Best Headphones For Sleeping In 2019

Headphones for sleeping are specially designed to address two needs. The first one is to listen music comfortably when you are lying down in any posture. The other obvious reason is noise cancellation. There are people who are allergic to any small sounds like snoring of others. These people suffers from sleep disorder and insomnia. Noise cancellation is the ultimate requirement for these patients suffering from sleep related disorder. For more comprehensive solution, many prefers to go for a noise cancelling machine but a sleep headphone could be a good option.

So, there are a set of noise cancelling sleep headphones which does this best. On the other hand, a comfortable headphone which we can sleep with mild music on, is a requirement for few music enthusiast. The priority factor in such headphones is comfort. Most of us have been using wired head pods that we commonly use for mobiles. These do not completely serve the purpose of a comfortable sleep headphone. So, let us check in detail, the sleep headphones for leisure time music with comfortable wear and then best noise cancelling headphones for sleeping. We have a separate section dedicated for noise cancelling earbuds. These earbuds are primarily active noise cancelling earphones to give you peace in a crowded street or a noisy aircraft cabin. You may check that as well, if you need a perfect noise cancelling earbud to relax.

Why I do not recommend to buy just any Sleep Headphone ?

Frankly speaking, this question is little weird. I know. When I checked multiple online and offline stores I found there are many earphones and headphones which are labeled as sleeping headphones and pushed to the buyers. I never liked the idea. I have migraine pain problem for several years and I know that just any sleep headphone is not good for me. I am quite clear that I need a comfortable sleeping headphone which can block some amount of sound from outside. I was not looking for a complete noise cancelling earphone, rather a soft headband kind of stuff which gives peace. Also at the same time I wanted to use it as a headphone for listening music when lying in my bed or having a workout session. It should be good for sleep time and also has a decent sound quality.

What I am looking for when buying a sleep headphone ?

As I already mentioned I hate purchasing without basic research and then return it back to the seller for not meeting my expectation. So, my primary checks are comfort, decent sound quality, portability and easy to wash or clean. I relied on this parameters and short listed the best of the best for me.

How I pick the best sleep headphone for me ?

Before buying one for myself, I reviewed the manufacturer’s credibility by visiting there website, cross checked their credentials, reviewed online stores and also listen the verdict of other buyers. I checked the features which make them special as a sleep headphone. I prepared a list of products and presented here. Yes, I do bought two products for myself and I loved them. You can check the product I bought here.

Most comfortable headphones you can sleep in :

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic Sleep Headphones :

Sleephones have been designed with a cutting edge technology. The headphones are made of a super soft machine washable band that can be comfortably placed on the head. It covers your ears completely for dedicated music. The speakers are embedded into the band and fall above your ears. You wake up all refreshed and happy after the night’s sleep.

SleepPhones have been highly appreciated for the soft and seamless fabric they use. This allows you to sleep sideways easily and comfortably. During winters it also works as an ear warmer. However, it you may feel a bit warmer during summers. Nevertheless, these headphones with their multipurpose utility are a great deal. Bluetooth version of AcoustiSheepSleepPhones is also available with rechargeable batteries. 

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic headphones are excellent sleep aiding headphones. It comes with ultra thin 4mm flat speakers that are unobtrusive and support side sleeping and air travel. The speakers keep out ambient noise to allow you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. The headband is made from finest quality extra soft fleece which is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It is stretchy, machine washable and easy to maintain. The speakers are removable and come with a 48 inch cord and a 3.5mm mini jack. The AcousticSheep SleepPhones are compatible with MP3 players, CD players, radios, desktops, Android and Apple devices. You can wear the headphones while sleeping, meditating or travelling. Simply slide the headband over your eyes to experience complete darkness. People with insomnia and frequent fliers can greatly benefit from these headphones for sleeping. The AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic headphones are available in multiple sizes to fit all head sizes. It comes in 4 shades: blue, black, lavender and grey.

AcousticSheep-SleepPhones are machine washable best in class headphones for sleeping

amazon link

Features :

  • Comfortable, machine washable sleep headphones that can be recycled.
  • Blocking of mid to high range noise provides dedicated clear sound.
  • No sound Leakage prevents any disturbance to others while sleeping.
  • Thin speakers that are removable and replaceable.
  • Connects with an 3.5 mm aux cable to any multimedia device.
  • Medium sized with a universal fit.
  • Sleeping headphones with ultra thin flat removable speakers.
  • Washable stretchy fleece headband.
  • Compatible with Android, Apple, MP3 players, radios, desktops and CD players.
  • Comes in multiple sizes and color variants.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones :

Super comfortable, ultra-thin headphones for sleeping from Cozyphones are also on the hit list. It has a Lycra cool mesh lining for a soft touch and comfort. It fits on your head like a band organizing your hair. The speakers in built cover your ears for a noise free music. These can be perfect gifts to your room mates who have been worried about their sleep. This sleek design looks cool and comes with a handy travel bag.

CozyPhones in particular have become people’s choice for the cooling effect of the fabric they are made of. Unlike other sleeping headphones, their fabric does not create heat or discomfort on the head. The fabric is very light, soft, thin and flat. It is stretchy, and therefore fits most of the people. However, it comes only in one free size. This may or may not become an issue for your head size. So our suggestion would be to try them on before you buy.

Another distinct quality of this headphone for sleeping is the sound effect. The volume and clarity of these headphones is far superior to other comparable headphones.

CozyPhones-Sleep-Headphones is light weight, thin and made of soft touch fabricCozyPhones Sleep Headphones

amazon link

Features :

  • Durable aux cable that connects with your multimedia devices.
  • Very lightweight, thin and soft material.
  • Great for relaxation at night, yoga or meditation, even for sports.
  • Tangle free braided cable.
  • Comes with a handy travel bag for carrying it anywhere.
  • Better sound quality.

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs for Sleeping :

If you are looking for a good pair of noise-reducing earphones to help you sleep, MAXROCK sleep earplugs are just what you need. The earplugs have advanced noise-cancelling technology which is very effective in combating ambient sound. Noise-cancelling headphones produce an opposing sound wave that counters the sound wave of the incoming noise from the environment. The two sound waves then merge and the resulting sound is far more soothing and free of distortions. If your partner snores a lot, these sleeping headphones can come to your rescue. They are also great for filtering out noise while studying, meditating and travelling. The ergonomically shaped in-ear earphones are made of two layers of super soft silicone that slide smoothly into the ear canal, remaining snugly intact for maximum comfort during sleep. Side sleepers will especially love this product as it does not feel bulky and obtrusive when the ear is pressed against the pillow. There is an in-line microphone for calls and playback control, and a 3.5mm universal jack. The device includes a carrying case with zipper.

Sleep Earplugs From Maxrock

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Features :

  •  Noise-cancelling sleep earplugs
  • Dual layer super soft silicone earplugs
  • In-line microphone for calls and music control
  • 5mm universal jack
  • Includes carry bag with zipper

SleepPhones SB1BM Wireless Sleep Headphone :

 If you are looking for wireless headphones for sleeping, we recommend SleepPhones SB1BM Wireless sleeping headphones. It is a Bluetooth enabled cord-free headphone ideal for sleeping, meditating, studying, air travel and insomnia. You can pair the headphones it with your Bluetooth devices and play your favorite music. The wireless range is around 15 to 30 feet. However, if you prefer using a cord, the device also includes a 4 foot cord with a 3.5mm universal jack. The SleepPhones SB1BM wireless headphones are equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery with a maximum of 13 hours battery life. The device includes a micro USB charger for recharging. The SleepPhones SB1BM headphones have a comfortable headband with removable ultra thin flat speakers. The headband material has two options: SheepCloud TM fleece or breeze. The headphones come in 3 sizes : extra small, medium and extra large. There are 5 color options: blue, black, grey, lavender and pink.

SleepPhones SB1BM Headband For Sleeping

amazon link


  •  Bluetooth headphones for sleeping
  • Includes cord with 3.5mm jack
  • Rechargeable headphones with in-built batteries.
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life
  • Ultra thin speakers
  • 2 options for headband fabric
  • 3 headband sizes
  • 5 color variants

LC-dolida Bluetooth Music Headband For Sleeping :

LC-Dolida offers another exciting class of headphones for sleeping. These are wireless headphones or headbands that look extremely cool and funky. Sport lovers and runners adore these headphones as it keeps their hands free and their hair tied up. These sleep headphones connect to your multimedia devices wirelessly through Bluetooth and play your favorite music. Enjoy sports or slip into your bed with these comfortable headphones for a stress zero feel.

 LC-dolida Bluetooth Music Headband

amazon link

Features :

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity feature for hands free enjoyment.
  • Completely washable after removing Bluetooth module.
  • Durable material which is a combination of nylon and cotton for a soft comfortable touch.
  • In- built rechargeable battery and USB charging facility provided with a playtime of 5 hours.
  • 10 meters of transmission distance.

2018 Generation 5 Hibermate Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs for Sleeping :

 The 2018 Generation 5 Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs by Hibermate is the latest in its range of noise-reducing light-blocking sleep masks that aid sleep. It lowers noise by 15 to 20 decibels. The sleep mask has detachable ear muffs made of specially engineered medical-grade silicone for better sound absorption and flexibility. There are 2 sets of ear muffs. The first pair is designed to be worn in the sitting position. It is donut shaped and made of soft protein leather. The second pair is intended to be worn while sleeping and supports side sleeping. It is in the form of a pad and cushions and covers the ears completely (even large ears). The Hibermate sleep mask is designed to fit heads of all sizes. It is fitted with 2 easy-to-adjust elastic straps that keep the device in place and does not slip or cause friction against your pillow. The mask has extra padding around the nose and cheeks for completely blocking out light. It has a stylish satin front and a breathable cottony inside. Please note that this product is a sleep mask with integrated ear muffs, and therefore might not be as effective in keeping out sound as ear plugs or ear phones. Includes a carry bag.

amazon link

Features :

  •  Sleep mask with integrated ear muffs.
  • Medical-grade silicone ear muffs.
  • 2 sets of ear muffs.
  • 2 adjustable elastic straps with clip-on clip-off feature.
  • Satin exterior, cottony interior.
  • Comes with carry bag.

Tooks Sportec Band For Sleeping : 

This cool sleep headphone serves both as a sports band and sleeping band. The fabric used is a soft, micro-fleece material that is super comfortable while asleep. The head band keeps you warm and organized. Sound quality of this headphone is appreciable. This headphone will protect you from outside noises to a large extent. The speaker size in these headphones is slightly larger than usual. However, it does give you the flexibility to adjust and place them appropriately over the ears. The new bluetooth version of this sleep headphone is a nice choice to check if you are looking for a wireless option.

TooksSportec-Band sleep headphone comes with noise isolation ear band

amazon linkFeatures :

  • Built-in microphone for voice commands.
  • Volume control and music control options provided.
  • Works as an ear warmer, sports band and headphone.
  • Good sound quality and sound isolation.
  • Comfortable fabric to help you sleep or rest at ease.

Sleep Headphones and Sleeping Mask by Hibermate :

Hibermate presents the best in sleeping headphones with their all-new sleep headphones with contoured sleeping mask for minimum pressure on eyes and ears and maximum comfort. The headphones are a great way to keep out surrounding noise during sleep. You can listen to white noise, soothing sounds, music, podcasts, audio books or anything that helps you sleep. The headphones have Kevlar cables for tangle-free handling and in-line remote with microphone for answering calls, volume control and pausing playback without taking off the mask. Specially designed removable flat speakers allow you to comfortably sleep on your sides without feeling the bulkiness that headphones normally have. The speakers have impressive bass, mid-range and top-range. The device has an adjustable strap and integrated memory foam ear cushions for optimum fit and listening comfort. The package includes an airplane adapter. The mask is machine-washable once you have removed the speakers. It is compatible with Android, iPhone and all other tablets, laptops, etc. For connectivity there is a 3.5mm audio jack.

Sleep Headphones and Sleeping Mask by Hibermate

amazon link

Sleep Headphones and Sleeping Mask by Hibermate


  •  Sleep headphones with integrated contoured sleeping mask.
  • 3-button in-line remote.
  • 3-foot long Kevlar-coated cable.
  • Memory foam ear cushions.
  • Removable flat speakers.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • 5mm audio jack.
  • Android, iPhone compatible.
  • Includes airplane adapter.

Sleepace Sleep Headphones :

The Sleepace sleep headphones are one of the most intelligent sleep-aiding headphones. It is equipped with smart sleep sensing technology. The Sleepace headphones are app controlled. The mobile app monitors your sleep progress and automatically turns off music to allow you to sleep peacefully. You can set your alarm on the app and it will wake you up when your sleep is the lightest around the time of the alarm so that your deep sleep is not interrupted and you wake up feeling fresh and fully rejuvenated. What’s more, the app analyses and reviews your sleep quality and suggests ways to improve it. The Sleepace sleeping headphones have a slim shape and ergonomic design to help you relax, unwind and fall asleep anywhere you like. The mask fits closely over the bridge of the nose for total light out and maximum darkness. The ultra thin fabric of the ear mask is a blend of silk and lycra. It has a soft silky feel and is machine washable. The speakers are removable and project crystal clear audio. The package includes a handy carrying pouch.

Sleepace Sleep Headphone

amazon link


  •  Smart headphones for sleeping
  • Sleep sensing and sleep analyzing technology
  • App controlled headphones
  • Washable ultra thin silky ear mask
  • Removable earphones
  • Includes carrying case

Mountains Sleep Headphones – Noise cancellation headphone for side sleepers :

This headband from Mountains offers good features for headphones you can sleep in. These are ultra-thin headphones designed with a comfortable Lycra material. The headphones can be easily removed replaced or positioned as per convenience. It is made with an athletic and stretchy material that absorbs heat and places comfortably. It is an easy, healthy and inexpensive way to stay fresh and stress free.

Mountains-Sleep-Headphones is a ultra-thin headphone made with athletic stretchy material for comfortable wear

amazon link

Features :

  • Good sound quality and noise cancellation features make this headphone stand out.
  • These are ultra-thin and painless to wear during bedtime.
  • Flexible and durable braided cable.
  • Works as a headband and headphone.
  • Absorbs head heat and gives a cooling effect.

ACOTop Velcro Adjustable Earphones For Sleeping :

Do you face trouble while sleeping and the bulky mobile headphones do not help? The discomfort of ear pods doesn’t help you relax either? If you are looking for headphones you can sleep in, the design from ACOTop might serve you well. These headphones have a perfect design taking care of the ergonomics. It is a perfect combination of an eye mask as well as a headphone. The adjustable stretchable mask fits comfortably to anyone. It has a soft silky interior lining for a smooth cool touch.

ACOTop-Velcro-Adjustable-Earphones has eye and ear mask to prevent light and ambient noise

amazon link

Features :

  • Multipurpose headphones that serve as headphones you can sleep in, eye mask to prevent light infiltration and overall a great solution for sensory issues.
  • Great for listening to light music or stories from your smart devices during long flights or at night.
  • It has a magnetic material with therapeutic qualities and hydrophobic qualities.
  • Washable and easily portable design.

FoYoung Bluetooth Headband For Sleeping :

Another sleep headphone in the wireless Bluetooth category from FoYoung will steal your heart. It comes with a battery backup of up to 6 hours. The headband is made of cotton and spandex. Bluetooth connection establishes within 3 seconds to give streaming music. Your smart devices can be used to establish the connection and play your favorite songs. It can be considered as a perfect sports gear and gift for your loved ones.

 FoYoung Bluetooth Headband for Sleeping

amazon link

Features :

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity with a range of 10 meters.
  • 6 hours of playtime.
  • A microphone is also built in to switch between calls and music.
  • Vibrations and voice prompt ensures that you never miss a call.
  • Options to handle calls, volume , Siri etc. are added features.
  • Soft, comfortable, sweat absorbing fabric helps you enjoy the band at all times.

AGPtEK headphones for sleeping :

Next on the list is another great option for a sleep headphone from AGPtEK. This headphone has built in HD audio speakers. It blocks all outside noise and provides a comfortable wear. It is recommended for insomnia treatments, meditation or for general bedtime music experiences. Travel friendly, lightweight and breathable; it has all the good features you are looking in headphones you can sleep in.

amazon link

Features :

  • HD audio speaker is in built.
  • Very convenient and durable braided cord with volume control.
  • Combination of eye mask and headphones.
  • Ultra soft and thin fabric for a comfortable sleep.
  • Excellent as a sports-wear, yoga or meditation gear and for bed time relaxing music.

MMUSS Sleep Headphones with Ultra Thin Speakers :

The MMUSS Sleep Headphones feature ultra thin 3mm speakers for superior wearing comfort. It is the perfect choice for side sleepers as it does not have the bulky presence of headphones with ear muffs or plastic earplugs. The speakers can be removed from the headband which is made of light-weight and washable lycra. It is super soft, comfortable and can be worn for hours without feeling stressed. The MMUSS headphones have a tangle-free braided cable and a microphone and control button for taking calls, adjusting volume and music tracks and connecting with Siri. The headphones are ideal for sleeping, relaxation, meditation and air travel. It blocks light and muffles surrounding sound to induce sleep. Just pull it over your eyes like an eye mask and enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep.

MMUSS Sleep Headphones with Ultra Thin Speakers

amazon link

Features :

  •  Sleeping headphones with ultra thin 3mm speakers.
  • Washable lycra headband.
  • Braided tangle-free cord.
  • Mic and control button for calls, volume and track change.
  • Can access Siri.

Hanerdun Sleep Headphones :

The Hanerdun sleep headphones are another excellent choice for headphones for sleeping. They come with specially engineered ultra thin earphones for optimum fit and comfort. The Hanerdun sleeping headphones are best suited for people who sleep on their sides and frequent air travelers. The thin speakers are unobtrusive and do not press against the ears. The headband is made from washable, stretchable and light-weight flannel fabric. The material is extra soft and breathable for longer wearing comfort. The headband covers the eyes completely to block out light and aid sleep. It is a versatile accessory and can also be used as a sports headband. The Hanerdun sleep headphones are great for listening to podcasts, music, audio books and white noise while sleeping, relaxing or traveling. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices and MP3 players. It has stereo speakers, a detachable cord and a 3.5mm universal jack.

Hanerdun Sleep Headphones

amazon link

Features :

  •  Sleeping headphones with ultra thin earphones
  • Washable stretchable flannel headband
  • Compatible with MP3, Android and Apple devices
  • Detachable cord
  • 5mm jack

Outspace Bluetooth Headphones For Sleeping :

Outspace presents a combination of an eye mask and Bluetooth headphone that you can sleep in. This is a steal away deal with all possible advantages of a headphone and eye mask. The Bluetooth headphones give the joy of hands free experiences. The eye mask relaxes your eyes from bright sunlight during travel or light during night time. It is well foamed for a soft comfortable wear. The outer cloth is washable and reusable.

Outspace bluetooth headphone for sleeping

amazon link

Features :

  • An ideal travel companion and bed time buddy.
  • Built in microphone to take calls.
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology to easily connect with smart devices and give you a hands free experience.
  • Eye mask gives a complete block out from sunlight or any kind of light.
  • 4 to 6 hours of battery backup via rechargeable battery using USB cable.
  • Buttons for volume control and voice and music switches.

Bed headphones from FIRIK :

Good looks, great features and durability also places FIRIK on the list of best headphones for sleeping. Great modern looks and ultra-thin comfortable fabric makes it perfect for summer use. Thin and soft earphones are embedded inside this band. These can be easily removed and replaced. The design is adjustable and fits universally to anyone. This band will give you great relief from insomnia, tinnitus, air travel issues etc.

Bed-headphones-FIRIK is one of the top sleep headphone for sleep disorder

Features :

  • Velcro adjustable and thin fleece material for a comfortable use.
  • Wired headphones that connects with your smart devices with a durable aux cable.
  • Speaker quality is good enough for listening while at bed, running or sporting.
  • Soft and breathable and fit for summer use.
  • Good sound quality and noise free sound effect.
  • Leave them on and wake up fresh and smiling.

SHUHOME Velcro Adjustable Earphones For Sleeping :

SHUHOME also introduces headphones for sleeping keeping comfort as the priority. These are perfect for travelling purposes. You can relax your eyes as well as listen to good music or anything of your interest. It blocks any light from entering the eye and the noise cancellation feature give crystal clear sound. All together it is great for sensory issues.

SHUHOME-Velcro-Adjustable-Earphones has eye mask and ear band for better sleep experience

Features :

  • Adjustable, expandable Velcro design for a universal fit.
  • Soft and washable with ultra-thin speakers to give a seamless effect.
  • Extremely durable and does not easily kink, twist or break.
  • Connects to all smart devices with the aux cable.
  • Comes with an EVA zippered case.

Best headphones for sleeping with noise cancellation :

Kokoon Headphones – Editor’s Choice of next generation Headphone for Sleeping :

Kokoon is a next generation headphone, technologically much ahead of competition as far as sleep headphones are concern. This headphone is intelligent enough to understand your leisure & sleep pattern and adjust itself automatically. No other headphone or ear bud in the market is capable of doing this. Let us check what makes Kokoon the next generation sleep headphone.

Kokoon headphone is claimed to be world’s first headphone to understand your sleep pattern and adjust the music and volume accordingly. Kokoon has engineered with specially made EEG sensors and application which can get clinical level data during your leisure and sleep. It’s intelligent algorithm will process this information to adjust audio outputs during your sleep. Isn’t it just awesome ?

Kokoon-Headphones for sleeping is an intelligent headphone with EEG sensors for auto volume adjustment during sleep and leisure

Physical Design :

Flexibility :

Kokoon headphones are specially designed just for rest and sleeping. So, your neck and head may be placed differently than someone else’s. Kokoon considers that individual postures during sleeping and lying down could be quite different and therefore designed the headphone to be ultra flexible for use. The manufacturer took a patent of this ultra flexible design which is called – “FlexMould Comfort system”. This helps to take the shape and contours of the head & neck easily. This in turn helps to evenly distribute the pressure of head to other parts and creates a very comfortable wearing experience.

Air Circulation :

The next part of their design is obviously air circulation mechanism designed in this headphone. Better air circulation ensures less sweating and warming with increased comfort during long hours of usage.

EEG Sensors :

The last but not the least is the EEG sensors which makes it topper in the sleeping headphones list. In treating insomnia and other sleep disorder EEG sensors are widely used to monitor sleep pattern and collect patient data for treatment. Kokoon designed similar mini EEG sensors which can capture sleep patterns intelligently and changes the audio controls accordingly.

Audio Quality :

The Kokoon team paired up with Onkyo Corporation for the finest quality audio experience for it’s users. They are working with industry best audio engineers to design a truly world class sleep headphone of next generation. It is claimed to equalize and block ambient noise through active noise cancellation and helps in better sleeping experience. The first shipment is planned on October 2017. Once it is available open market we can get to know about it’s audio quality and noise reduction ability in more detail.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancellation Headphone For Sleeping :

Physical Design :

Bose QuiteComfort 35 is a latest built from Bose with active noise cancellation technology. It looks a lot similar to Bose QC 25 headphone but it is different otherwise. The first and foremost thing is Bose QuiteComfort 35 is a wireless headphone. The headband is quite thick and wide to sit properly on the head. This helps to put it properly during lying down without any disruptions. The weight of this noise cancellation headphone is around 8.3 ounces / 236 grams.

Noise Cancellation and Sound Quality :

Bose QuiteComfort 35 achieves the active noise cancellation by separate microphones placed inside and outside of the headphone ear-cups. These microphones catch the unwanted sound, check and then route it to electronic microchips designed for nullifying the noise. These micro sensors and chips are IP (intellectual property) of Bose. The latest inbuilt digital equalizer helps in balancing the sound to create an optimum experience for the user be it in high or low pitch of the sound.

Bose-QuietComfort-35 sleep headphone has active noise cancellation with best in class audio quality

amazon link

Important features of the product :

  • Good battery life at 20 hours.
  • Noise cancellation only works at wireless mode.
  • The wired mode supports normal use but no noise cancellation.
  • Integrated rechargeable battery, so you can not remove or replace it.
  • Available in two colors – Silver and Black.
  • Easy pairing with mobile and compatible devices ( i.e. – Macbook Air, iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge )

Bose QuiteComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Earphone For Sleeping :

First of all Bose QC 25 is another exceptional product from Bose. It is quite similar in build and looks with Bose QC 35 but obviously less pricey than QuiteComfort 35. Bose designed this noise cancelling sleep headphone to a better degree than it’s predecessor.

Bose-QuiteComfort-25 is a flexible headband, light weight, wired sleep headphone

amazon link

Physical design :

Two things make this headphone special. The first one is obviously the head band design which helps to put it perfectly tight on top of your head. in Bose QC 15 there was a gap which makes it little uncomfortable. This design issue is solved in Bose QuiteComfort 25. Also the headphone can be folded to a smaller carrying case for ease of portability. The other important thing to be noted is, it is a pure wired headphone with no wireless capability. The headphone weighs around 196 grams or 6.9 ounces and comfortable to wear.

Noise Cancellation and Sound Quality :

Bose does very good justice to it’s brand value as far as active noise cancellation is concern. It is quite good than it’s competitor in the aspect of ambient noise reduction. The only downside is a slight increase in air pressure inside the earcup when you just use it as a noise cancelling sleep headphone. A person with little sensitive eardrum may find this pressure increase a little annoying as a headphone for sleeping. Sound quality is satisfactory along different pitches, low to high range frequencies and different genres of music.

Mpow Bluetooth Sleep Headphones With Passive Noise Cancellation :

Mpow bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are for budget sensitive consumers. No doubt the design and over all look makes it look like a high priced headphone.

Physical Design :

It is a traditional over the ear designed headphone with both wired and wireless pairing capabilities. Primary exterior is shiny black plastic with inlays of silver in the earcups. On the first look the earcups seemed to be little smaller. In fact we found that for little large ears this seems to be an uncomfortable design. Long time use with this headphone on does create a fair amount of discomfort in the ear and makes it warm. So, in our opinion this can be a choice for little power naps and not your bed time sleep.

As far as connectivity is concern, all standard android and apple devices can be paired seamlessly with the headphone. Wired connection can be made through a male-to-male cable which is part of the audio kit shipped with this headphone. All the headphone control buttons are on the right side of the headphone and difficult to access when the headphone is placed on your neck or head.

Noise Cancellation and Sound Quality :

The noise cancellation offered by this headphone in passive in nature. That means no waveform are generated actively to cancel out the ambient sounds to enter the headphone ear-cups. Now this means the noise cancellation is basically done when you are listening to some tracks and not without any music or sound tracks like active noise isolation headphones.

The music quality is not great at any measures. The bass effect is light with mild distortions at higher volumes. Also at any volume level you can find sound leakage from the headphone and that means people around you can get it. So, in a nutshell it is a cheaper headphone with noise isolation mechanism for budget conscious users.

Mpow-Bluetooth-Headphones are noise cancelling sleep headphone for consumers looking at value for money product

amazon link

Features :

  • 0 bluetooth capability
  • Wireless pairing range 10 meters / 33 feets
  • 4 hours of charging time
  • 13 hours of playback time
  • 420mAh battery storage

A cool pairing speaker for amazon echo dot is a handy option for your bed side use. Check it today.

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  1. Drawyne says:

    This is a really helpful discussion, thanks for sharing your expertise. But I still have a question. Is noise isolation also the better choice under wind noise circumstances, like on a motorbike or race bike? Right now I have a pair of in-ear VSonic GR07 which sound great (very much like the Shure 215) but it doesn’t isolate that well.

    • SpeakerGuy says:

      We do not think so. Because in windy condition, you may want to isolate the noise of the wind but what about a vehicle horn. That is intended. So, noise isolation or cancellation in a road is a safety concern and should not be tried in our view.

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