How to test an Amplifier?

how to test an amplifier ?

An Amplifier can improve your listening experience whether it is inside your car or with a home stereo system. Amplifiers increase the audio signal from input sources and lead to an excellent output from the speakers. However, what brings confusion is ‘How to test an Amplifier.’ Not many individuals are well-versed in such technical sound … Read more

How much does a Sound Masking System cost?

How much does an Average Sound Masking System cost? Since every space is different, there is no ‘definite’ cost on how much a Sound Masking System will cost. However, on average, installing a Sound Masking System will cost you nearly $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot. One can easily multiply and estimate the overall cost … Read more

Alexa – A Complete Know How

Alexa – A Complete Know How [ Guide & Technical Details ]  Hello and welcome to our discussion on Alexa, Amazon’s smart home assistant. This is going to be a detailed no-holes-barred study, so sit back, relax, and maybe make yourself a cup of coffee or tea to keep you company. Following are the topics … Read more