Best Speaker Shelf To Buy In 2019

Electronic devices need a designated place for installation. It is important from a safety perspective and also increases the life of the gadget. It is also crucial from a performance point of view. Home stereo systems, sound bars and amplifiers often require specific positioning for ensuring the widest possible sound projection. Your living room corner table might not be able to give these devices the right height and angle they need for creating the best sound effect. This is where speaker shelves come into the picture. They offer flexible mounting options and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and constructions. Speaker shelves have sturdy builds as they are specially engineered for bearing the weight of AV devices like speakers, DVD players and game consoles.

However, selecting a good speaker shelf can be tricky. The market is flooded with speaker shelves of all makes and designs. We recently did a market study to find out the best speaker shelves. Based on the design and build, features and load-bearing capacity, we made a list of the top 13 speaker shelves. But before we go into that, allow us to take you through some of the key points one needs to keep in mind while purchasing a speaker shelf.

Buying Guide: Things to consider while buying a speaker shelf –

First of all, you need to know the requirements of your stereo system. How many speakers does it have, what are the dimensions and weights of the speakers, do they require wall mounting, corner mounting or media stand mounting? If you are planning to mount devices other than speakers, you need to have the same knowledge about them.

Secondly, decide on what type of shelf you prefer. There are wooden shelves, steel shelves and glass shelves. There are floor-standing shelves and wall-mounting shelves. There are shelves with one tray, two trays, three trays, four trays and so one. So you need to decide how many shelves you want. You also need to look at the décor of your house or office and decide on the design and color of the shelves.

Thirdly, look out for more features. Shelves that have 360ᵒ rotational platforms and tilting trays are any day better than those that don’t. Trays that have vents for preventing over-heating are preferable. Shelves that have adjustable height and cable management are certainly more flexible and advantageous than others.

These are some of the things you need to consider while buying a speaker shelf for your audio system.

Let Us Check Our Best Recommendation For Top Speaker Shelf :

VideoSecu MS56B Side Clamping Speaker Shelf Mounting Bracket :

Standing tall at number 1 is the VideoSecu MS56B Speaker Shelf. This super convenient side mounting shelf is affordable and is sold in pairs. It has a solid steel construction with wall plate cover. The heavy duty platform has adjustable clamps with swivel and tilt functions for getting the most desirable speaker position. Excellent for installing your home stereo speakers, these shelves can be used anywhere around the house. They can be mounted on walls, bookshelves and pillars in living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and kitchens. The 360ᵒ swivel and 10ᵒ up and down tilt functions allow you to get the precise speaker position for the widest sound projection. The shelves have clamps that adjust from 5.3 inches to 11 inches. They can accommodate 13-inch x 11-inch speakers with a maximum weight of 33 lbs. This means you can use the shelves for large surround sound home theatre speakers as well as medium sized bookshelf speakers. It is particularly suited for speakers made of wood or plastic that do not have mounting holes. The shelves have cable management. The package includes all the necessary mounting hardware and a user’s guide. The VideoSecu MS56B speaker mounts help save a lot of space. If your house has space constraints, we highly recommend this pair. They are durable, strong and very flexible in terms of placement adjustment. They are black in color just like most stereo speakers. Their simple and subtle design helps them blend in with the décor of most houses. Each shelf measures: 11.9” x 10” x 2.7”. It weighs 6 lbs.

WALI CS201-1 Wall Mount Speaker Shelf :

Tailing the VideoSecu MS56B speaker closely at number 2 is the WALI CS201-1 speaker shelf. It is a sturdy wall-mounting shelf ideal for installing DVD players, set-top boxes, play-stations and speakers of home theatre systems. It has a heavy duty 5mm thick black tinted tempered glass that can bear a top load of 8 kilos. It measure 380mm x 280mm. The wall plate is sleek and protrudes just 19mm from the wall. It incorporates cable management so you can hide all your messy cables and keep the area surrounding the shelf clutter-free. The WALI CS201-1 speaker shelf has a minimalistic design suitable for homes with subtle modern décor. The black glass plate goes perfectly with flat screen TVs. You can use it to place your subwoofer or cable TV box next to the TV or just below it. The shelf itself is hardly noticeable owing to its ultra-thin design. The black wall plate on which the glass platform rests comes with height adjustment so you can decide the height of your speaker or play-station as per your requirement. This is a very convenient feature as it allows you to change the shelf height as and when you need. You do not have to remove the entire speaker shelf to increase or decrease the height of the platforms. Just shift up or down the wall plate to get the desired shelf height. The carton includes all the parts of the speaker shelf, mounting hardware and an instructions manual. The manual contains important information on how to mount the shelf on brick and wooden walls. Dimensions of the speaker wall shelf are: 12” x 16” x 3”. It weighs 4.8 lbs.

Mount Factory – Adjustable Glass Floating Speaker Shelf :

Going strong at number 3 is the wall mount speaker shelf from Mount Factory. It is a handy floating speaker shelf that can carry a maximum weight of 8 kilos. If your home stereo system has large speakers and subwoofers but your living room does not have enough space to stand them on the floor, we suggest you go for the Mount Factory speaker shelf. The shelf has a cantilever design with two high quality tempered glasses as holding platforms. Each glass measures 14 inches by 10 inches, sufficient for accommodating medium to large sized devices like cable TV boxes, game consoles, DVD players and subwoofers. The glasses have a thickness of 3/16 inches and protrude out 11.25 inches from the wall. The Mount Factory wall mount speaker shelf is designed to provide the widest possible sound dispersion from your speakers. The height of the glasses can be adjusted for getting the most appropriate position for your gadgets. The wall plate or riser column on which the glasses rest is made of high quality aluminum. The riser has cable management so you can keep your cables hidden.  Set up and installation is fairly simple. The package contains a user manual that illustrates how to mount the shelf in simple easy steps. Dimensions of the speaker shelf are: 10.4” x 2” x 15.8”. It weighs 7.5 lbs.

eLhook Stick-on Small Speaker Shelf :

The next amazing product on our list of top speaker shelves is the eLhook Stick-on small speaker shelf. It is a stick-on shelf with 5 strong 3M Command adhesive strips. Easy to install and set up, the shelf can be mounted to any vertical surface including walls, book shelves and sides of tables. However, it is not suited for vinyl car surfaces, wet surface and unpainted wooden surfaces as they weaken the stickiness of the glue. The best thing about the eLhook Stick-on shelf is that it does not damage the mounting surface or leave any stains on it upon removal. The shelf can be used anywhere around the house and office. Its minimalistic design, muted white color and small size help it to blend in with the décor of any room. The shelf is 9 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep. It has a load bearing capacity of 6 lbs. It can easily hold a small speaker or an Amazon Echo Dot. It can also hold lightweights objects like mobile phones, phone chargers, pen stands, coffee mugs and small ornamental indoor potted plants. The eLhook Stick-on small speaker shelf has a strong ABS plastic construction with smooth rounded corners and a creamy satin white finish. A cord access hole is provided in the rear for plugging in your speaker or charging your phone. The shelf is a great way to free up space and keep your room neat and tidy. It is easy to clean, rust-resistant and does not cause skin allergies. Dimension of the eLhook Stick-on speaker shelf are: 9” x 3.8” x 3”. It weighs 5.8 ounces.

Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 Top Shelf For Speaker :

Another amazing wall mount speaker shelf is the Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 speaker shelf. It is a small shelf that you can be mounted atop a flat screen TV for holding your AV device or set top box. The platform is 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep. It can carry a maximum weight of 6 kilos. Installation is fuss-free. You do not need any additional mounting hardware to set up the shelf. It has a simple rotator knob design that lets you fix it on top of your flat screen TV in no time. The thickness of the screen has to be at least half an inch for the rotator knob to work. The under surface of the shelf has a special fabric coating to prevent scratches on your TV. The shelf itself has vented slots to release heat from devices that heat up quickly. An anti-skid mat is also provided to prevent your device from slipping on the shelf. The Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 wall mount speaker shelf is made of heavy duty steel. It has a sleek and unobtrusive design and a smart black color. If you are looking for a simple speaker shelf to mount your speaker bar, subwoofer or game console, but you also do not want the hassle of complicated installation we recommend the Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 speaker shelf. It can be mounted in a jiffy and easily removed too when you need to relocate it. Dimensions of the small speaker shelf are: 12.5” x 5.3” x 1.8”. It weighs 1.36 lbs.

Floating Shelf For Speaker From Joel’s Antiques :

The Joel’s Antiques Floating Wooden Corner Shelf is another great shelf for mounting AV devices like speakers and subwoofers. It is made of pine wood and has an old-world rustic finish. It does not have a new luster but has an antique charm that adds to the aesthetics of any living room. The shelf measures 12 inches across the front from one end to the other with the front edge 6 inches from the back corner. The sides measure 8.5 inches each. Height of the shelf is 3 inches and it only fits 90ᵒ right angle corners. The Joel’s Antiques shelf is available in 3 shades: mocha, medium brown and gray. The manufacturers allow you to customize the product at the order stage. If you require a vent in the back for cables to pass, you can inform them and they will incorporate the changes before shipping the item out to you. The Joel’s Antiques floating shelf for speaker is an ideal piece of furniture for installing small speakers, smart home assistants like Google Home and Echo Dot 2nd Generation, ornamental plants, decorative show pieces and small lamps. The package includes all the mounting screws and hardware plus a user’s guide enumerating how to mount the shelf in easy-to-understand steps. The shelf further makes for better space management. Cozily tucked in a corner, it hardly takes up any room, making it the perfect corner shelf for small to medium sized rooms.

Halter Rounded Floating Shelves For Speakers :

Coming in at number 7 are the Halter Rounded Floating Shelves for speakers. These pristine white shelves are available in pairs. You can use them to mount speakers, game consoles, decorative show pieces and indoor potted plants. They are a great way to reduce clutter and keep your living room neat and tidy. They help free up floor space and give you the flexibility to mount your stuff on walls. The Halter shelves have a unique half moon shape. Each shelf is 9 inches wide, 6.5 inched deep and can support a weight of 2.3 lbs. It is held up by brackets which are screwed under it to hold it in place. The brackets remain concealed and give the shelf a ‘floating’ look. The Halter Rounded speaker shelves are durable and long-lasting. Setting up the shelves is a breeze. Just follow the do-it-yourself instructions in the manual for quick and easy installation. The package contains 2 white rounded shelves, mounting hardware and a user manual. The Halter shelves can be used in the living room, kitchen, garage and porch. If your table or counter doesn’t have enough space to accommodate miscellaneous items like speaker bars, smart phones and photo frames, the Halter shelf duo can be a good alternative. They are handy, sturdy and can be mounted anywhere you want.

Cotytech Medium Surround Wall Speaker Shelf :

Another strong speaker shelf with a chic minimalistic design is the Cotytech Surround Wall Speaker Shelf. This handy wall mount speaker shelf features 360ᵒ rotation for optimal speaker positioning. If your room has space issues and you are trying to figure out a way to mount your AV devices like speakers, sound bars and subwoofers we suggest you go for the Cotytech rotatable speaker shelf. This amazing piece of stereo accessory lets you place your speakers in the best possible position for the broadest sound projection. The product is sold in pairs so you can mount both your speakers on either side of your desktop or flat screen TV. The shelves are made from heavy duty steel. The platform size is 5.9 inches x 5.9 inches. Once installed, the shelf projects 7.8 inches from the wall. The wall plate that remains fixed to the wall is 3.74 inches in height. Each shelf can bear a maximum load of 10 kilos. This means the shelves are strong enough to hold large speakers and other electronic devices. The shelves are simple in design. They have a smart black shade which matches the color of most stereo speakers. The platforms are slim and hardly noticeable. They blend in easily with the surrounding décor and help to keep your living space clutter-free.

Empi 00-4851-0 VW Bug, Beetle Rear Speaker Shelf :

The next item on our list of top speaker shelves is an automobile-specific speaker shelf. It is specially designed to be mounted behind the rear seat of the Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Bug models. The shelf has a black vinyl coating over a durable wooden sub-structure. The shelf can comfortably accommodate two car stereo speakers behind the rear seat. If you wish to install round 6-inch speakers, the Empi speaker shelf has the necessary cut-outs for it. The shelf has multiple functions. It can also serve as a secret storage area as it remains concealed from plain sight. You can use it to keep valuables like watches and jewelry. The Empi shelf fits all Volkswagen Bug sedans except convertibles. It is a great way to enjoy music on the go during long drives. It helps you create a true surround sound experience inside your Volkswagen. With rear satellite speakers booming from behind the seat, you get the ultimate space-filling stereo effect. If you are passionate about music and like driving out into the country in your Volkswagen, this is the sound accessory you need. So go get one today! Dimensions of the Empi 00-4851-0 speaker shelf are: 44” x 18” x 4”. It weighs 9 lbs.

Mount-It Glass Shelves For Speakers :

The Mount-It Component Multi-level Media Stand is another versatile speaker shelf. It consists of 4 heavy duty tempered glasses resting on solid cold-rolled steel legs built for stability and balance. Each glass platform has a width of 22 inches and depth of 17 inches. It is large enough for housing most electronic gadgets like DVD players, game consoles, Wi-Fi routers, sound bars, amplifiers and speakers. The distance between the top and the second shelf is 11 inches and between the second and third shelves and third and fourth shelves the gap is 7.25 inches each. This means the second rack is meant for bulkier gadgets. The overall height of the Mount-It media stand is 28 inches. Its load bearing capacity is 88 lbs which is impressive. You can easily place multiple devices on the stand without worrying about weight constraints. The speaker shelf also allows good air flow so your electronic devices remain cool even after hours of use. The shelf has cable management which ensures your cords and cables have a designated place. Cords gather dust and make table tops look messy. But with the integrated cable management system of the Mount-It speaker shelf you can keep the cables hidden from view and your floor and counters free of clutter and dust. The shelf has a glossy black finish and a simple design. It complements the décor of any room in a subtle way. The Mount-It speaker shelf can be used anywhere around the house. You can also use it in offices and stores to mount your speaker bars and miscellaneous items like document files, books, etc. All in all, the Mount-It 4-tier speaker shelf is designed for the ultimate audiophile. If music is your first love and you have a lot of stereo gadgets that need better management set up wise, we suggest you get yourself this multi-functional 4-tier speaker shelf. It is an investment worth making. The Mount-It speaker shelf weighs 33.6 lbs.

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf For Small Speaker :

At number 11 is the ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf small speaker shelf. This is an amazing space-saving shelf ideal for holding small speakers like Sonos One and smart home gadgets like Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home. It can accommodate small stereo systems, portable FM radios and lamps. You can also use it hold your phone while it’s charging. The ECHOGEAR shelf has a built-in cable channel and a hole at the back for the cord to pass through. The tray has a width of 4.77 inches and a depth of 5.32 inches. The wall plate that remains fixed to the wall has a height of 6.84 inches. The shelf can take a load of 10 lbs. The ECHOGEAR shelf comes with easy installation. Just remove your existing socket plate/cover and replace it with the ECHOGEAR speaker shelf. The shelf has other uses too. Not only does it offer you a place to hold your things, it also allows you to charge them simultaneously. You can use the shelf to hold non-electronic devices like pen stands, water bottles, flower vases and decorative pieces. You can also use it to keep your phone or keys in a safe, accessible and fixed place so you don’t misplace them. The ECHOGEAR helps release table top and counter top space. It reduces clutter and allows you to manage your space better. The shelf is white in color and made of superior quality plastic. It includes 2 types of outlet covers. The weight of the shelf is 1.2 lbs.

Greenco GRC3163 Floating Speaker Shelves :

At the last but one position on our list of top 13 wall-mount speaker shelves are the Greenco GRC3163 Floating Shelves for speakers. These corner speaker shelves are available in pairs and extremely resourceful. Perfect for holding small speakers and AV devices, the Greenco GRC3163 speaker shelves can be used in living rooms, bed rooms, studies, offices and stores. They can be mounted on brick, concrete and wooden walls. Unobtrusive and compact, the shelves help make room for other things. They keep your counter and table tops neat and tidy and free of cable clutter. The shelves come with all the necessary hardware. Once mounted, the mounting hardware remains concealed under the shelves. The Greenco GRC3163 corner speaker shelves measure 16.3” x 8.1” x 1.75”. They can support a maximum weight of 3.5 kilos each. This means they can easily hold small speakers like Sonos One and portable JBL Bluetooth speakers. The shelves only fit 90ᵒ right angle corners. The floating shelves are made from high quality MDF laminate with an elegant Espresso finish. They have a minimalistic design and a smooth black sheen that compliment the interiors most homes and offices. What’s more, you can also use the shelves to keep decorative show pieces, potted plants and pen stands. The shelves weigh 2.6 lbs.

Fenge 2-Tier AV Wall-Mount Shelf For Speaker :

The last product to make our list of top 13 wall-mount speaker shelves is the Fenge 2-tier AV wall mount speaker shelf. It has two tempered glass trays for holding speakers and other AV gadgets. The trays are held in place by the wall plate that remains fixed to the wall. The speaker shelf has adjustable height. You can increase or decrease the heights of both the shelves along the riser to get the most optimum speaker positioning. Each glass tray has a width of 15 inches and a depth of 11 inches. This is sufficient for accommodating most home stereo speakers, DVD players, play stations, Wi-Fi routers and cable TV boxes. The wall plate or riser is 15.8 inches in height. The gap between the two shelves can be adjusted from 3.9 inches to 12.4 inches. Once installed, the tray protrudes 11.8 inches from the wall. Each shelf of the Fenge 2-tier dual wall mount speaker shelf can support a maximum weight of 22 lbs. The shelf has cable management for keeping your home free of messy wires. The cables are kept hidden from plain sight which is important for keeping your living spaces neat and organized. The shelves can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. You can install them in your store for mounting your store speaker system. You can also use it in your house for keeping your sound bars, subwoofers and Xboxes. Overall weight of the Fenge 2-tier shelf is 8.42 lbs.


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