowerBass XL-1000 Marine-Certified Bluetooth Waterproof Soundbar :

The PowerBass XL-1000 is a robust 10-speaker ATV soundbar for adventure sports. It has an IPX6 water-resistant housing and conformal-coated circuitry for standing up to harsh outdoor elements. It is best suited for ATVs, buggies, boats, RVs, trucks and jeeps. The XL-1000 is fitted with eight full-range 3-inch speakers and two 1 ¼ inch Mylar soft dome tweeters. It has an integrated amplifier with a peak power output of 800 watts and RMS power 400 watts (200 watts RMS x 2). It produces loud and clear amplified audio with crisp mid-range and soaring highs.

The speaker bar has Bluetooth and works with all Bluetooth-enabled sound devices. You can pair your phone with the bar and enjoy Wireless Music Streaming as you race down a dirt track. For devices that lack Bluetooth, a 3.5mm AUX input jack is provided. It accepts input from MP3 players, smart phones, etc. via audio cable. The PowerBass XL-1000 has universal L-brackets for mounting to roll cages and overhead bars of off-road vehicles and water vessels. It has a centrally positioned LED back-lit control panel. It also has a wired remote control unit that mounts to the dash or handlebar of your vehicle. The marine soundbar plugs directly into the vehicle’s battery for power. It has a built-in DSP processor. Frequency response of the device is 50 Hz to 22 kHz, input sensitivity is 0.25 V – 3.0 V and signal-to-noise ratio is >85dB.

The package includes the ATV sound bar, a 12.5 foot wiring harness, a dash-mountable remote control unit, mounting brackets, nuts, bolts, washers, hex key and a user manual. Dimensions of the speaker bar are: 4.25 inches (height) x 33.75 inches (width) x 4.17 inches (depth).

Key Features :

  • 10-speaker 2-channel soundbar with internal amp, max power 800 watts, RMS power 400 watts.
  • IPX6 waterproof, conformal coated circuitry, LED back-lit control panel, universal L-brackets.
  • Bluetooth, AUX, dash-mountable remote control, 50 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response.
  • Eight full-range 3-inch speakers, two 1 ¼ inch Mylar soft dome tweeters.

Polaris RZR Soundbar 4 For ATV & UTV :

The Soundbar 4 is an all-in-one waterproof soundbar for ATV developed jointly by MB Quart and Polaris. It fits all Polaris side-by-sides, ATVs, RZRs, ACEs and similar off-road vehicles. It is equipped with two 3-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch pure titanium dome tweeters. The midrange drivers have poly-composite cones and butyl surrounds for clean and crisp sound. The tweeters have neodymium magnets for extra-smooth high-end sound and better volume. The Soundbar 4 has an integrated amplifier with a maximum power of 100 watts. The amp has a rapid heat dissipation mechanism for working through extended periods without overheating.

The soundbar has two modes of playing music: Bluetooth and 3.5mm auxiliary input. You can play songs from smart phones, tablets and MP3 players. Bluetooth range is 10 meters. The Soundbar 4 has a durable IPX4-rated extruded aluminum housing. The connectors and circuit boards have waterproof coatings for surviving harsh outdoor conditions. The front side is guarded by a study mesh with the MB Quart and Polaris logos in the middle. At the base of this mesh is a row of backlit push buttons that you can work with gloves on.

There are two low-profile clamp-on mounts for securing the bar to the vehicle. The clamps are recessed in design so that the view from the driver’s seat is unblocked. Dimensions of the speaker bar are: 12.60 inches x 5.37 inches x 3.94 inches. The Soundbar 4 can be used as a standalone sound system for an ATV, or it can be stepped up to a multi-speaker system. You can use the 2-volt preamp output to add more components like a subwoofer or a pair of speaker pods to expand the system. In short, there is room for upgrade with the Soundbar 4 and you can hook up more speakers as you go.

The device is easy to clean and maintain. You can hose it down after a long day in the dirt road. You can even use a mild soap and wipe the frame with a non-abrasive cloth. The soundbar needs an audio harness which you will have to buy separately.

Key Features :

  • IPX4 all-in-one soundbar for ATV, RZR, ACE.
  • Two 3-inch mid-range poly-composite drivers with butyl rubber surrounds.
  • Two 1-inch pure titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets.
  • Integrated 100-watt amplifier, extruded aluminum housing, large push buttons.
  • Recessed mounting system, Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, 2-volt preamp output.

Memphis Audio MXASB35 PowerSports 8-Speaker Marine Soundbar :

The next item on our list of top waterproof soundbars is the Memphis Audio MXASB35. It is an 8-speaker outdoor soundbar for UTVs, ATVs, boats and golf carts. Max power output of the soundbar is 600W and RMS is 300W. It has a strong weatherproof construction and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes it an ideal stereo system for off road driving and water sports. The Memphis Audio MXASB35 waterproof soundbar is fitted with six 3-inch speakers and two 1-inch tweeters in addition to an active internal amplifier for reverberating loud sound. It also has two side-firing passive radiators for lower frequencies and deeper midbass.

The speaker bar can be mounted on roll cage and bars (1 to 2.5 inch in diameter) using the included adjustable clamps. Set up and installation is easy due to the multiple mounting options. For connectivity, this waterproof sound bar has Bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX input. It works on all Bluetooth-enabled devices. For non-Bluetooth devices, there is the AUX input with which you can connect the soundbar to any sound source using a 3.5mm AUX audio cable. For audio output, an AUX output drive is available for connecting the Memphis Audio MXASB35 with other sound devices like amplifiers and soundbars.

The device comes with its own waterproof wiring harness. The front section of the gadget is completely covered by a protective grille. A circular control panel rests in the centre of this grille. It bears buttons for power on/off, play/pause and volume and playback change. Dimensions of the speaker are: 35” x 4” x 4”. It weighs 23 lbs. To get more information on this outdoor sports soundbar, check here.

Key Features :

  • Marine soundbar for adventure sports.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX in and out connections.
  • 8 speakers, internal amplifier.
  • 2 side-firing passive bass radiators.
  • Clamp-mountable.
  • 600W top power output, RMS 300W.

Memphis Audio 15-MXASB20 UTV Sound Bar :

The Memphis Audio 15-MXASB20 is a massive 20-inch active waterproof soundbar. It has a marine-grade construction for off-road adventures and watersports. It is suitable for ATVs, UTVs, boats, buggies, jeeps and golf carts. The speaker bar has four 3-inch speakers, two 1-inch tweeters and two side-firing passive bass radiators. They are powered by an internal amplifier with a peak power of 400 watts and RMS power 200 watts. The drivers and the amp work up quite a tempo. You get crystal clear vocals with sweet highs and thunderous mid-bass.

There are two modes of playing music on the Memphis Audio 15-MXASB20. You can either connect your sound device via Bluetooth or plug it in via AUX cable. There is a 3.5mm AUX input for accepting input from non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth devices alike. There is also an AUX output jack for adding additional speakers.

The ATV sound bar has a metal housing with a metal mesh in front. The cabinet is 21-3/8 inches wide, 3-5/8 inches deep and 5-3/4 inches high. A circular control panel is located in the middle of the bar. It has buttons for power, play/pause, skipping songs and adjusting the volume. The gadget has mounting clamps that fit 1-inch to 2.5 inch bars. The package includes the waterproof soundbar, mounting hardware, a 9-foot waterproof wiring harness for power and ground connections, a 15-Amp fuse and a fuse holder.

Key Features :

  • 20-inch waterproof sound bar with built-in amp, max power 400 watts, RMS power 300 watts.
  • Four 3-inch speakers, two 1-inch tweeters, two side-firing passive bass radiators.
  • Marine-grade enclosure, Bluetooth, AUX input and output, universal mounting.
  • Mounting clamps fit 1-inch to 2.5 inch bars, waterproof wiring harness.

FAQ Section

Why do I need a waterproof soundbar ?

A waterproof soundbar is recommended for people who spend a good deal of time outdoors. If you are into boating, fishing, off-road adventures, jet-skiing, dune bashing or golfing you should consider getting yourself a waterproof soundbar. For ATV, UTV, boat, jet-ski, dune buggy, snowmobile and golf cart owners, it is the perfect outdoor sound system.

Another reason for you to get a waterproof soundbar is if you enjoy leisurely baths and showers. A waterproof soundbar fitted inside the bathroom can help you relax with your favorite music, without troubling you with damages caused by moisture and steam.

What features do waterproof soundbars have ?

Waterproof soundbar are just like regular soundbars, except they come with additional safety features to make them weatherproof. Most waterproof soundbars are fully or partially resistant to water and tolerant to UV rays. Some are also resistant to dust, debris, snow, shock and scratches. This is because they have a layer of waterproof coating on their circuitry and enclosures to prevent rust, corrosion and mineral deposits. These extra safety measures help them operate smoothly in the sun and rain for long hours, be it on land or on water. They can withstand sustained exposure to snow, sand, mud and strong winds. After a rough day, you can even hose down the bar to wash off the dirt.

Waterproof soundbars also have versatile mounting options. They have adjustable clamps and brackets for installation on rods, handlebars and roll cages.

Some waterproof soundbars also have a water-tight storage compartment to keep your phone, wallet and keys. Some others have LED light bars to help you see in the dark.

Are waterproof soundbars really expensive ?

Yes, waterproof soundbars do cost a little more than your average indoor soundbar. But that is because they have weatherproof features that help them function better and last longer in the natural world. Waterproof speaker bars have polypropylene cones instead of paper ones. They have UV-tolerant coatings to prevent damage due to harsh sunrays. The gadgets’ power, input and output ports are guarded by water-tight rubber doors. Their circuit boards have a layer of conformal coating to enable water to trickle off easily.

If you use your TV soundbar on your ATV, it won’t last too long. But if you invest in a waterproof ATV soundbar, you will be tension-free for years. Your audio needs will be taken care of and you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs. In the long run, in fact, a waterproof speaker bar is cheaper than regular soundbars.

Are waterproof soundbars used only in ATVs and UTVs ?

No, waterproof soundbars are not meant only for ATVs and UTVs, they are also suitable for boats, jet-skies, snowmobiles, dune buggies and gold carts. Indoors, you might find them in saunas and bathrooms.

Waterproof soundbars offer high-quality sound in open air conditions, something regular soundbars are incapable of. They also maintain sound quality despite vibrations caused by the vehicle’s motion. Therefore, they are ideal for automobiles and water vessels that are used for adventure sports and recreation. They are also perfect for high-humidity indoor spaces like spas and showers.

Installation is not a problem as they come with adjustable mounting clamps that fit a wide range of bar sizes. They can also be screwed to walls or hung from ceilings.

What is the best UTV soundbar ?

Well, there are several brands that make good-quality UTV soundbars. Notable among them are BOSS Audio Systems, Wet Sounds, Pyle, JBL and Bazooka.

If you are looking for great overall performance, the BRT26A by BOSS Audio Systems is the best choice. It has four 4-inch full-range speakers, two 1-inch tweeters, a built-in 500-wattt amplifier, Bluetooth streaming, AUX, and an IPX5 housing. If you want an ultra-marinized speaker system, you should go for the Wet Sounds Stealth. It has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof body, 10 speakers and a total output of 300 watts. If you want ground-shaking sound, you can check out the Pyle PLATV85BT. It has massive 8-inch speakers with a peak output of 1000 watts and an RMS output of 500 watts. If you would like your soundbar to also accommodate your GoPro, we recommend the JBL Stadium UB4100. It has an integrated GoPro shoe, a total amplification of 240 watts, and is fully separable into 2 speakers for a more immersive sound experience. For an adventure cum party bar, we recommend the Bazooka BPB24-DS. It is a double-sided party soundbar with 10 speakers, colorful LED lighting and a power handling of 450 watts.

How do I pair my Bazooka party bar ?

There are 2 ways to pair your Bazooka party bar to your Bluetooth sound source- you can either use the buttons provided on the speaker bar or do it through the wireless remote control.

Pairing using onboard buttons: Press and hold the ‘M’ or Mode button to power on. Then press it while power is on to switch between Bluetooth and AUX modes. The soundbar will automatically pair with the last paired Bluetooth source. To unpair a currently paired Bluetooth device, press and hold the play/pause button.

Pairing using remote controller: On the remote, you need to press the M button to select between Bluetooth and AUX. The party bar will automatically pair with the past paired Bluetooth gadget. To pair a new device, simply press and hold the play/pause button to unpair a Bluetooth device and enter pairing mode for new Bluetooth device.

You will be assisted in the pairing process by voice prompts and an LED indicator. A blinking LED light means the device is trying to connect with the party bar. The audio indicator announcing ‘Power on’ means the Bluetooth device is now turned on and connected to the party bar. The LED indicator at this point will be a solid blue. You will also hear a beep confirming the successful pairing. If you hear ‘Power off’, it means the Bluetooth module is turned off.

Buying Guide For Waterproof Soundbar

You just need to concentrate on 3 factors when choosing the right waterproof soundbar for your outdoor drives. These are pretty simple yet the most important 3 factors which you need to check before selecting the soundbar for your ATV or UTV.

The 3 Most Powerful Factors For ATV Sound Bar / UTV Sound Bar / Marine Sound Bar :

  1. Waterproof rating – The soundbar should withstand outdoor weather and occasional splash. ( For understanding waterproof rating you may read our article on – how waterproof sound systems are designed ? )
  2. Response across multiple frequency range – The sound should be amplified enough across all the frequency ranges to get optimum output. 
  3. Easy mounting options for installation across different type of carts and outdoor vehicles.

We factored in the most important 3 factors to handpicked the best soundbars for ATVs, UTVs and marine sports for our readers. Check above for the best products.

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