Best Red Headphones To Buy In 2021 [ Updated List ]

Red headphones are fun. They are cool sound accessories that combine acoustics with fashion. They look great and sound great and are an absolute delight to have. If you have been looking to buy a red headphone but have not yet been able to make up your mind, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. We can help you make a great choice. Our team recently did a comparative analysis of red headphones currently sold in the market. They came up with a list of the top 10 red headphones based on sound, features and design. Here is the list. Hope it helps you make an informed decision.

Top 12 Red Headphones To Buy : 

JBL LIVE 500BT: Around-Ear Wireless Headphone

JBL is one of the leading companies for sound and headphone equipment. If you want to listen to premium quality music, JBL is always on the top priority list. JBL Live 500BT is a pair of headphones that you can consider as your second pair of ears. If you think it’s way too admirations for a headphone, then scroll down to know the features and advantages of this headphone.   

JBL 500BT is an around-ear, wireless headphone, red in colour. This model is available from 2019. So all the latest adaptations are present in this red headphone. One lithium polymer battery is required to activate this model. Now coming to the design, it is available in different exciting colours, but red is always charming and attractive. You’ll get 50 mm JBL signature sound drivers. Also, there is an ambient talkthru mode to listen to the surroundings and music at the same time. The talkthru mode drops the music volume to let you understand the surroundings. Get headphones along with a charging cable and aux cable in the package. Another important point is, this headphone mic is compatible with PC gaming software.

With JBL live 500BT you can enjoy music for 30 hours non-stop. Also, it catches high bass and balances the sound even at a high volume. With the talkthru mode, you can listen to what others are saying around you and be more aware. When needed, it cancels outside noise totally. JBL Live 500BT integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. So, you can talk to your friend, text someone anytime without touching your phone. Bass-forward audio makes it the first choice for music lovers as well.

You can control all the features either from the buttons or from the JBL app. Despite the around-ear design, it is lightweight and comfortable. The headphone cups are made of soft cushiony material and a protective layer of faux leather is covering to protect the ears. The headband hinges allow the ear-cups to rotate. In the left ear-cup, there is a micro USB port for charging and attaching an aux cable is required. On the right side, you’ll get all the control buttons.

The bottom line is if you want compact and comfortable sound, then you can spend money to buy this pair of red headphones from JBL. It has a great review on Amazon and the users love it for the quality and unique features.

JBL E45BT: On-Ear Wireless Headphones

When we are talking about headphones, JBL products are definitely coming on the list more than once. Compared to JBL Live 500BT, it is expensive and older. But there are desirable features as well with this E45BT on-ear headphone model. Know more about these dependable wireless headphones in the next paragraph.

JBL E45BT is one of the best headphones in the JBLs E-series. It has a dynamic frequency response of range 20 Hz – 20 kHz and an impedance of 32 ohms. These features are responsible for the balanced sound delivery. The headband has a metal frame for reinforcement and the ear-cups are sturdy enough to withstand accidental falls. Audio and USB cables are included in the package with the E45BT model. It also has in-built noise cancellation advantages so nothing can interrupt your music time. JBL E45BT has a multifunction button to control playback and call along with a Bluetooth pairing button, and volume buttons that double up as navigation controls by long-pressing. The difficulty is to control the system sometimes as it is a single button.

Talking about the advantages, this on-ear headphone can deliver decent music with a bass-forward sound signature and it has 40 mm music drivers. In addition, this pair of headphones allows you to connect two devices at the same time. For instance, you can connect a tablet to watch a movie and a phone to receive calls. It can switch when a call is coming in some seconds and pause the movie automatically. This seamless feature is quite impressive in this price range. There is a mic and dynamic transducer to maintain the energy conversion. There are 15 hours of battery life for 1-2 hours of charging. It can be used for wired gaming. The problem is, it doesn’t have an active ANC. So in noisy places, this headphone is unable to cancel the noise totally.

This is to say, E45BT has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity and the lightweight headphone can give you non-stop company. Whenever you travel or go for a workout, these headphones can be handled easily. Red is a bright colour for headphones, so you can choose them while buying. It is also highly rated on Amazon. In this price range, E45BT is a good choice for quality music.

Srhythm NC15: Over-Ear Red Headset

In the past one and a half years, the rate of online classes and work from home is increasing. So let’s find something in a reasonable price range for students and office employees. If you prefer red over any colours, then you can try Srhythm NC15 over-ear red headphones with a mic for daily use. Why do we recommend this headphone among so many options? Find them out in the next couple of paragraphs.

Srhythm released these headphones a year ago, specially designed for the students to attend lectures and classes for a longer time. The best feature of this headphone is its noise cancellation. It can cancel surrounding noise up to 85% with the 18-23dB noise cancellation depth. It has Bluetooth CSR 5.0 and a battery life of 20 hours. Also, the weight is around 0.5 lbs and the headband can adapt size as required. There are a micro USB cable, an 3.5 mm AUX cable, audio jack plug and plain jack plug included in the package. Also, there is a portable carry bag to carry the NC15 headset anywhere. The AUX cable can be used as a backup. However, the mic is enabled only when is Bluetooth is connected. It uses the ANC technology to reduce the noise and the 40 mm sound drivers deliver clear and balanced sound.

Specially designed for the students, noise-cancellation is very important in wireless headphones. It can switch between two devices in a short time. It also supports Google and Siri assistant and makes hands-free calling. So you can do multitasking with these NC15 headphones. The two ear-cups are comfortable that is heavily padded with memory foam. You can rotate them in either direction as well. A multilevel adjustment feature is available to set the headband for the right fit. The music bass is nice and punchy and the sound quality is great. So, you’re getting good sound, the latest integrations, comfort and trendy design at an affordable price in the Srhythm NC15 headset.

The only problem is with the wired mode. The mic is disabled and volume cannot be adjusted as well. So it is better to use the Bluetooth mode as much as possible. The good news is, ANC can work in both wireless and wired mode.

Yurlgst Kids Headphone

Kids cannot be ignored while listening to music. So at number four, we have a special addition for the kids. Yurlgst is presenting a cat ear style headphone for kids. It has an attractive colour combination of red and blue. A perfect gift for kids at a pocket-friendly price. Bring fun to them.

Yurlust kids headphone has an adorable cat ear design with the LED light blink. It has a wireless connection but supports RF and wired connections as well. DSP or digital signal processor is used to cancel noise waveform by creating an anti-noise waveform. This headphone uses DSP technology along with EQ technology to deliver a seamless music experience. It uses Bluetooth EDR 5.0 for wireless usability. Fold it, adjust the bands to make it compatible with the users. There are ports to insert AUX cable and SD card. Also, there is a built-in mic and a 3.5 mm jack for a wired connection. In addition, this model has a good review trend on Amazon. 

Moving to the advantages, there are multiple aspects. The first point is the design. What a kid loves more than a colourful headset. The cat-ear modification, LED blinking and multilevel on-ear headband adjustment features to make them perfect for them. And whenever we talk about a headset, the focus is on the quality of delivered music. Secondly, with the noise-cancellation feature, kids can enjoy pause-free music anytime for 5-7 hours long. The battery takes 2-3 hours to get charges fully again.

Get premium HD stereo sound with the Yurlgst headset. Thirdly, multifunctions buttons are available to adjust the sound, volume, and other functions. And guess what! This model is comparatively cheaper than all other red headphones till now. As this headset is released 11 months ago, it can adapt to all the latest technologies easily.

Skullcandy Stim: On-Ear Headphones

If you’re looking for wired headphones on a low budget, check out this Skullcandy Stim on-ear model. The sleek design and comfortable ear-cups are the best fit for any music lover. Of course, it cannot provide advantages similar to wireless headphones. But if you want to buy a wired one, pick the best out of them. Let’s find what Skullcandy Stim is offering.

With a microphone and remote control, this headphone is quite accessible. Skullcandy stim is known for delivering rich sound and easy usability. It is comfortable with the designed ear-cups and smooth headband. There are other colours available for this model as well. Any device that has a 3.5 audio jack is compatible with these pair of headphones, including iPhone and Google phones.

In this price range, you’re getting the stylish design, rich music, an in-built mic and multifunction buttons. The dynamic and balanced sound for any kind of music can satisfy the listen. It is a good choice of gift as well. The in-line feature lets you receive calls and manage music at the same time without any hassle.

There are some problems as well. This product is a bit older (released in 2017)  and does not contain noise-cancellation, multi-device support, Alexa, Siri or Google assistant integrations. Also, the playtime is not calculated. However, when a product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5, definitely it is value for money. In this price range, good sound and vast compatibility for any wired headphone are enough to expect. In conclusion, we can say that Skullcandy Stim on-ear headphones are the best fit for indoor use.

Puro Sound Labs PuroBasic: Volume Limiting Wired Headphones

At number six, we have red PuroBasic wired headphones. It can be an alternative to Skullcandy wired headphones. Till now, we have specified the use for kids or students or pure music enthusiasts. Now, these headphones can serve anyone from kids to teens and adults. A perfect pick for gift or self-use. So, what’s offered by PuroBasic headsets that we need to keep in the list of the top six red headphones? Let’s find out.

There are different exciting colours available in this series but red always has a separate fanbase. The colour is charming as well as the design is comfortable. It is an on-ear headphone that adjusts properly so the ear is protected. The ear-cups are covered with Plush vegan leather covers to deliver comfort no matter how long kids are wearing them. Also, the headband is comfortable and lightweight.

Apart from these basic advantages, there is a volume limiting feature, This one unique feature makes PuroBasic headphones come under the top 6. Kids tend to listen to music at a high volume for a long time. To prevent this, this headphone is limiting the volume to 85 decibels. It resists any kind of permanent hearing problem. With the in-line 3.5 mm connection plug microphone, you can connect with almost every device including pc, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Carry them anywhere with a soft carry bag. It was released in 2019, so you’ll get all the latest headphone features in it, that’s too at a very reasonable price. The durability is also guaranteed and you’ll get a warranty advantage as well. One problem is that this PuroBasic headphone is made of high-quality plastic, so that may loo cheaper.

If you want to protect the kids from high blast music but a seamless sound delivery for a long time, pick this product with the volume limiting advantage. A wired red headphone with such compatibility and volume advantage is a one time opportunity.

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Red Wireless Headphones with App Control :

The Sony XB950B1 is a head-turning wireless headphone with a stunning red metallic color. It has a stylish body which really stands out in a crowd. It is great for listening to music, podcasts, audio books, and watching shows and movies. The Sony XB950B1 is a Hi-Fi stereo headphone with 40mm drivers. It boasts a special feature called Extra-Bass which greatly amplifies the bass signature of the music and make it more hard-hitting and immersive. But if you do not want this feature, you can easily turn it off using the onboard controls located on the earpiece.

The Sony XB950B1 red headphone plays songs via Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It works with all iOS, Android and Windows sound sources. It also has one-touch NFC pairing for quick and easy connections with NFC-enabled gadgets. There is also an inbuilt microphone so you can answer your calls hands-free. The headphone has wired operations too. It comes with an audio cable which has an in-line remote controls for taking calls, selecting songs and adjusting the volume. The biggest attraction of the Sony XB950B1 headphone is that it is app-controllable. Just download the Sony HeadphonesConnect app and manage your music as you like. The headset has USB charging and comes with a micro USB cable.

The integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery takes 4 hours to be 100% charged and gives a play time of up to 18 hours per charge, even with Extra-Bass turned on. The headband is adjustable and the earpieces are rotatable. The ear cups and the inner surface of the headband have soft skin-friendly cushioning. This makes for a comfortable and fatigue-free listening experience. The earpieces have multiple controls for power, bass effect, volume and song selection. The headset measures 8.88 inches x 3 inches x 11.5 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs.

Beats EP Wired On-Ear Red Headphones :

At number eight, we have the Beats EP wired on-ear headphone. It is a funky and fashionable red headphone for kids and young adults. It has a durable lightweight frame and is extremely portable. The Beats EP has wired operations. It also has an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calls. A RemoteTalk cable with a multipurpose in-line remote is included in the package. It lets you control the music, volume and take calls.

This red Beats headphone is a battery-free device and doesn’t need to be charged. It gives you the freedom to carry your music wherever you go. The device is compatible with all iOS systems. It has a sturdy ergonomically designed body. The headband is reinforced with high quality stainless steel to give it that extra tensile strength and stability. The headband has vertical sliders that let you adjust the size for a comfortable fit. The ear muffs have an around-the-ear design. They cover the ears fully to prevent noise from the outside from filtering into the device. The ear muffs have soft fatigue-free cushioning for stress-free day-long use.

The headset is built with powerful full-range drivers that crank out loud and clear audio for a superlative listening experience. Whether you are in a party or in a park, the Beats EP recreates the best, most natural, reproduction of the original track. The red Beats headphone is lightweight and space-efficient. It weighs only 1.5 lbs and easily slips in handbags and duffel bags. The package includes a foldable carrying pouch for storing the device and keeping it safe during travels.

Sony MDRXB950BT/R Extra Bass Red Bluetooth Headphones :

The Sony MDRXB950BT is a super bass wireless headphone with a beautiful red metallic finish. It has powerful bass-special 40mm drivers that really jack up the bass delivery of the playback. It is great for DJing at parties, and for personal entertainment too. The Sony MDRXB950BT is a heavy duty headset with an Electro Bass Booster that uses sculpted air vents to amplify the thump and sonic boom of bass to produce big club-like sound.  It has Sony’s unique Beat Response Control technology which minimizes heavy bass distortion through Digital Signal Processing. It also has a 1000 mW OFC voice coil for producing rumbling bass. Furthermore, the gadget has a stunning frequency range of 3Hz to 28kHz. It can process and accurately reproduce amazingly high and amazingly low frequencies.

The Sony MDRXB950BT headphone has Bluetooth and one-touch NFC pairing for sound input which is very liberating. It means you won’t have to bother about from wires and cables. You can dance about all you want and move freely as you like. The Sony red headphone sets you free and lets you take your music anywhere you want. The gadget is very versatile and works with all iOS, Android and Windows systems. It has an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calls. You won’t have to delve in your pocket or bag for your phone. Just press the call answering button on the earpiece and you will instantly be connected to the caller.

The Sony MDRXB950BT headphone has USB charging and comes with a micro USB cord. Once fully charged, it can operate non-stop for up to 20 hours. The device has a port for wired connectivity. It comes with a 1.2-meter-long audio cable with an in-line remote control. The headphone has an adjustable metal headband with a soft head cushion on the inside. The earpieces have soft acoustically sealed ear pads with a pressure-relieving around-the-ear design. The special design makes sure the music stays in and the noise out. The earpieces can also be swiveled flat to make the device more compact and travel-friendly. They have on-ear controls for power, Extra-Bass, mic, volume and song selection. The interface makes managing the headphone really easy.

Sony MDRXB650BT/R Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones :

The Sony MDRXB650BT is a stylish over-ear red Bluetooth headphone with Extra-Bass. It has 30mm dynamic neodymium drivers and highly sensitive diaphragms for exceptional clarity and range. It pumps out big sound with soaring highs, crisp midrange and deep bass. The MDRXB650BT boasts Sony’s Bass Booster technology which provides phenomenal bass response. It has acoustically sealed earpieces for enhanced sound isolation and better bass. The headphone is perfect for bass-heavy music like EDM, house, hip hop and rock. It has 2 means of wireless input: Bluetooth and one-touch NFC pairing. It supports all iOS, Android and Windows devices. It has an inbuilt omni-directional microphone for convenient hands-free calls.

The Sony MDRXB650BT headphone has easy-to-access on-ear controls. There are buttons for power on/off, microphone, song selection and volume. The interface is so designed that it makes switching between music and calls seamless and effortless. The ear cups are also rotatable for flexible listening and easier storage. They swivel flat to make the gadget more compact and travel-friendly. The ear muffs are soft and tender. They have extra-soft padding for all-day and all-night listening comfort. The headband of the Sony MDRXB650BT red headphone is adjustable in size. It can be extended to get a more customized fit.

The device has an integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery with a long battery life. It has a charge time of 4 hours and can operate continuously for 30 hours per charge. A 50 cm USB cable is included in the package. The headset is lightweight and weighs just 190 grams. Frequency response of the gadget 20Hz to 20kHz, impendence is 24 ohm and sensitivity is 95 dB/mW.

Bluedio T2s Bluetooth Red Headphone :

The Bluedio T2s is a stylish on-ear red headphone for kids. It has an ergonomically designed headband for a snug and comfortable fit. The ear cups are rotatable and have soft skin-friendly padding. The biggest selling point of the Bluedio T2s is its drivers. While most headphones use standard 40mm or 30mm drivers, the Bluedio T2s boasts extra-large 57mm drivers. These are ultimate top-rung high-end speakers with the power to generate extraordinary audio. No matter what’s playing, they deliver optimal full-spectrum sound with all the nuances of the music coming out beautifully.

The Bluedio T2s has dual modes for audio input. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology for wireless input and is compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows gadgets. For non-Bluetooth devices, it offers wired means of media input through the onboard 3.5mm AUX-IN jack. An AUX audio cable is included in the package for connecting the headphone to the sound source. The Bluedio T2s red headphone has an inbuilt mic for hands-free calls. It also has an integrated rechargeable battery for Bluetooth mode. On a full charge, it can play for up to 40 hours at a stretch. The headset has movable earpieces that rotate 195ᵒ. It makes the gadget more flexible and comfortable to wear. The inner surface of the headband has a soft padded layer. The ear cups also have superior padding with good quality foam and soft leather. The headphone has a simple and easy on-ear user interface. There are controls for power, pause, volume and track change and answering calls.

Please note the mic works only in the Bluetooth mode. The headband is foldable, which helps save space and enhance portability. It is lightweight and weighs only 231 grams. The device has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and sensitivity of 110 dB. The package includes the headphone, an audio cable, a USB cord and a user manual.

Snug Play+ Red Headphone for Kids :

In the twelfth position, the Snug Play+ headphone is our pick. It is a dual-toned red and white headphone for kids. It has an adjustable headband and is recommended for kids between the ages of 3 and 8. The Snug Play+ has a pre-set cap on volume to make it more child-friendly. The maximum volume of the device is fixed at 93 dB. This limit is sufficient for enjoying music and playing video games. It is necessary for protecting your child’s eardrums and preventing misuse. The Snug Play+ headphone has a daisy chain connector so your child can share her music with her friends. Just connect one input to the sound source using the audio cable and the other to another headphone using a connector to share music between two headphones. The Snug Play+ red headphone is flexible and adjustable. The earpads are soft and supple. They are gentle on your child’s ears and rest snugly over them without putting too much pressure.

The gadget is fitted with 40mm neodymium speakers that produce full range audio from 20Hz to 20kHz. It has a 3.5mm AUX-IN jack for wired audio input and includes a 52-inch-long audio cable. The headphone has a collapsible travel-friendly design. It is made from durable material to withstand rough handling by kids. It is tough and at the same time lightweight and easy to maintain. It is 100% child-safe and makes for a great gift for kids.

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