A Comprehensive Guide To ATV Sound System

For off-roading enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like an ATV with booming speakers. A sound system amplifies the excitement and takes the sport to a whole new level of awesome. If you are an outdoor sports junkie, you know the thrill that comes from tearing down a dirt track with speakers blaring at top volume.

In this article, we are going to talk about ATV speakers and the various other components that make up an ATV sound system. We are going to analyze their roles and the scenarios in which they may be used.

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ATV Sound System – A Deep Dive :

What is an ATV speaker ?

An ATV speaker is a speaker used in ATVs, UTVs, ORVs and side-by-sides. They mostly come in pairs or sets of four. They produce full-range stereo sound and are powered by internal or external amplifiers. They include special mounting equipment to fit a wide variety of roll cages and tower tubes.

ATV speakers are designed for all kinds of terrains and climates. They are protected against water, dust, mud, salt, UV radiation and impact. They have extra-strong rust and corrosion-free cabinets made watertight with silicone sealants. Most ATV speakers can be hosed down after a day out in the trail. They have high Ingress Protection (IP) ratings that safeguard them from solid and liquid particle ingress.

How to set up an ATV sound system ?

There are various ways to set up an ATV sound system. You can go for a simple set-up with a pair of stereo speakers and a receiver with a built-in amp to power the speakers. If you want more sound, you can go for a larger installation with an extra pair of speakers, a subwoofer and an outboard amp to drive the speakers and the sub. Another option is an ATV audio tube which is an all-in-one ATV sound bar with woofers, tweeters, a built-in amp, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX, USB and a remote control all combined into a single unit. You can also add a sound system with bright LED bars if you frequently venture into the woods for hunting or fishing. The bar lights up the dash area and makes it easier for you to find your way around it when it’s dark.

If you already have an existing ATV audio system, you need to analyze each component individually and identify the aspects that need improvement. For instance, if you feel like the music lacks the woomph-woomph of bass, you might want to consider adding a subwoofer. If the sound from your chrome bullet speakers is good at moderate volume, but distorts at higher volume, you might want to throw in an external amplifier to boost the signal. If you have an ATV speaker bar but you are not happy with the output, you could try out another soundbar with a higher power handling capacity, or get a high-power digital media receiver and a pair of full-range bullet speakers. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on your vehicle, the types of devices it supports, the kind of set-up you want and the quality of sound you prefer.

ATV Soundbar

If you love listening to music at high volume, but do not want an elaborate system with multiple devices, we recommend an ATV or UTV sound bar. It is a compact speaker with in-unit amplification and Bluetooth. You can mount it to a roll bar or handle bar, and stream songs directly from your phone while keeping it tucked away in your pocket.

Multi-speaker ATV sound system

Many brands like MTX and Rockford Fosgate sell vehicle-specific ATV audio systems with multiple devices. MTX, for example, offers a combo pack consisting of a receiver, an outboard amplifier, a set of four speakers, an active subwoofer and a dash kit complete with all the wires and cables needed for installation. The system fits seamlessly into Yamaha YXZs, Polaris Rangers and Polaris RZRs. Rockford Fosgate offers similar custom-designed packages for Polaris RZR models. The components slide right into the factory holes and slots, and there’s hardly any drilling required.

ATV Receiver

If you already have an ATV sound system, you can replace the old stereo with an amplified Bluetooth digital media receiver. Look for devices with Bluetooth, AUX input, USB input, USB charging for other devices, AM/FM radio, remote control, and adjustable bass and treble settings.

ATV Amplifier

Adding an amplifier can really elevate the sound. If you have a pair of stereo speakers, you can get a 2, 3 or 4 channel amp. If you have a pair of speakers and a subwoofer, you will need a 4-channel amp. If you have two pairs of speakers and a subwoofer, you might want to go for a 5 or 6-channel amp. All these amps are for open air external use and hence they are marine grade power amps.

ATV Subwoofer

For bass lovers, a sub is a must. ATV subs are fully marinized and come with their own mounting brackets and screws. They may have an onboard or an outboard amp. If they do not have an amp, you might have to add an amp separately to drive the sub, if the input signal from the receiver is not strong enough.

ATV GPS and radios

An off-road GSP and a 2-way radio come in handy when you are deep in the jungle. A GPS navigator features built-in maps and 3D and topographic displays that help you find your way in the wilderness. A 2-way radio serves as a portable walkie-talkie and helps you stay in touch with your partners at the base-camp. If you are someone who frequently goes out into the woods, for work or for adventure, you should seriously consider buying an off-road GPS and a 2-way radio. It can save your life and keep you from getting lost in the wild.

ATV Lighting System

An ATV lighting system is useful not just for the cool light effects but for safety. It lights up a campsite after dark and shows you the way in a jungle. It also helps you perform minor tasks in the vehicle at night. LED bars come in various shapes and brightness levels. Some have fun strobe effects and pulsate with the music.

ATV Audio Roof

If you work in a ranch and spend long hours in the sun in a UTV or side-by-side, you might want to consider upgrading to an off-road audio roof. An off-road audio roof is a comprehensive contraption with a Bluetooth digital music receiver and two or four speakers integrated into the frame. The audio devices are marine-grade and UV-protected. They produce full-range sound just like any other 4-speaker ATV sound system. The roof includes all the necessary mounting equipment and fits seamlessly into the vehicle.

Pro Tips : Quick Check

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