The Best 10 Golf Cart Speaker To Buy In 2019 [No.1 Steals Golfer’s Heart !]

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  1. John Miller says:

    Pretty interesting products. But I think we can use any waterproof speaker in the golf cart. What is the use of particularly golf cart speaker ?

    • SpeakerGuy says:

      Hi John,

      It’s right that any good waterproof speaker can be used in a golf cart. In fact a waterproof speaker can be used for any outdoor activities. But how to mount or fit the speaker in a golf cart ? Probably that is the reason there are specific speakers for golf carts or ATVs. Also a waterproof speaker does not always designed to withstand UV rays, mud or dust particles which are very common in outdoor environment. Hence, it is advisable to go for a speaker which is designed for a golf cart or UTV or ATV.

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