Best Marine Tower Speaker To Buy In 2021

If you are a water sport enthusiast and you own a boat, a good set of marine tower speakers is a must-have. Also known as wakeboard tower speakers, marine tower speakers are specially built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions out in the sea. They are hardy enough to survive the constant onslaught of saline water, direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, high winds and the occasional whack from a fishing rod or other heavy objects that might get dislodged from their positions due to the boat’s movement. Marine-rated speakers have sturdy moisture-proof polypropylene cones, tougher grilles and rubber surrounds that afford greater protection for the internal acoustic components. To recommend the best in the business we individually tested them and handpicked the following marine grade speakers for outdoor use in extreme marine conditions. Hope you will find this list extremely handy before making any final purchase decision.

Here are the Top 18 Marine Tower Speaker :

Here is the top 3 Marine Speaker Products in below table.

Best Marine Speaker - Editor's Choice
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
NOAM NUTV4 - Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System
BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System - 400 Watts of Power Per Pair, 200 Watts Each, 4 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way, Marine grade Weatherproof, Sold In Pairs
MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 Marine Wakeboard Speaker Pair Black 6.5 Inch Two Way
Best Marine Speaker - Editor's Choice
NOAM NUTV4 - Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System
1st Runner Up
BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System - 400 Watts of Power Per Pair, 200 Watts Each, 4 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way, Marine grade Weatherproof, Sold In Pairs
2nd Runner Up
MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 Marine Wakeboard Speaker Pair Black 6.5 Inch Two Way

For detailed product reviews check the below section.

NOAM NUTV4 Marine Tower Speaker :

The NOAM NUTV4 marine speakers are any music-enthusiasts first choice for an on-deck or off-road stereo system. Many outdoor enthusiasts love to own marine grade waterproof soundbars  for playing music but still we think this all-terrain 2-way speaker can be an alternative for yatchs, golf carts and dirt road vehicles like UTVs and ATVs. The NOAM NUTV4 speakers are sold in pairs. Each speaker is built with a 4-inch poly injection cone, a 1-inch PEI Neodymium dome tweeter, a 1-inch KEISV voice coil and high quality Butyl rubber surrounds to protect the internal parts from constant exposure to the sun, wind, sand and salt water. The speakers are accompanied by a custom-made pre-tuned 4-channel marine-grade amplifier. The amplifier has an on/off switch and an easy set up process. The NOAM NUTV4 wakeboard tower speakers can be mounted on rods measuring 1.25-2 inches. Mounting pads are included to get the perfect grip. A water-proof Bluetooth NBTA-R controller with background illumination is also included in the package. It makes managing your media playback on your Bluetooth devices much easier. You can remotely select and play your songs on your phone or iPod using the Bluetooth controller. You can also connect the controller to your phone using the remote’s inline AUX input. The AUX input has a cap at the tip for extra protection. The NOAM NUTV4 wakeboard tower speakers have a total power of 100W and impendence of 4 ohm.  The box includes a 3.5 meter cable and a user’s manual. Frequency response is 100Hz to 20kHz. The product dimensions are: 14.2” x 11.8” x 10.2” and it weighs 8.9 lbs.

Key Features:

  • All-terrain marine-grade water-resistant wakeboard tower speakers.
  • Poly injection cone, PEI Neodymium dome tweeter, KEISV voice coil, Butyl rubber surrounds.
  • Includes Bluetooth controller and 4-channel amplifier.
  • Fits rods measuring 1.25-2 inches.
  • Available in pairs.
  • Also suited for golf carts, UTVs and ATVs.

BOSS Audio MRWT40 400 Watt Wakeboard Tower Speaker System :

One of the best wakeboard tower speakers currently doing the rounds is the BOSS Audio MRWT40 400 Watt 2-way speaker system and we considered it as number two best waterproof tower speaker to own. We picked this in second position. It is an all-terrain weather-resistant marine-grade speaker system that comes in pairs. Each speaker is fitted with a 4-inch cone, a 1-inch silk tweeter, a 1-inch aluminum voice coil, rubber surrounds and a plastic basket. The cone is made of moisture-resistant polypropylene which is more resilient, durable and flexible than paper with which regular speaker cones are made. The tweeter is made of Mylar which is known to have a greater ability for wide-range sound modifications. The voice coil is made of solid aluminum to protect it from corrosion. The surrounds connecting the cone to the basket are made of butyl rubber which is chemically inert and impervious to the elements of nature. The shell of the speaker is specially coated with advanced UV-protection. Sound quality of the BOSS Audio MRWT40 is next-level. If you are serious about your on-board music and entertainment, we highly recommend this duo of marine speakers. Its strong cast aluminum swivel clamps can be adjusted to fit bars measuring 1.5-2.5 inches in thickness. The clamps keep the speaker firmly in place, even when the yatch is sailing through choppy waters and there is violent jerking on deck. The BOSS Audio MRWT40 wakeboard speakers have a total power of 400W and a frequency range of 130Hz to 20kHz. Its dimensions are: 7.17” x 7.43” x 5.44” and it weighs 6 lbs. Impendence is 4 ohm and sensitivity 94dB. The speakers have 1 year warranty, extendable up to 3 years. The Boss Audio MRWT40 speakers can also be used in ATVs and UTVs as off-road speakers.

Key Features:

  • Marine-grade 400W wakeboard tower speakers.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Polypropylene cone, aluminum voice coil, silk tweeter, Butyl rubber surrounds.
  • Weather-proof, water-resistant, UV-protected speakers.
  • Aluminum swivel clamps fit 1.5-2.5 inch rods.
  • All-terrain speakers, can be used in UTVs and ATVs.
  • Sold in pairs.

MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 Marine Wakeboard Speaker :

If you are looking for durable marine tower speakers with high-performance water-resistant construction, we suggest you try the MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 marine stereo speakers. We choose this wakeboard stereo speaker as third in the list of best marine grade wakeboard sound system. These 6.5-inch 2-way speakers pump out serious sound that’s bound to leave you impressed. They are equipped with poly cone woofers with rubber surrounds for extra protection against the forces of nature. Poly cones woofers are moisture-resistant and sturdier than regular paper cones. They are designed to withstand harsh marine conditions and therefore afford greater protection for the speakers. Each speaker has a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter and a water-resistant ABS case and mount. Titanium is an excellent material for making tweeters. It is ultra light-weight and capable of generating high frequencies with greater precision. The speakers come with binding post connections. The mounts are made of plastic and black in color. Maximum power handling of the MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 marine speakers is 200W and it has an impendence of 4 ohm. Frequency response is 40Hz to 20kHz and sensitivity is 90dB. The maximum mounting diameter is 1.5 inches while the overall diameter is 8.5 inches. The speakers have an overall length of 8.75 inches. Dimensions of the MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 marine tower speakers are: 20.5” x 12” x 13.5”. They weigh 10.2 lbs.

Key Features:

  • 5 inch 2-way wakeboard tower speaker system.
  • Poly cone woofers and titanium dome tweeters.
  • Heavy duty water-resistant construction.
  • ABS case and mount.
  • Sold in pairs.

BOSS Audio MRWT69 550 Watt Marine Tower Speaker :

The BOSS Audio MRWT69 550 Watt is in the fourth placed for our list of formidable marine tower speaker system. It is an all-terrain marine-grade weatherproof and water-resistant 4-way stereo system ideal as an on-deck audio enhancement. If you are passionate about music and love to entertain guests on your boat or yatch, the BOSS Audio MRWT69 550 Watt is a must-have marine speaker system. The speakers are sold in singles. You can add as many as you like to enjoy all-encompassing full-range audio on-board. The speaker is built with a 6”x 9” poly injection cone, a couple of 1” Mylar dome tweeters and one 2.5” Mylar cone midrange. It also has a 1” aluminum voice coil, protective rubber surrounds and a plastic basket. Poly injection cones are hard like fiberglass, springy like rubber and soft like foam used in upholstery. They offer added flexibility and firmness to the speaker. Mylar is a plastic poly material with superior acoustic abilities. It is extensively used for making marine stereo parts like tweeters and midrange. It does not tear or come undone easily and can handle a wide range of sound modifications. The BOSS Audio MRWT69 marine tower speaker has adjustable cast aluminum swivel clamps designed to be mounted on bars or roll cages with rods measuring 1.5” to 2.5”. The speakers have an all-terrain build and are suitable for off-road vehicles like UTVs and ATVs. The BOSS Audio MRWT69 has an impendence of 4 ohm and a frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz. It has a max power of 550W and RMS power handling is 275W. Sensitivity of the device is 95dB at 1W/1meter. Dimensions of the speaker are 12.5” x 11.6” x 9.25”. It weighs 10 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Fully-marinized all-terrain 4-way wakeboard tower speaker.
  • 6”x 9” poly injection cone, two 1” Mylar dome tweeters, one 2.5” Mylar cone midrange.
  • Aluminum voice coil, rubber surrounds.
  • Mountable on bars measuring 1.5” to 2.5”.
  • Sold singly.
  • Can be used in UTVs and ATVs.

BOSS Audio MRWT69RGB Marine Tower Speaker :

Our fifth pick for a great marine tower speaker system is the BOSS Audio MRWT69RGB marine stereo system. It is a high performance durable wakeboard tower speaker system that can deliver up to 600W total power for the ultimate acoustic experience. The BOSS Audio MRWT69RGB is an all-terrain and fully-marinized 2-way speaker system with UV-protection. It is ideal as an outdoor stereo accessory for both yatchs and off-road vehicles like UTVs and ATVs. The speakers are available for sale in single units. Add as many as you like, to get a cracking, truly surround sound feel while cruising the seas on your boat. The BOSS Audio MRWT69RGB speakers are fitted with a 6 x 9 inch polypropylene cone and a 1-inch silk tweeter. The voice coil is made of aluminum and is 1-inch long. The internal parts have rubber surrounds and the outer cabinet is made of high-density plastic. The swivel mounting clamps are made of cast aluminum and can accommodate rods and bars measuring 2-2.5 inches. This makes the BOSS Audio MRWT69RGB perfect for waketowers and roll cages of off-road adventure sport vehicles. Impendence of the speaker is 4 ohm and frequency response is 65Hz to 20kHz.  Sensitivity is 89dB and RMS power is 300W. A unique feature of the BOSS Audio MRWT69RGB speaker is that it has multi-color LED illumination that makes it more visible while also improving the aesthetics. The device is accompanied by a wireless remote control for greater flexibility of handling. Product dimensions are: 9.25” x 12.25” x 11.37”. It weighs 10.1 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Fully-marinized weather and water-resistant 2-way marine tower speaker system.
  • One 6 x 9 inch polypropylene cone, one 1-inch silk tweeter.
  • Rubber surrounds, plastic enclosure.
  • Swivel cast aluminum mounting clamps fit rods measuring 2-2.5 inches.
  • Multi-color LED illumination.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Also suitable for off-road vehicles like UTVs and ATVs.
  • Sold individually.

Pyle PLMRB65 Marine Wakeboard Speakers :

The Pyle PLMRB65 marine tower speakers are built for tough environment conditions out in the high seas. They come in pairs and are specially constructed to be weather, salt and water-resistant. We felt this speaker is a strong choice for true marine lovers and placed it in sixth spot. Each speaker has a 6.5-inch poly mica woofer cone and a 1-inch polymer dome tweeter. This duo pumps out serious high-fidelity audio that is sure to spruce up your on-board entertainment and off-road adventure experience. The protective surrounds are made from Butyl rubber and the voice coil is 1-inch long. All input terminals have gold-plating. The speakers come with integrated cross-over network. The box includes 1.75-inch mounting brackets for mounting the speakers onto rods and roll cages with a diameter of up to 2 inches. The max power output of the Pyle PLMRB65 speakers is 200W and RMS is 100W. Impendence is 4ohm and the marine grade IP rating is IP-44. The speakers have a 25oz magnet structure and a high-density durable plastic cabinet. The frequency response is 70Hz to 20kHz. The Pyle PLMRB65 marine tower speakers have a heavy duty marine-grade ABS construction. It is specially coated with a protective layer of stain and corrosion-resistant material. The speakers have a bullet style design and the front of the speaker has a metal grille for added protection. The dimensions of the speaker are: 20” x 13” x 11.5”. Item weight is 11.92 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Marine-grade weather, corrosion and stain-resistant marine tower speakers.
  • Poly mica woofer cone, polymer dome tweeter, Butyl rubber surrounds, plastic basket.
  • Mounting brackets fit up to 2-inch thick rods.
  • ABS construction.
  • Gold-plated plug terminals.
  • Sold in pairs.

PYLE PLMRB85 8-Inch 300-Watt Wakeboard Tower Speaker System :

The seventh pick in our quality marine tower speaker list is the PYLE PLMRB85 8-Inch 300-Watt marine tower speaker system. The speakers are available in pairs and each speaker is an 8-inch 2-way fully marinized water-resistant audio system with 300W peak power limit. Each speaker has an 8-inch poly mica woofer cone with Butyl rubber surrounds for added protection in the harsh marine environment. There is also a 1-inch polymer dome tweeter and a 30 ounce magnet structure. The speaker’s woofer and tweeter are specially crafted to deliver booming lows and sweet highs. All the speaker’s internal acoustic parts are encased in a heavy and durable plastic cabinet. The plug terminals are gold-plated to make them resistant to corrosion from water, wind and salt. Also, coating the terminals with gold ensures distortion-free sound even in the turbulence of the high seas. The package includes 1.75-inch fixed mounting brackets. The speakers are easy to setup and install. Frequency response of the PYLE PLMRB85 marine speakers is 60Hz to 20kHz and impendence is 4 ohm. The speakers dimensions are: 23.8” x 15.2” x 12.5”. Item weight is 15 lbs.

Key Features:

  • 8-inch 2-way marine-grade wakeboard tower speaker system.
  • Poly mica woofer cone, polymer dome tweeter, Butyl rubber surrounds, 30 ounce magnet.
  • Gold-plated terminal plugs.
  • 75-inch fixed mounting brackets.
  • 300W peak power output.
  • Sold in pairs.

Pair Rockville RWB65B Marine Wakeboard Speaker :

One marine speaker system that’s creating waves in the market is the Pair Rockville RWB65B. If you want to crank up your on-deck entertainment system, our advice to you would be to go for the Pair Rockville RWB65B which is eighth position holder in our list. Each Pair Rockville speaker measures 6.5 inches and has peak power of 250W and 150W RMS. They are sold in pairs and are a 2-way high-fidelity full-range marine stereo system. Each speaker is fitted with a 1-inch Polyamide Dome Neodymium Midrange Tweeter and has an integrated 2-way crossover network. The Nylon mounting brackets have been upgraded and reinforced with steel to ensure a firmer and slip-free grip. The mounting screws fit bars measuring 1.26-2.05 inches in diameter. For thicker bars, longer screws are also available but you will have to purchase them separately. The Pair Rockville RWB65B marine speaker has a polypropylene mica injected cone with Santroprene surrounds and an extra-large 1.25-inch Kapton voice coil. It has a high BL magnet motor structure and Y30 high density magnets. All terminals are sealed with rubber gaskets for extra protection. The entire device has a rust and water-resistant construction with an additional waterproof coating. It is completely protected against the harmful effects of salt, wind and the sun. The device has a sound pressure level of 96dB at 1W/1meter. Frequency response is 70Hz to 20kHz and impendence is 4 ohm. Dimensions of the Pair Rockville RWB65B speakers are: 21” x 13.5” x 12.5”. It weighs 11.35 lbs and its mounting depth is 9”. The package includes the speaker pair, integrated grille, mounting brackets and associated installation hardware.

Key Features:

  • 5-inch 2-way marine speaker system.
  • Polypropylene mica injected cone, Santroprene surrounds, Kapton voice coil.
  • Polyamide Dome Neodymium Midrange Tweeter.
  • Fit bars measuring 1.26-2.05 inches.
  • High BL magnet motor structure, Y30 high density magnets.
  • Water and rust-resistant.
  • Available in pairs.
  • Also suitable for Jeep Cherokee and off-road vehicles.

Kicker KMT674 Marine Stereo System :

If you are looking for a durable wakeboard tower speaker system that will last you many seasons, the Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System is just what you need. The speakers are available individually and have a total power output of 300W and RMS 150W. The speaker boasts dual midrange drivers per speaker cabinet to double the cone area and generate unbeatably loud audio. The Kicker KMT674 marine speaker is completely water-resistant with sealed cones and UV-protected parts. It is impervious to the adverse effects of constant exposure to the elements of nature out in the high seas. The cabinet of the speaker is specially designed to be mountable either above or below the rods or roll cages. Each speaker is fitted with a 0.75 inch neo Titanium dome tweeter for stunning high notes and better sound dispersion. The two 6.75-inch woofers are made from polypropylene and come with rubber surrounds for added protection. The Kicker KMT674 marine tower speaker is a full-range 2-way stereo system built with advanced injection-molded UV-treated cabinet. The speaker includes adjustable mounting clamps and billet-aluminum brackets. Frequency response of the Kicker KMT674 marine speaker is 50Hz to 21kHz. Impendence is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 93dB. The package includes the speaker pair, 4 billet-aluminum mounting bracket buttons and 4 tops, stainless steel cap screws and ancillary mounting inserts. It also includes an easy-to-follow user’s manual. Dimensions of the Kicker KMT674 marine tower speaker are: 22.2” x 21.8” x 15.8”. Weight of the product is 32.6 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Marine-grade UT-treated water and weather-resistant 2-way marine tower speaker.
  • Neo Titanium dome tweeter, two 6.75-inch polypropylene woofers, rubber surrounds.
  • Billet-aluminum mounting brackets.
  • Injection-molded UV-protected enclosure.
  • Can be mounted both above and below rods.
  • Sold in single units.
  • Also suitable for UTVs, ATVs and golf carts.

Pyle PLMRS6B Marine Tower Speaker – 6.5 Inch 2 Way Waterproof and Weather Resistant Outdoor Audio Stereo Sound System :

Another leading wakeboard tower speaker is the Pyle PLMRS6B marine speakers. These fully marinized weather-resistant outdoor speakers have a stylish slim low-profile design. They have 2-way stereo reproduction and are ideal for marine environments as well as off-road drives in UTVs and ATVs. The speakers are sold in pairs and have a total power handling of 240W and RMS 120W. Speaker size is 6.5 inches and the voice coil is made of aluminum. The cabinet of the Pyle PLMRS6B marine speaker is made of high-quality durable aluminum. The gasket and mesh have an engineered ABS construction to protect them from the harmful effects of ultra violet rays. The package includes two 9.8- foot wires for set up and installation, and a universal standard OEM replacement size. Frequency response is 60Hz to 18kHz and impendence is 4 ohm. The speakers have a 5.4 oz magnet. The total diameter of the device is 7.3 inches and depth is 1.6 inches. Cut out diameter is 5.3 inches with a total mounting depth of 0.92 inches. The weight of the product is 2.85 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Marine-grade water and weather-resistant marine tower speakers.
  • Unique slim low-profile design.
  • 5 inch speakers with aluminum voice coil.
  • Engineered ABS construction gasket and grille.
  • Universal standard OEM replacement size.
  • Package includes two 9.8- foot wires.
  • All-terrain speakers, suitable for boats and UTVs.
  • Sold in pairs.

Rockville WB65 Black Marine Wakeboard Swivel Tower Speakers :

Rockville is a well-known outdoor sound gear maker. Its products are durable and built for adventure. Among its top marine tower speakers is the WB65 which consists of a pair of 6 ½ inch speakers with adjustable mounting clamps. If you are looking to accessorize your boat with stylish long-lasting speakers, we recommend this pair. It is water-resistant and fortified against environmental degradation.

The Rockville WB65 has a peak power rating of 300 watts x 2 and an RMS (continuous) power rating of 150 watts x 2. Each speaker is built with a 6 ½ inch long-excursion woofer and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. The woofer cone is made of mica injected polypropylene and it has a rubber surround to minimize distortion. The combined force of the tweeter and the woofer produces high-fidelity audio with clear vocals, soaring highs and deep bass notes that are clearly audible even in windy situations out on the sea.

The speakers are impervious to saline and fresh water. They are also tolerant to rust, corrosion and UV radiation. The drivers are housed inside a black metal enclosure with an ABS grille. The brackets are made of aluminum and feature a special anti-UV coating to prevent sun damage. They rotate 360° so the pods can be angled in the desired direction. The clamps are fit bars with diameters between 1.75 to 2.50 inches. They can be secured on roll cages and overhead bars in boats, ORVs and jeeps.  

The WB65 is equipped with a high-density 15 oz magnet and a 1-inch voice coil. It has an impedance of 4 ohms, frequency response of 500Hz to 20KHz and sound pressure level of 90dB.

The speakers are CE and RoHS certified which means your peace of mind is guaranteed. Each unit weighs 5.3 lbs and measures (H x W x D) 7.8 x 7.8 x 11.8 inches. The package includes the speaker pair, a waterproof leading wire, mounting equipment, a pair of grilles and a user manual.

Key Features:

  • Pair of 6 ½ inch marine tower speakers.
  • Peak power 600 watts, RMS power 300 watts.
  • Aluminum swivel mounting clamps fit 1.75-2.5-inch bars.
  • 6 ½ inch polypropylene cone with rubber surround, 1-inch titanium dome tweeter.
  • UV-tolerant brackets, 1-inch voice coil, 15oz magnet, 500Hz-20kHz frequency response.

Pyle PLMRWB50L Marine Speakers :

The Pyle PLMRWB50L has big sound and sturdy construction. It comprises of two 5 ¼ inch IP44-rated water-resistant tower speakers. Complete with bright blue LED lighting, the system creates a party-like ambience. Should you like entertaining guests on your boat, you might want to go for this product. It not just fills you deck with high-fidelity audio but also sets the mood for an evening of fun.

The Pyle PLMRWB50L puts out 2-way full-range sound. Each unit is fitted with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter and a 5 ¼ inch long-excursion woofer. Peak power output of the device is 200 watts which is sufficient for small boats or jet skis.

The speakers are tolerant to splashes of water and mild rain. They have an IP rating of IP44. The baskets are made of stainless steel which keeps rust at bay. The grilles are made of engineered ABS plastic which is unaffected by the elements. Overall, the product is resistant to corrosion and UV rays. This makes it ideal for adventure sports both on land and water.

The device has integrated universal mounting clamps that fit a variety of bars. You can secure them on rods up to 2.53 inches in diameter. What’s more, you can also twist them in any direction using the 360° rotating brackets.

The Pyle PLMRWB50L is suitable for boats, ATVs, UTVs and RVs. It can reproduce soundtracks most realistically in open air situations. With a frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz, it is capable of touching very low and very high bands. The result is a well-rounded sound with distinct vocals and precise instrument placement. Impedance of the system is 4-ohm, sensitivity 90 dB and magnet structure 10 oz.

The most attractive feature of the gadget is its LED illumination. The bright blue light creates an atmosphere of enigma and significantly elevates your listening experience.

Dimensions of each unit with the mounting clamp attached are as follows (L x W x H): 5.7 x 9.6 x 8.5 inches. Each speaker weighs 4.26 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Marine tower speaker pair with blue LED lights.
  • 1-inch titanium dome tweeter, 5 ¼ inch long-excursion woofer.
  • Stainless steel housing, ABS grille, swivel clamps fit up to 2.53-inch bars.
  • Peak output 200 watts, IP44 rated, UV-resistant, corrosion-proof, 2-way full-range audio.

Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System :

The Kicker KMT674 is a 2-way full-range long-throw speaker system for boats and off-road vehicles. It has a unique construction that places three drivers inside a single speaker cabinet. There are two cabinets and each cabinet houses two 6 ½ inch woofers and one ¾ inch tweeter. The combined power of the four woofers and two tweeters delivers breath-taking sound. For those looking for noticeably loud immersive audio that travels farther than ordinary tower speakers, the KMT674 is an amazing pick. It has a peak power handling of 300 watts (pair) and RMS power handling of 150 watts. The audio travels far and wide and you enjoy crystal clear music even at a distance.

The Kicker KMT674 uses high-quality titanium tweeters that are exponential horn loaded and protected by open cell foam. These special tweeters project high frequencies over longer distances so that voices are more audible even when one is standing a little way off. The woofers are made of polypropylene and come with rubber surrounds. Both polypropylene and rubber are waterproof and hence do not suffer water damage. In addition, the woofers are UV-tolerant and have sealed cones and motor assemblies to be able to stand up to the elements.

The device has a frequency response of 50Hz to 21kHz and impedance of 4 ohms. Sensitivity is 93 dB @1watt. The cabinets are designed to be attached to a boat’s wakeboard tower or a UTV’s roll cage. They have pre-fitted mounting clamps that are adjustable and easy to fasten.

Each speaker pod has a 5-way binding post that works with spade, banana, dual banana and pin connectors. Each pod has its own bare wire up to 8 gauge. The mounting brackets are made of billet-aluminum. They have inserts for the seven common wakeboard tower tube sizes (in inches) 1-5/8″, 1-3/4″, 1-7/8″, 2″, 2-1/4″, 2-3/8″, and 2-1/2″. For convenience, you may want to aim the speakers in the correct direction first and then tighten the bolts. The brackets can be above the speakers as shown in the picture or below with the speakers on top in an inverted position.

Dimensions of each pod are as follows (H x W x D): 9″ x 19-1/8″ x 11-1/2″.

Key Features:

  • Pair of marine tower speakers with dual woofers.
  • Each unit has two 6 ½ inch woofers and one ¾ inch tweeter.
  • Polypropylene UV-treated cone, titanium horn-loaded dome tweeter.
  • Max power 300 watts, RMS 150 watts, 2-way full-range long-throw audio.
  • 5-way binding posts, billet-aluminum mounting clamps, sealed cone, rubber surround.

Pyle PLUTV41BK 2-Way Marine Tower Speakers :

This speaker system is for serious audiophiles. It has a high-power output of 800 watts that is sure to leave your deck glass rattling. Suitable for water and land adventure sports, the Pyle PLUTV41BK produces powerful 2-way stereo audio. It has a compact size and is perfect for boat, ATV, UTV, golf cart, jeep and all kinds of open-top vehicles.

The PLUTV41BK consists of two speaker pods. Each pod contains a 4-inch woofer and a ½ inch tweeter. The woofer is made of polypropylene and it has a butyl rubber surround. Polypropylene and rubber are waterproof materials and keeps the speaker safe. The tweeter is a neodymium dome tweeter and it puts out stunning high notes. The system also has a 1-inch mid-woofer aluminum voice coil and a 20 oz magnet circuit. These assist the drivers in sound reproduction and polish the final output. If you are looking for a boat audio system that has robust round but is not too bulky, this is the product for you. It occupies very less space but produces thunderous 800-watt-strong audio. For open air windy spaces like a deck, this is just the ideal sound gear.   

In terms of weatherproofing, the device scores full points. It has an IPX5 water-resistant molded construction. The housing is impervious to medium-pressure splashes from any direction including rain. The mounting brackets are rugged and have a universal design. They can be fastened on roll bars, roll cages, support bars and frames, both on off-road vehicles and marine watercrafts. The thickness of the bar must be between 1.25-2.0 inches. Quick butt connectors are also provided for easy speaker wiring.

Frequency response of the system is 85Hz to 20kHz, impedance is 4 ohms and sensitivity 90 dB +/- 2 dB @ 1M/1W. The box contains the speakers, 2 units of 2-meter speaker wires, 2 units of 5.91” x 0.75” x 0.24” rubber pads, 2 units of 6.5” x 0.75” x 0.08” rubber pads and 4 units of butt connectors (red color for AWG 16-22).

The Pyle PLUTV41BK has smart black machine-molded cabinets. Each speaker measures 5.6’’ x 8.4’’ x 7.3’’ with the bracket on and weighs 5.14 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Pair of 800-watt high-output compact marine tower speakers.
  • 2-way full-range stereo sound, 85Hz to 20kHz frequency response.
  • 4-inch polypropylene woofer, ½ inch neodymium dome tweeter.
  • Butyl rubber surround, 1-inch mid-woofer aluminum voice coil, 20 oz magnet structure.
  • Universal mounting brackets fit 1.25-2.0 inches bars, IPX5 rated, quick butt connectors.

Seismic Audio SA-WT65W Marine Wakeboard Speakers :

Seismic Audio is a reliable outdoor sound equipment company. Among their most sought-after products is the SA-WT65W, a marine-grade wakeboard speaker system. It consists of a pair of white 6 ½ inch speakers with white mounting brackets. Once installed, it looks gorgeous as it seamlessly blends in with the white décor of the boat or yacht.

Each speaker has a 6 ½ inch polypropylene woofer and a 1-inch mid-range tweeter. They produce crystal clear music and intelligible dialogues within a frequency range of 70Hz to 20kHz. Sound pressure level is 96 dB and impedance 4 ohms. The system also has a 2-way crossover, a 1 ¼ inch voice coil and a Y30 magnet.

Maximum power handling of the SA-WT65W is 500 watts (250 watts x 2) and RMS power is 300 watts (150 watts x 2). This is enough power for a small to medium-sized vessel. The baskets and the grilles are made of superior ABS plastic. They are waterproof, saltproof and sport a UV protection coating to prevent discoloration. The terminals of the speaker are also made of stainless teel to ward off rust and corrosion.

The Seismic Audio SA-WT65W is a CEA-compliant sound system. You can expect high-quality performance that meets the industry standards. The mounting clamps are adjustable and can accommodate bars between 1 ¼ to 2 inches. Mounting depth of the speakers is 9 inches.

Warranty period is one year and you get a one-month money back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Pair of marine wakeboard tower speakers.
  • Max power 250 watts x 2, RMS power 150 watts x 2.
  • 6 ½ inch polypropylene woofer, 1-inch mid-range tweeter.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets fit 1.25-2-inch bars, 2-way crossover.
  • Waterproof, saltproof, UV-protected ABS basket, 1 ¼ inch voice coil, Y30 magnet.

Rockford Fosgate PM2652W Punch Marine 6 ½ inch Wakeboard Tower Speaker :

If you are on the hunt for sporty marine speakers, the Rockford Fosgate Punch PM2652W is a good option. It consists of a pair of 6 ½ inch speakers with sealed white enclosures and stainless-steel sports grilles. The cabinets have a slightly elongated shape which lends them a distinctive look. The pristine white color adds to the aesthetic appeal of the device and greatly enhances the glamour quotient of your deck.

Each unit of the Punch Marine PM2652W has a 6 ½ inch woofer and a 1-inch bridge mounted tweeter. The subwoofer is engineered with VAST (Vertical Attached Surround Technique) which increases the woofer’s radiating cone area by up to 25% for better bass preproduction. The speakers are Klippel verified which means the woofers have top-notch performance.

The power handling of the speaker system adheres to CEA-2031 industry standards. It has a peak power output of 170 watts and RMS output of 85 watts.

The product also meets ASTM Test Standards which ensures protection against extreme weather. It has a sealed UV-inhibitor-infused high-density polyethylene cabinet that acts as a barrier against the environment. The outer surface of the cabinet has an automotive-grade paint and a clear coat finish. This further fortifies it and protects it from water, moisture, sand, salt, sun and wind.

The Punch Marine PM2652W has a surface mount bracket that supports most Malibu wing style tower assemblies. The entire mounting kit is either chrome-plated or made of stainless steel or cast aluminum to avoid rust and corrosion. If you would like an alternate style of mounting, you can also buy the optional tubular style mounting clamp (PM-CL1B). The tubular clamps fit bars measuring 1 ½ to 2 ¾ inches in diameter. Both the surface and tubular mounting system allow the device to be rotated 360°. This is super convenient as it lets you angle the speaker in the direction you want without unfastening the brackets.

The PM2652W has an additional security feature called Torx. This feature is a safety hardware that safeguards the system from theft. To ensure a more secure installation, a safety lanyard is provided. This strap keeps the speaker in place and prevents it from falling out in case one of the screws comes loose over time. When you are out on the high seas and the waters are choppy, the boat’s movements might cause the mounting equipment to loosen, leading to you losing your precious equipment. Therefore, to prevent such an eventuality, the safety lanyard must always be tightly secured.

The Rockford Fosgate PM2652W has 16 AWG 2-pin quick disconnect speaker connectors. It has an Integrated Concealed Crossover which keep the crossover hidden inside the enclosure for a cleaner look. Frequency response of the device is 49Hz to 20kHz and impedance is 4 ohms.

Dimensions of each pod are as follows (H x W x D): 9.1 x 7.1 x 13.2 inches. The entire gadget weighs 17 lbs. The set is available in white or black. Both variants have a warranty of 2 years.

Key Features:

  • Pair of white 6 ½ inch marine tower speakers.
  • Max power handling 170 watts, RMS 85 watts, ASTM compliant.
  • Polyethylene enclosure with UV-inhibitor, stainless steel sports grille.
  • 6 ½ inch woofer, 1-inch bridge mounted tweeter, CEA-2031 compliant, Klippel-certified.
  • Surface mount bracket for Malibu wing style tower installation, 360° rotating mount, safety lanyard, TORX safety hardware.

DS18 Store DS18 Hydro NXL-4TP/BK Black Marine Tower Speaker :

The DS18 Hydro NXL-4TP/BK is an excellent choice for a compact wakeboard tower speaker system. It has a maximum output of 300 watt (pair) and an RMS output of 100 watts (pair). Perfect for extreme sports, the pods have IPX5 enclosures made of high-quality polymer with resin and fiberglass composite. This protects them from continuous saline water splashes, rust and corrosion. The outer surface has a special UV-compliant coating to prevent sun damage. It keeps the color from fading and the internal parts functioning flawlessly for long.

The Hydro NXL-4TP/BK has a completely redesigned tube clamping system for rough use. It can withstand intense vibration and is therefore ideal for powersports. Since the speakers are 4 inches in size and smaller than the average 6 ½ inch speakers, they are better suited for smaller vessels or ATVs. So, if you are looking for small speakers with big sound, we highly recommend this pair.

Each of the two units has a 4-inch cone made of injection-molded polypropylene, a built-in tweeter and a rubber surround. Diameter of the voice coil is 1 inch and the voice coil former is made of KSV. The winding material is copper wire while the basket is made of metal. The ferrite magnet is 11 oz. Overall diameter of each pod is 5.51 inches and depth 8.07 inches. Mounting depth of the pod is 7.28 inches while the motor diameter is 3.14 inches.

The Hydro NXL-4TP/BK is capable of reproducing high and low frequencies. It has a frequency response of 115Hz to 20kHz, impedance of 4 ohms and sensitivity of 89dB.

Key Features:

  • Pair of 4-inch marine tower speakers.
  • Tube clamping system, max power 150 watts x 2, RMS 50 watts x 2.
  • Compact, IPX5, UV-protected basket with resin and fiberglass composite.
  • Built-in tweeter, 4-inch injection cone, rubber surround, 1-inch voice coil.
  • 11 oz ferrite magnet, impedance 4 ohms, frequency response 115Hz to 20kHz.

MTX MUD65PL Mud Series 6 ½ inch Waterproof Speakers :

The MUD65PL is a powerful bar-mount coaxial tower speaker system by MTX. It has twin RGB LED speakers with adjustable clamps that fit three sizes of handlebars: 1.5, 1.75 and 2 inches. Capable of producing full-range audio, the pair is great for windy outdoor spaces like boat decks. It can also be used on off-road and dune bashing adventures.

The MTX speakers are fitted with a 6 ½ inch polypropylene woofer and a soft dome tweeter. They deliver loud and intelligible audio within a frequency response range of 70Hz to 20kHz. An internal crossover network blocks unwanted frequency bands and filters the incoming signal appropriately. Impedance of the system is 4 ohms and sensitivity 86dB. Maximum power handling is 100 watts which is ideal for small boats, standard-sized ATVs or motorcycles.

Environmental specification of the device is 500hrs ASTM B117, D4329. It is completely weatherproof and resistant to corrosion. The grille is made of impact-resistant ABS with UV-inhibitor. This helps it survive accidental knocks and prevents discoloration. The mounting brackets have a 360° swivel design. You can rotate them to point the speakers in the direction you desire.

One big advantage of the MUD65PL is its low-profile frame. It measures (H x W x D) 9.34 inches x 7.09 inches x 8.76 inches. Once installed, it stays close to the roll cage and out of your way. If you are using it on your Polaris General or Polaris Ranger, you might want to use the optional bracket MUDPFC. This bracket is more compatible with vehicles that have ProFit or Profile style cages.

The most attractive feature of the MTX MUD65PL is its RGB LED lighting. In fact, you can choose between red, blue and green lights using the optional MUDLEDC remote and control harness. This remote offers complete control over the LED lights and you get access to up to 20 different color schemes. You can also customize the lights to match your ride and your style.

Key Features:

  • Pair of 6 ½ inch marine tower speakers.
  • Peak power output 100 watts, coaxial speakers.
  • RGB LED lighting, 360° swivel mounting brackets fit 1.5-2-inch bars.
  • 6 ½ inch polypropylene woofer, soft dome tweeter, low-profile housing.
  • Impact-resistant ABS grille with UV-inhibitor, environmental specs 500hrs ASTM B117, D4329.

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