12 Best Soundbar To Make Your TV Awesome

Soundbars are indispensable for modern home theater systems. With advent of modern flat screen televisions, the in built speakers got reduced power. Soundbars bridged that gap efficiently. We personally tested the best soundbars in the market and created a list of best soundbar for your television and home theater systems.

Let us check out our top picks for Best Soundbar :

Bose Soundtouch 300 – Editor’s Choice on the Best Soundbar :

Bose Soundtouch 300 is a premium soundbar defined with a class of its own. Most sound bars come with subwoofers but Soundtouch 300 is not on that list. With the Dolby Digital, DTS and surround sound systems incorporated with this sound bar, it gives out enough bass to pump up the heart with the beat. The speaker design is done in such a way that the audio signals are sent to left and right sides of the room which results in home theater experience and this technology is termed as Phase Guide Array. Quality of sound outclasses the competitors in the price range.

Wireless options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC are included. SoundTouch is the app for connecting the sound bar to Wi-Fi devices like smartphones and tablets through Wi-Fi network. This sound bar is slim and fits under TV without blocking remote sensors. Connection with TV is done with HDMI ports. One minor drawback is the indicator. They are for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bass levels and so on. A small light turns on and off as an indication which may not be visible for the people on the sofa. Audio can be streamed with Bluetooth too. Subwoofers are not needed but can be added to this beast on personal preferences. Bose SoundTouch 300 is unarguably one of the best soundbars witnessed these years.

Features :

  • Proprietary QuitePort, PhaseGuide Technology and Custom drivers .
  • Attractive slim body with a premium glass top and wrap-around perforated metal grille.
  • Instant in-home listening through wi-fi and easy bluetooth pairing with Phone and Tab.
  • Download Sound Touch app to your mobile phone to experience your favorite music.
  • Virtually invisible surround sound experience.
  • Supported audio format : Dolby digital and DTS.

Vizio SB3621n-E8M :

The all new Vizio SB 36” 2.1n-E8M soundbar gives the perfect delight to your home theater experience. Be it movies or music, 36” beauty gives you just what you need to make your recreation time magical without falling heavy on your pocket. This model of Vizio soundbar is priced under $200, which is very less for everything that it offers. It doesn’t have “features” to be precise but just has a wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth but that’s all you can get at such a price. The best soundbar easily available in the market is Vizio SB 36” 2.1n-E8M and users are loving it. From loud explosions to faint whispers you will be able to hear everything with a sound quality of 100 dB. Its bass is deep and clear to make your party vibrate with excitement and thrill of the sound.

Vizio SB 36” 2.1n-E8M has a beautiful sleek design which can make your home theater look as good as it sounds good. It comes in just one color i.e black but that’s what makes it look rich. This Vizio model weighs 13.4 pounds and hence is easy to install. The size is quite manageable considering a cheap home theater soundbar and that is 3.2 x 36 x 2.17 in. Thus, if you are looking for something to give your home theater a blast but not too expensive then Vizio SB 36” 2.1n-E8M is the best choice for you.

Features :

  • Crystal clear sound to create big bang effect as high as 100 dB with very less harmonic distortion at 1%.
  • Lowest bass at 20 Hz and yet you can feel it clear.
  • Advanced DTS and Dolby digital sound.
  • Built-in bluetooth for wireless pairing.

Yamaha YAS-106 – Best soundbar with a cheap price tag :

Looking for something to give a spin to your home theater experience ? Try out the all new model of Yamaha sound bar range – Yamaha YAS-106, if you want to have an unbeatable sound and experience of a movie. Playing your video games with high definition background sound to playing your favorite movie, Yamaha YAS-106 can make all your dreams come true of having deep rich bass with its dual in-built subwoofers. It has virtual surround sound speakers and Bluetooth feature helps you to connect it to any device for a full- fledged movie theater experience like your ipad, iphone or laptop easily, which is quite enough for a price of $199. Yamaha sound bar is considered one of the top soundbar in this price range.

This wonderful Yamaha sound bar has a sleek black design to perfectly fit in with your home theater and amp up its look. It weighs 7 pound and hence can be installed anywhere easily. You also have the option of mounting it on the wall because its size is quite compact, 5.1 x 35 x 2.1 inches to be precise. The setup is quite simple and instructions are given in the manual provided with the package. The output is 120 watts and one HDMI cable, one digital optical cable and one analog audio is given for input purposes. So if you are looking for something to enhance your home theater experience then you might consider bringing this stunning sound bar home.

Features :

  • Flexibility to connect through optical, analog mode and HDMI.
  • Easy bluetooth pairing to stream music from smartphones.
  • Built-in subwoofers create deep and rich bass.
  • Ultra slim and sleek classy look.

LG SH7B Soundbar :

Once again LG raises it’s sound bar level by introducing the model LG SH7B in market. If you are someone who is willing to go a little high on price range to get best of the sound bar features, then you must consider taking a look at this magnificent piece of gadget before you purchase something else. LG SH7B amps up your home theater experience by giving you a wealth of features that many sound bars of this range i.e. $400, often fails to offer. With an amazing performer especially for movies and connectivity is far better than any other sound bars. A number of features are available in LG SH7B like Google cast built-in, home cinema mode and TV remote capability.

This gadget has a feature of adaptive sound control and hence creates an ideal audio experience for whatever you are playing. It weighs approximately 15 pounds but has a compact size and is box shaped. It gives an output of 360 watt and comes with 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 HDMI in port, 1 optical digital audio port, 1 aux audio port for input. LG SH7B has made its spot in top sound bars available in market. LG proves time and again that innovation in sound bar is still possible and if you are a fan of new technologies then LG SH7B could be a perfect choice.

Features :

  • Easy Google Cast pairing to cast your favorite music from mobile phone to the LG SH7B soundbar.
  • Create Home Cinema mode, with one touch button to pair with LG one flow speakers.
  • Adaptive sound control to automatic adjust the sound levels for different situations.
  • TV remote compatibility with Top 8 television brands for ease of use.
  • HDMI connectivity, Smart Wi-Fi and Sound Sync Wireless ( Bluetooth pairing ).

Samsung HW-K950 – Best Soundbar for Music Lovers :

If you are adamant on building a perfect home theater then Samsung HW-K950 sound bar is the top sound bar available in market. If you are willing to pay extra dollar for home theater then this Samsung sound bar is the perfect thing to invest on. This gadget gives you supreme quality of theater style surround sound. It has built-in 15 speakers, with 4 speakers that are upward-firing and are rear wireless speakers to provide a very clear surround sound experience. Samsung HW-K950 has a proprietary “Surround Sound Expansion Plus” feature. This helps to amplify and convert the audio content to a specific number of channels, adding a virtual sound space over the viewer’s head.

Overall Samsung Hw-K950 shows remarkable sound quality and balance during the surround sound creation. It is one of the few Samsung Soundbar other than the identical model Hw-K850, which can handle the all new dolby atmos technology.

Now let’s shift towards its physical features a bit. It measures 14.5 pound, which is quite reasonable considering its size of 47.6 x 5.2 x 32.2 inches. Its features have helped it make its place in top soundbar in the market. It has been designed with optimum features to give your home theater the look it deserves. It comes in black color and instantly makes your place look rich with its sharp looks. If you are a fan of HD sound experience and love to listen all genres of music, then this is something which you should have a look before you decide on a different product.

Features :

  • Crystal Clear all around sound through built-in speakers and upward firing drivers.
  • Dolby atmos technology to create best moving around sound for better home theater experience.
  • Samsung’s own technology called – Surround sound expansion plus to convert audio content to 5.1.4 channels.
  • Quality 4K experience through best in class 4K pass through.

Pioneer SP-SB23W :

Pioneer SP-SB23W is one of the best sound bars available in the market. The product comes with a subwoofer and the bar can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The rich bass and quality of sound across different frequencies from the subwoofer is amazing. The sound bar consists of six speakers along with a subwoofer to produce the impactfull bass. When playing a movie, the clarity of sound is so good that we feel the background music and find the scenes so real.  Action sequences make you speechless because of the bass from subwoofers matching the frequencies with soundbar will make you fall in love with this product.

Pioneer SP-SB23W gives the output of 268 watts. There is no USB port for connecting devices via USB. With the Bluetooth inbuilt with Soundbar, all Bluetooth devices can connect to play audio wirelessly. No hassle for cables in the pioneer sound bars. The sound produced is rich enough for not so huge rooms too. This product has no virtual surround sound system. Subwoofer gives 50 watts of output power. Pioneer SP-SB23W is far better in specifications and quality of sound than its competitors in its price range. If you want to have a decent all rounder in a budget then just go for it.

Features :

  • A specially designed wooden cabinet to create true resonance.
  • Command learning intelligence of the speakerbar to learn the commands of your TV remote.
  • Dedicated power for individual driver.

Polk MagniFi Mini :

Polk MagniFi Mini can be described as small in size, sleek in design and a powerful speaker. This was the later version released after Polk MagniFi in 2015. With four mid-range drivers and two tweeters, gives decent sound quality. Coupled with subwoofer, the bass is quite classy with amazing sound experience. In addition, the subwoofer is 6.5 inch that fits on the wall mount. Moreover, audios can be played from smartphones and tablets wirelessly. Soundbar and subwoofer are connected via Bluetooth.

Polk MagniFi mini is one of best soundbars due to its extended features compared to other competitors in this field. Necessary wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Google cast, Bluetooth are integrated with this soundbar. Polk connects with its subwoofer wirelessly giving out enough sound which you won’t expect looking at it for the first time. Music can be streamed directly with apps like Google play music while connected via Bluetooth.

Buttons are present on the top of the sound bar and they light up with associated actions. In the control panel, bluetooth, power, night mode, volume and input selection are the buttons. When night mode is enabled, bass from the subwoofer is reduced to a certain extent so that no disturbance is caused to the family while sleeping at night times. If you need a small and sleek designed soundbar to fit into your living room, then no other soundbar is near to Polk MagniFi Mini.

Features :

  • Small compact size helps to fit it in any room and any place.
  • Compatible with Google cast and any other compatible bluetooth system.
  • 5.1 dolby digital helps to create fully immersive surround sound effect.
  • Multiple sound mode to support different situations ( i.e. – Night mode, Sport mode, Equalizer settings for music and movie ).

Zvox SB500 :

Zvox SB500 is unarguably one of the best soundbars among all. No need of an extra place for subwoofers and gone are the days for missing out conversations in TV because of disturbances of background noises. They have a technology called “AccuVoice”, which enables this sound bar is to detect and enhance the pitch of dialogues when they go low in the scene. Many other soundbars at this price range do not really provide surround sound system but Zvox SB500 poses this feature as well. They call it as “PhaseCue circuitry” with which Zvox soundbar will feel like a good surround system. Sound quality is excellent and you will involve in movies with this sound bar connected to your television set.

With 3.1 channel speaker configuration, full range and subwoofer drivers, their frequency from 42 Hz to 20 kHz give out the best sound quality. Zvox SB500 is all in one. The subwoofer is inside of it and in general to obtain 5.1 surround system, mini speakers have to be kept all around the room. But with PhaseCue circuitry in SB500, the amplification levels are managed from inside the sound bar and gives the output of surround system sound. This can be placed under the TV or on the table top.

Features :

  • Crystal clear dialog deliveries through Accuvoice feature.
  • Built-in pair off subwoofers create mesmerizing surround bass.
  • Option of multi-zone audio receiver for stream.
  • Bluetooth capable to stream from any compatible device.

Q Acoustics Media 4 – Best Simple to Use Soundbar:

Soundbars without subwoofers are the latest trends in the market. Q Acoustics Media 4 is one such sound bar which consists of sub-woofer internally and requires less space to set up. With the action movie sequences, the real power of Q Acoustics can be seen with the bass hitting so hard. Sound quality is top class too. Remote controls are minimal in option with only, buttons to increase, decrease, input, mute and power button to on and off. No extra modes for this sound bar and simplicity with great quality is what makes Q Acoustics Media 4 the best soundbar to purchase.

Q Acoustics Media 4 comes with built-in twin coil subwoofer. Power output is about 100W. With 16-bit video audio sample rate and 6ms latency, it can produce the sound of decent quality. This medium-sized soundbar may not be suitable for all homes because it may block remote control sensor of Televisions. One drawback is that this sound bar does not come with HDMI input. Bluetooth apTX is used for connecting with nearby Bluetooth devices for streaming music with this soundbar. Its audio is of a decent quality without any lags. Overall, Q Acoustics Media 4 is a decent sound bar with all the features integrated which provides enriched sound experience.

Features :

  • Comes with BMR loudspeaker drive units. Helps to create a full home theater experience at any part of the room.
  • An automatic choice for avid gamers. This can be plugged in with PlayStation and Xbox.
  • NFC compatible ( You can use bluetooth ).

Vizio SB4051 :

Vizio vision towards soundbars is a different path. Though most of the sound bars come already equipped with subwoofers and speakers, there is Vizio SB4051 which gives them separately. The subwoofer can be connected wirelessly and speakers are connected with cables. Sound quality is great and with aptX Bluetooth this is good enough for connecting mobile phones, tablets and streaming music with Vizio SB4051.

A 5.1 channel system, three full range drivers, aptX Bluetooth, 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output are some of the specifications of Vizio SB4051. LED indicators are provided to the left side of the sound bar. Remote is given with minimal buttons like power, input, menu, volume control, play/pause button as well. Night mode is also introduced in Vizio SB4051, in which the bass from the subwoofer is decreased to a certain level keeping in sync with the sound bar. Rich is what this sound bar looks, and produces quality sound as well. Vizio SB4051 gained the position of the best among the best of sound bars.

Features :

  • Unbelievably expansive audio and best in class performance with minimum harmonic distortion.
  • Added wireless subwoofers and special rear satellite speakers create an unforgettable audio experience.
  • HDMI port included for best in class input mechanism.

Sony HT-NT 5 – A Premium Soundbar With Excellent Quality :

Sony is one of those brands who maintained a great reputation for years. Now, Sony HT-NT 5 is a sound bar by Sony, which if once experienced, easily becomes addicted for it’s impeccable  sound output quality. Many features come with this highly technical sound bar. The enhancement of audio is tailored to perfection. This sound bar is a bit tilted to solve the problem of blocking IR sensors of TV. You can connect through various ways, which includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple airplay and which can also be played with Google cast supported devices.

Standing at 2 inches tall and 42-inch width is the modern Sony HT-NT 5 sound bar. Undoubtedly one of the best soundbars with advanced optimizations to output greater sound quality. The power output is 400 watts. This soundbar comes with a subwoofer which can be connected wirelessly. Even though the sound quality is at its peak, bass from the subwoofer is not really at the level to what we expected during our test. HT-NT 5 comes with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output.

Now a days Night mode is common in almost every premium sound bar. With night mode switched on, bass through subwoofers is set to low intensity and kept synced with the soundbar so as to experience maximum sound output with less disturbance to other people at night while sleeping. Wireless surround and wireless multi-room are some of the features which keep Sony HT-NT 5 a step forward of its competitors. A premium sound bar with many features and enhancements that make Sony HT-NT 5 one of the best soundbars to bring your home.

Features :

  • S-Master HX amps and specially designed twitters create long lasting deep sound tones.
  • A future ready soundbar with latest HDCP 2.2 ( as on date 14th Oct 2017 ) copy protection for future 4K formats.
  • Special SongPal App to connect to multi-room listening.

Definitive Technology W Studio :

Definitive technology is in this field since 1990. They came up with W studio sound bar with a big price tag, but one thing to be noted is that quality of W studio is worth the price. Many sound bars because of their height blocks IR sensors of TV whereas W studio is 45 mm in height and it goes below without blocking sensors. This sound bar coupled with a subwoofer, which gives out a 5.1 channel surround system. Bass is amazing and you will absolutely love it. W studio produces 5.1 surround sound with a special technology called “Solo Surround Array”.

W studio is designed to serve as a home theater. DTS decoder and Dolby Digital are the built-in decoders. The output power of sound bar is 120 watts whereas for the subwoofer, it is 200 watts. The only downside I found is Bluetooth non-compatibility. An app exclusive from Definitive technology is provided for smartphones and pc, as an alternative for Bluetooth. Communication is done via Wi-Fi and streaming of audio is smooth without any interventions. W studio has DTS Play-Fi feature which is useful for creating a multi-room system with other Play-Fi enabled devices. Quality never comes cheap and neither is W studio.

Features :

  • Amazing 5.1 channel surround sound fills every corner of the room.
  • Definitive technology app to extend support for your future sound systems and listening.
  • Flexibility to connect via HDMI, digital optical cable.


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