How to hide Soundbar Wires ?

how to hide soundbar wires

Using a Soundbar to enhance the audio experience is undoubtedly a great way. But what comes with it is the unsightly cables, and you cannot avoid them. The visuals of clutter that is formed by those hanging and tangling Soundbar wires are not pleasing. Even though most devices today have gone wireless, we cannot deny … Read more

How to connect the ONN soundbar to the TV?

ONN Soundbar has everything that adds up to an enjoyable audio listening experience. ONN Soundbar when paired together with a TV set enhances the audio output. However, some users recently came up with a query stating, ‘How to pair the ONN Soundbar to a TV?’ Connecting/ Pairing the ONN Soundbar with a TV is a … Read more

Why is my Amplifier in protect mode?

Have you ever been using your Amplifier, and it suddenly went into Protect Mode? Ever wondered why an Amplifier shifts into Protection Mode? The most common reasons why an Amplifier turns into Protection Mode is due to voltage drop, wiring problems, or similar faults. However, for the best output, an Amplifier needs to be adequately … Read more