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Directional speakers are specially designed speakers to create a field of sound which spread less and contained within a small field. This kind of speakers create directional sound through an array of small traditional loudspeakers. Directional speakers are useful on specific situation and scenarios like art galleries and museums where it is used to address a specific section of people gathered in small place.

Directional speakers explained

Let us evaluate Our List Of Best Directional Speakers :

Acouspade Classic Hyper Directional Audio System :

Acouspade is undoubtedly one of the best brand for directional speakers and sound systems. Let us look at our first pick. The Acouspade classic hyper directional audio system is capable of focusing and sending a beam of sound wave in a specific small region in the environment. During our test, we placed the speaker in a square room mounted to a wall. Our plan was to focus the sound beam in a specific region of the opposite wall. We found that the speaker is able to focus and send sound fairly to a small portion as we aimed. This ability will surely help the user to make sure that the sound is audible only to a specific area.

Acouspade hyper directional sound system from Holosonics

Acouspade Classic Speaker system work as sound spotlight to create personalized zone for hearing specific announcements or sounds and you can use the same concept to create multiple sound zones concentrated within a hall. This helps to address different set of people interested at different items. This is thoroughly exceptional. The cool part is the sound content for co-existent closed audio zones never interfere with each other. This directional sound system deliver like a earphone experience with no interference and almost zero ambient noise for the audience.

With availability of two colors – black and white, this speaker works in three different modes. The modes are – Spot light, Sound Shower and Virtual Speaker mode. Check the details of each mode under the hyper directional speaker discussed below.

Acouspade hyper directional speakers – Editor’s Choice :

As mentioned in the Acouspade hyper directional sound system, the directional speaker gives similar experience for sound zone separation with laser like concentrated sound beams. This hyper directional speaker has three modes of operation for different purposes. We checked all of these modes by installing the speaker in different position of the room and here is the details :

Acouspade hyper directional speakers

Spot Light Mode :

In this mode, the hyper directional speakers are placed either in the top position or the bottom position of the digital screen ( screen for showing something to the audience ). We placed the speaker in a tilted way, so as to reach the concentrated sound wave to the user. We found that the sound experience varies with user’s height. This happens because the sound beam reaches a certain height from the tilted speaker. People with a certain height ranges who reach to that sweet spot experience a true directional sound effect. For others it was quite void. This outcome was quite expected to us, if we consider the physical positioning of the speaker.

Sound Shower Mode :

In this installation mode, the user should mount the speaker on the ceiling of the room and facing towards ground direction. This will help to reach to audience with any height. The criteria here is the person needs to be present just below the sound beam area.

Virtual Speaker Mode :

In this installation mode, the speaker is mounted in the ceiling but tilted towards the screen which is playing the video. The sound beam, travel towards the video screen and get reflected towards the audience in front of the screen. As a result of this, the audience feel that the source of the sound is the screen itself and generally the speaker is not visible to the audience.

Design of Acouspade Directional Speaker:

As per the company they have a patent pending digital signal processing system, which acts as an exceptional amplification system. This amplifier does not require significant heat sink, and this helps the whole system to be designed within flat 22 mm panel. The whole system is boasted to be thinnest directional speaker on the market. Sound quality is quite amazing considering excellent bass tone at as low as 150 Hz frequency. The directional acoustic output is created with clarity in the high frequency zone as well making it an all-round performer in the directional sound system category. This type of speaker has a usage in – Libraries, Museum, Retail outlets, Kiosks, slot machines etc.

There are two other unique specialty of this product which is worth mentioning. The first one is bluetooth wireless pairing. This is a common feature for speakers now a days but for directional speakers it was not so common in the market. So, You can pair and feed Acuspade Hyper Directional Speaker with wireless content easily. The other cool feature is auto motion detection ability. So, this speaker can detect any movement near to it, and started playing the sound accordingly. This model is available in three colors – black, white and grey. You may find this speaker interesting and visit the manufacturer’s site to know more about this.

Directional Speakers From Holosonics :

Holosonics is a leading manufacturer & marketer for directional speaker. They have their own brand & patent called Audio Spot Light. This was developed in MIT in the early 2000s and become rapidly acceptable way of generating high quality directional audio. The directional audio is produced by generating the Ultrasound from a ultrasound speaker effectively. The technology of creating directional sound was to create a sound wave with significantly smaller wavelength than it’s producer speaker diameter. Normally the sound wave length is larger and hence after producing they travel omni-directionally. But if a sound wave can be generated with high frequency but smaller wave length, it can travel a longer distance almost uni-directional way.

The confusion some time arises from the fact that ultrasound is beyond 20 KHz and hence sound produced at this range is not audible. It is true. But the other technical aspect is the sound wave length changes as the physical wave travels through the layer of air. As it travels, the wave length become longer and it comes under the audible range.

Holosonics uses this fundamental concept in it’s design and creates the ultrasound wave in such a way which travels and eventually enters in the
audible range. This way Holosonics achieve it’s directional audio capability in their much appreciated Spot Light Audio. There are couple of models Spot Light Audio models as mentioned below.

AS-168i Audio Spot Light –


  • Latest model with vibrant sound producing capability.
  • Can create very directional one person audible sound beam.
  • Perfect product for ATM, small kiosk etc.

AS-16i Audio Spot Light –


  • Most popular and best critic review.
  • Created for a small group of audience with ability to keep complete silence at other positions.
  • A definite choice for hospital, school, home use and libraries.

AS-24i Audio Spot Light –


  • Larger size, strongest audio output and very good low frequency performance.
  • Better coverage area with capability to function satisfactory in a noisy environment.
  • Good for open area address, trade fair, museum etc.

The best part of all Holosonics directional speaker is the custom exterior design, company provides. If you want a piece which is of same color and
design with your ceiling tiles, the company designs it same way. This is really cool considering this helps the directional speaker operates without
the audience noticing it separately.

Directional Speakers From PanPhonics :

PanPhonics is a leading company in commercial directional sound system design and marketing. They have their own line of products starting from – Compact, Sound Shower and Custom built models. PanPhonics boasts of Sound Shower model which is one of the most installed directional sound system commercially.

Let us check the directional speaker product line of PanPhonics :

Compact :

PanPhonics Compact Directional Speakers

Compact are ultra-thin and ultra-light speakers measuring 60X60. It does not have any bordering frame and body of natural fibers. The sound quality is excellent with tight directionality. Compact is one of the automatic choice for small and medium scale commercial usage.

Sound Shower :

PanPhonics Sound Shower Speaker

Sound Shower the premium product from PanPhonics is very thin, light, aluminium framed speaker with a huge commercial install base. This creates crisp, crystal clear directional audio output suited for noisy environment.

Custom Make :

PanPhonics Custome Directional Speakers

There are customers who want aesthetic changes in texture and design for the installation of these products. PanPhonics helps them with customizing the color and design for the installation. This helps to suit the directional speaker properly with the ambiance. Check the below image to understand the customization impacts.

Parametric Speaker From Brown Innovations :

Brown Innovation is a leading company in USA providing customized sound solution since 1993. One of the niche area of Brown Innovation is parametric directional audio systems. In their product lines they primarily have three broad category of directional speakers.

Let us check the different category of Directional Speakers from Brown Innovation :


SonicBeam Directional Speaker

This speaker is more like a directional soundbar and works in a compact area with excellent quality sound output. Find the individual products under SonicBeam Directional Audio Speakers below –

SB-12 SonicBeam :

This is perfect when you are looking for installing in a very limited space. This may not give very tight directional audio in that sense but superb
quality output for sure. The length is around 12 inches with customized SmartVolume and sensor option.

SB-18 SonicBeam :

This is a 18 inches speaker model and can create a one and half feet wide sound beam.

SB-24 SonicBeam :

This is a 24 inches speaker model with strict directional audio output ability. The product is perfect for a audience of one to two people.

SB-40 SonicBeam :

This product is ideal for a small group of audience. The speaker size is around 40 inches.

SB-47 SonicBeam :

Creates a very small and directional output at 4 inches width. The beam width increases with custom speaker options available with this product.

CT 24-24 SonicBeam :

It is a flat panel speaker model with 24X24 inches dimension. You can use it as a ceiling mountable speaker with sound flowing top from the head of the audience.

SonicBeam – EJ-22 :

EJ-22 is a edge mounting directional speaker. You can mount it as a normal speaker for your PC. This frontal speaker will produce directional audio for
personal use.


“Sound dome hemispheric design” is a patented technology of Brown Innovation. This hemispheric design helps these specially designed speakers to provide very tight directionality and sound isolation from the ambient environment. The company claims that this patented technology can create a four time better precise sound beam than general head mounting speakers. This Sound Dome is much better at producing stereo output than it’s competition because of it’s specially designed shape.

Quadeo Localizer Sound Dome

Let us now look at various options available under Sound Dome :

  • Solo Mini Localizer Sound Dome
  • Single Localizer Sound Dome
  • Wide Dispersion Localizer Sound Dome
  • Quadeo Localizer Sound Dome

Check the detailed spec of each of these in Sound Dome Speaker from Brown Innovation.

Directional Subwoofers from Brown Innovation :

You can enjoy rich bass and excellent quality TV output in complete sound isolation by using these subwoofers from Brown Innovation. You can check
these subwoofers mentioned below from the company.

  1. Overhead Mounted Directional Subwoofer
  2. Bottom Mounted Directional Subwoofer

Except all these Brown Innovation has an earlier product line of directional speakers namely – MAESTRO. This product line is currently in process of aging and hence the company is giving more focus on the “Sonic Beam” which is more next generation.

Parametric Speaker From SoundLazer – Open Source Project:

Work with directional parametric speaker started long back in the 1960s. The tests and experiments were done to find whether small wavelengths of ultrasonic sound can be utilized to create directional acoustics much better than a normal loudspeaker. Parametric audio system came into picture afterwards which creates sound beams more like intensified laser beams.

SoundLazer Parametric Speaker

This parametric speaker works by mixing up normal sound with intensified ultrasonic sound wave and achieving focused directional beam like sound output. The other specialty about the product is, this project gives you a certain level of freedom of customization. So, you will have access to the code and digital signal processing files to fine tune the sound as per your requirements. Anybody wants to fine tune and make adjustments may buy and use Sigma Studio USB Programmer from Digikey and design custom waves to improve functionality of this parametric directional speaker from SoundLazer. You can use this very effectively for intelligent public safety system, commercial advertising and security alarms.

For range of subwoofers and cheap soundbars please check this place.

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