Bazooka MBT8014 Marine Subwoofer Complete Review

If you own a ski boat or a yacht, chances are you already have a speaker system installed on your vessel. Now, while your system may perform reasonably well in normal cruising conditions, when you are racing ahead at full throttle, it may not be loud enough. The sound may get drowned in wind and engine noises adversely affecting your listening experience. The bass especially may be poor and tinny making your songs sound flat and lackluster. If you want good bass on your boat – because bass matters a lot in open air marine vessels – we suggest you get a separate high output subwoofer. You can either purchase a powered subwoofer or get a non-powered one and pair it with an external amplifier.

While selecting a sub, make sure to check its waterproof rating and design features. Wind, sun, water, salt – all of these are going to have varying effects on the system. Hence, it must be sturdy enough to stand up to the ravages of nature and time. Among marine-rated waterproof subwoofers, the Bazooka MBT8014 is an excellent product. Let us go through the specifications of this gadget in detail.

Bazooka MBT8014 Waterproof Subwoofer Features & Tech Details :

Bazooka is a leading manufacturer of marine bass tubes. It makes space-efficient and hard-driving subwoofers. Its catalog features both passive and amplified subs. The Bazooka MBT8014 is a successful bass tube with a sizeable market demand. We will analysis the gadget in two sections – sound quality and product design.

Sound Quality :

The Bazooka MBT8014 is a rock-solid ported bass tube. It is the perfect companion for your wakeboard tower speaker system. It adds more impact and power to your music and takes your on-deck entertainment to a whole new level of awesome. The Bazooka MBT8014 tube pumps out booming loud bass overriding wind, water and engine sounds. The speaker of the tube is adjacent to the port which is an ideal arrangement for corner-loading subs such as the Bazooka MBT8014. When you install the MBT8014 in a corner of your boat, the edges of the boat serve as natural amplifiers enhancing the bass intensity of the sub. The corner acts like a megaphone for the sub. This is a critical advantage as the sub uses your vessel’s boundaries to further accentuate its bass performance. Power handling of the Bazooka MBT8014 is 6-150W RMS. This is sufficient to generate thumping bass at top cruising speeds. Its frequency response is 39Hz to 1500Hz, impendence is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 102 dB. Kindly note the MBT8014 is a passive subwoofer. It has a power handling limit of 150W which when combined with the special Bass Tube Enclosure cranks out voluminous bass.

Product Design :

The Bazooka MBT8014 uses Bass Reflex technology to generate superior bass. As mentioned earlier, the subwoofer has a unique cylindrical shape. This body structure of the tube moves the air inside it in such a manner that it converts the woofer’s motion into maximum air pressure, thus generating high impact bass which you can almost feel through your skin. Bazooka uses its patented tubular design for firing low frequencies into the air like an acoustic canon. In fact, the bass tube does away with the need to power it with a separate amp as it is can generate impressive bass output on its own. The Bazooka MBT8014 makes use of an 8-inch polypropylene woofer. It is a fully waterproof industrial-grade plastic cone surrounded by two layers of compressed foam for better excursion. Polypropylene as a cone material is highly stable. It is moisture-resistant and reduces external distortions. The tube has a 28 oz magnet. It also uses acoustic damping fiber as it reduces the tube’s resonance and simulates an increased air space. This maximizes the efficiency of the tube and boosts overall bass output. The Bazooka MBT8014 is a marine-rated weather-resistant, salt-resistant and dust-resistant subwoofer. It can withstand splashes of water and the occasional drizzle. It is protected against UV radiation and corrosion. It comes with a special coating to safeguard it against the elements. The MBT8014 is a compact space-saving device. It is unobtrusive and comfortably fits in a corner of your yacht. You can mount the device using the included mounting straps. The straps are completely waterproof and reinforced with Velcro tape for a firmer grip. They can be removed and readjusted as per your convenience. It gives you the flexibility to change your sub’s position whenever you like. However, if you wish for a permanent installation, you can try the optional chrome-plated UMS brackets. These brackets offer a secure and stable mount for your subwoofer and also give it an eye-catching look. The Bazooka MBT8014 comes with all the necessary equipment for installation. It has stainless steel hardware including four 1-inch self-taping screws, wiring harnesses and mounting bases. The sub has nickel-plated thumb screw terminals. It has a protective grille that shields it from impacts and knocks. The Bazooka MBT8014 is ideal for family boating and fishing trips. It is suitable for ski boats and pontoon boats as well. The company offers a one-year warranty on the product. Dimensions of the product are: 8.5” x 18” x 10”. It weighs 18 lbs.

Key features :

  • Waterproof subwoofer for marine vessels.
  • Patented Bass Tube Enclosure design.
  • Weather-resistant, fog-resistant, salt-resistant, UV-resistant, dust-resistant, anti-corrosion.
  • 8-inch polypropylene woofer, 28 oz magnet.
  • Waterproof Velcro-reinforced mounting straps.
  • Power handling 6-150W RMS.


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