Bazooka BPB36 Waterproof UTV Soundbar Installation Guide & Review

Working your ranch on your UTV from sun-up to sun-down can be a dreary task. However, with a soundbar onboard your vehicle, you can stay entertained and keep the momentum going. Today we are going to introduce you to a cool new soundbar called Bazooka BPB36. It is fully waterproof sound system and is an excellent sound bar for UTVs, ATVs and golf carts. Let us now understand what makes this gadget unique.

What makes Bazooka BPB36 Waterproof UTV Soundbar a Cool Party Bar to own ?

Design and Technology of Bazooka BPB36 Waterproof UTV Soundbar :

The Bazooka BPB36 is a robust 10-speaker UTV sound bar with built-in amplification of 450W. The 36-inch cabinet contains ten full-range marine-rated drivers which include four 2.5-inch midrange drivers, four 1-inch tweeters and two 5.25-inch end-loaded woofers. The soundbar is built for all kinds of weather and topography. It can easily withstand mild drizzles, strong winds, harsh sunlight and dust. You can mount the device on your UTV, side-by-side, boat or golf cart and enjoy non-stop music in the midst of nature. The Bazooka BPB36 soundbar has a slender cylindrical enclosure with a multi-color RGB LED illumination system. There are four rings of LED light in the front of the bar while two strips of lighting stretch the length of the bar at the back. The rings and the strips flash different colors and patterns at different speeds. The bar also gives you the option to add additional LED light bars through the waterproof SAE accessory connector to make the system more vibrant and colorful. The LED lights create a fun party-like ambience and make your outdoor party way more fun and exciting. The BPB36 soundbar has both wired and wireless connectivity. It uses Bluetooth technology for wireless media input. The bar is compatible with all iOS and Android devices including smart phones, iPhones, tablets, desktops and iPods. Bluetooth transmission range is 60 feet, which is almost double the range offered by most other soundbars. If your sound source lacks Bluetooth, you can connect it to the bar using the 3.5mm AUX input. The BPB36 supports all Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices including MP3 players. The cool thing about the Bazooka bar is that it also comes with an AUX output port. This port lets you connect the soundbar with other external speakers and subwoofers for creating an expansive multi-channel surround sound system. This makes the device very flexible as you can conveniently add more speakers to cater to a larger audience. All AUX input and output ports of the Bazooka soundbar are waterproof and have adequate protection against water damage. The gadget comes with an RF remote control with a range of 1000 feet. It lets you control the bar’s sound profile as well as its LED illumination. For installation, the Bazooka BPB36 has a heavy-duty cast aluminum 360ᵒ rotatable mounting bracket with legs. It provides a firm and steady grip on the roll cage and overhead bar of your vehicle. The package includes the soundbar, remote control, a 74-inch power cable, a Pigtail adapter cord, batteries, mounting equipment and a user manual. The soundbar has a one-year warranty. It measures 35.5” x 6” x 7.2”. It weighs 18.5 lbs. Please note the manufacturers recommend disconnecting the main power cord or using a master power switch while storing the soundbar.

Sound Quality :

The Bazooka BPB36 UTV soundbar has stellar audio. If you appreciate full-spectrum high-fidelity stereo sound, this is the sound system you need. Not only is it capable of high-resolution sound, it is also waterproof and weather-proof, being designed for all types of terrains. The biggest advantage of the Bazooka BPB36 soundbar is that it has 10 powerful speakers inside one compact enclosure. This allows the bar to create a wide soundstage of rich and loud audio. All the frequency bands of the incoming audio signal are processed as per their unique needs. The high frequencies are handled by the tweeters, the midrange bands by the midrange drivers and the lowest frequencies by the two end-loaded woofers. This ensures every nuance of sound is suitably highlighted. The result is crystal clear realistic audio with intelligible vocals, sweet high notes and deep heart-thumping bass. The other plus point of the Bazooka BPB36 soundbar is that is can be linked up with other speakers and subwoofers to widen the sound arena. So, if you’re planning an outdoor party with friends and family, you can use the bar as the base device and build on it with additional speakers to create a larger soundstage where every spot is a sweet spot. Also, one important thing to note is the soundbar’s waterproof build. Its water-resistant quality gives you the freedom to use the bar anywhere in the open. Even when it’s drizzling or the winds are particularly strong, the BPB36’s sound is loud and clear. It is not affected by ambient noises like engine and traffic sounds. It uses its 450W amplifier to crank out high-decibel sound for the best on-road stereo sound experience.

Key features :

  • Waterproof 36-inch Bluetooth UTV soundbar with multi-color LED illumination.
  • 10 marine grade drivers: four 2.5-inch midrange, four 1-inch tweeters, two 5.25-inch woofers.
  • Integrated amplifier with max power output of 450W.
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming, 60 feet Bluetooth range.
  • Cast aluminum mounting brackets with 360ᵒ rotatable legs.
  • 5mm AUX input, 3.5mm AUX output.
  • Includes remote control with 1000 feet range.
  • SAE accessory connector and light switch for extra LED bars.

Installation Guide of Bazooka BPB36 Party Bar

There are two ways to install the Bazooka BPB36 Partybar. You can either use the Integrated Mounting Rail System or the End Mounting System.Here’s a step-by-step guide to both these methods.

  1. In case you opt for the Integrated Mounting Rail, first note your mounting stud spacing and then screw the 6mm x 40mm studs into the mounting nuts. Mark your desired spacing on the flat surface you wish to mount the unit and drill the holes using a 7mm drill bit. Then mount the Partybar to the mounting surface using the 6mm washers and 6mm nylon locking nuts. You will find these parts in the box.
  2. If using the End Mounting option, first attach the cast aluminum mounting legs to the soundbar and tighten them properly before securing the legs to the vehicle. If the legs are attached to the vehicle before attaching the unit, the system might be misaligned and you might end up with spacing or torque issues.
  3. Use the 8mm x 12mm bolts to fasten the mounting legs to the soundbar. The legs can be fitted in either direction depending on the space inside the vehicle. If you are using optional clamps (PR-URM, PR-FRC200, PR-FRC175), use the hex bolts supplied along with the clamps to mount the bottom half of the clamps to the mounting legs.
  4. One important thing to note here is that the internal RF circuit for the remote control always stays on ON mode as it has to be able to receive remote signals at all times. This might cause your battery to drain out over time when the machine remains in storage. To avoid such a scenario, we suggest you connect the PartyBar to a switched master power source or disconnect the main power wire when the device is in storage. You can also check out the 12-volt inline plug-and-play master power switch (model number PR-ILS16) available for sale separately on their website.
  5. The LED light status indicator blinks when the device is on pairing mode, has a solid blue light when it is paired successfully and a red/white light when it is in AUX input mode.

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